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1st ed.
České Budějovice : Kopp, 2001
242 s.

ISBN 80-7232-154-4 (brož.)
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CONTENTS // OPENING LECTURE...11 // Gros D. B.: The connexins: Molecular basis of influx conduction in heart // MEET-THE-EXPERT PROGRAMME ...27 // MiquelJ. and De la Fuente M.: Antioxidants, mitochondria and cellular aging ... 28 Marzaldi J. and Luis J.: Migration of malignant cells and post-translational // modifications of integrins ...39 // Nieoullon A., Had-Aissouni L., Kerkerian-le Goffi.: Excitotoxicity and the putative involvement of excitatory amino acids in neurodegenerative // diseases...43 // Medina F. J.: The organization of the expression of ribosomal genes in the plant // cell nucleolus: from ultrastructural cytochemistry to run-on in situ .51 // Smetana K.: Terminal maturation, programmed cell death and nucleoli...57 // Strunek E., Tan M. /., Vollmer G.: Extracellular matrix and regulation of gene // expression ...61 // Smetana Jr. K., Plzák J., Hrdlicková Ł., Holíková Z., Dvoránková ?.: // Expression of galectins and their glycoligands in squamous epithelia // - clinical consequences...67 // Druckmüller M.: Adaptive image processing in biology...71 // Smetana K.: Notes to the current ways of the cell biology...81 // EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME ...95 // Mach V.: Genome projects and the study of gene regulation ...96 // Be/gerd.: Cell clock ...107 // Murín G.: One hundred years of plant modelling of aging...117 // ABSTRACTS...121 // MALIGNANT CELLS ... 123 // Lectures // Kovaríková M., Hofmanová J., Soucek K., Vaculová A., KozubikA.: // The role of arachidonic
acid metabolism in regulation of cytokinetics of the HT-29 human colorectal cancer cells and its interactions with TNF-a ... 124 Soucek K., Ševcíkové S., Hofmanová J., KozubikA.: Bcl-2 family proteins // expression in novel retinoic acid-resistant clones of HL-60 and NB4 cells ... 125 Hochmann J.: Diagnosis of breast cancers with age-dependent correction of // estrogen receptor concentrations ...126 // Posters // Vojtechová M. and Tuhácková Z. : Kinetic characterization of changes in // Src kinase activity induced by RSV-transformation of hamster fibroblasts ... 127 Hruban V., Horák V., Reisnerová H., Majzlík /.: Modus of inheritance of // melanoma tumours in pigs ...128 // Melichar B„ German J., Veselý P.Joušková M., Bláha M., Krajina A.: // Activated autologous lymphocytes and monocytes in regional treatment // of liver metastatic disease...130 // Plzák J., Smetana Jr. K., Belka J., Liu F.-T, Gabius H.-J.: Expression of // galectin-3-reactive glycoligands in squamous cell cancer ...132 // PeychlJ., Rudolf E., Cervinka M.: In vitro motility of the selected cancer // cell lines: comparison of two tests...133 // Kholová /., Ryška A., Ludvíková M., Cáp J.: Dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV // expression in malignant follicular cells ...134 // Hoferová Z., Vacek A., Hofer M., Fedorocko P., Macková N.O., Egyed A.: // In vivo growing fibrosarcoma stimulates the host haematopoietic system: // possibility for new therapeutic interventions? ...135 // Maisnar V., Toušková
M., Kmonicek M., Krejsek J., Malý J., Kopecký ?.: New // laboratory markers in differential diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathies ... 137 // CELL DEATH, TOXICITY AND CANCEROGEN // MONITORING ... 139 // Lectures // Eckschlager T, Franek F., Fismolová /.: Modulation of leukaemic cells // apoptosis by various amino acids...140 // Vaculová A., Hofmanová J., Soucek ?., KozubikA.: Tumour necrosis factor« (TNFer) induces cell death associated with cleavage of poly(adp-ribose) polymerase (PARR) in HT-29 human colon // adenocarcinoma cell line ...141 // Minksová ?., Vondrácek J., Machala M., Neca J., Hofmanová J., Kozubík A.: // The effect of Clofibrate and TCDD in combination with arachidonic acid // metabolism inhibitors on cytokinetics of model cell lines...142 // Hlinková E., Repka V., Hojsik M.: Gene expression of PNA-protein in tissue // culture of peanut affected with chemomutagens...143 // Slapnicková M. and Berger J. : Does phagocytosis of circulating // polymorphonuclears change in adult rats up to six months of their age? ... 145 KfížJ., Girman P., Saudek F.: Mixed lymphocyte cultures and rejection risk of // pancreatic islets ...146 // Posters // Horák V., Rytina L, Hruban V., Reisnerová H.: Possible role of apoptosis in // melanoma regression in swine model...147 // Orság P., Soucek ?., Hofmanová J., KozubikA.: Differential expression of Bcl-2 family proteins in human leukaemic cell lines following // vitamin D3-induced differentiation...149 // Mlejnek P„
Smerda J., Überall /., Havel L.: Starvation-induced cell death in // tobacco BY-2 cells ...150 // Puerto M., Guayerbas N., Victor V. M., Pacheco A., De la Fuente M.: // Effect of thiolic antioxidants ingestion on reactive oxygen species production by macrophages from two strain of mice with premature // immunosenescence ...151 // BelicováA., Križková L„ Nagy M., Krajcovic J.: Effect of phenolic acids on ofloxacin and acridine orange-induced mutagenicity in // Salmonella typhimurium 7AiOZ ...152 // Križková L., Duracková Z., Maruniaková A., Krajcovic J.: Antimutagenic and antioxidative effects of plant polyphenols: Ginkgo biloba extract // (EGb 761) and pycnogenol...153 // Necasová R. and Štetina R. : The measuring of individual DNA repair capacity // using comet assay ...154 // BIORHYTMS ... lt5D // LeGture Hodková M Dotekl D., Šauman /.: Identification of putative  circadian clock cells in a heteropteran insect, Pyrrhocoris apterus.156 // rfová H Šiffelová G., Doležel D., Šauman /,: Characterization of • oeriod gene expression in the central nervous system of the american // rockroach, Perl planeta americana ... // R and Šauman /.: Neurons producing period protein and spedfic neuropeptides in the CNS of insects ... // intercellular communication ... // Bilek R ’ Computer modelling of thyroid hormones... // Vitek j" Benešová M., Králik P„ Šmída M.: Control of the gap junctional // intercellular communication by a connexin turnover ... // Raška M„
Weigl Kafková L: HSP Vaccines for immunisation of cattle // against trichophytosis... // 157 // 158 // 159 // 160 162 163 // MATURATION AND DIFFERENTIATION ... 165 // Lectures // Song M., Zschernig D., Gutzeit H. O.: Analysis of spermatogenesis and // fertility in fish using in vitro model systems...166 // Andrysik Z, Pachernik J., Soucek ?., Hofmanová J., Kozubík A.: // Effect of arachidonic acid metabolism inhibitors on c-Jun expression // in human keratinocyte line HaCaT ...167 // Posters // Šloncová E., Kucerová O., Sovová V.: Effect of butyrate on selected molecular // markers in human colorectal cancer cells...168 // Hrdlicková E„ Smetana Jr. K., Filipec M.: Galectin receptors of normal and // dystrophic corneas ...169 // Holíková Z, Smetana Jr. K.,, Plzák J., Liu F. T, Gabius H. J.: // Glycobiological characterization of human epidermis - a view on cell differentiation ...170 // CYTOSKELETON ... 171 // Lectures // Janisch R.: Microtubular spindle of the ciliate nucleus ...172 // Sedlárova M., Lebeda A., Binarová P.: Plant cytoskeleton in defence responses // to fungal pathogens ...174 // Stmad P., Windoffer R., Leube R. E.: Phosphorylation-mediated changes // m the dynamic organization of the cytokeratin filament network ...175 // 7 // Posters // Korbašová Z. and Janisch R.: Effect of therapeutic laser on the stress fibre // structure...176 // Koutná M. and Janisch R. : Response of microtubules to therapeutic laser // irradiation ...177 // Škorpiková
J., Šidlová A., Janisch R., Mornstein l.: Changes in the // arrangement of intermediary filaments exposed to therapeutic laser...179 // NUCLEUS, NUCLEOLUS AND CELL CYCLE... 181 // Lectures // Degrouard J., Hozák P., Flechon J.E.: Comparison of the nucleoskeleton in // somatic cells and in blastomeres of cleaving bovine embryos ...182 // Bártová E., Kozubek S., Jirsová P., Kozubek M„ Lukášová E„ // Skalniková M., Cafourková A., Koutná /., Paseková R.: // Nuclear compartmentalization and gene activity...183 // Folk P., Hamplová L, Blatný R., Skružný M., Ambrozkovŕ M., Blahušková A., // Púta F.\ Transcriptional coactivator SKIP/SNW1 - multiple chores in // the regulation of gene expression...185 // Melcák /., Melcáková Š., Kopský V., Vecerová J., Raška /.: Cell biology of // pre-mRNA splicing ...187 // Koberna K„ PlissA., Malínský J., Mašata M., Vecerová J., Dudnik O., Raška L: // In situ visualization of the rDNA replication and transcription sites and fibrillarin domains depicts dynamic changes in the nucleolar organization ... 188 // Posters // Havelková M. and Unger E.: Studies on transport into and out of the cell // nucleus...189 // Machácková M. and Berger J.: Nucleolar activity of rat lymphocytes following // food restriction ...1" // Raclavský V., Hrušková P., Ohkusu M., Kafková L, Kolár Z., Takeo K. : // Effect of the inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases bohemine in // Cryptococcus neoformans ...I92 // EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX
... 193 // Posters // Pichler Th., Schürmann W„ Peter R.: The composition of the basement membrane in the planarian Dugesta tahitiensis [Turbellaria: Tricladida, // Paludicola) and its changes during regeneration. A quantitative // immunocytochemical study...194 // Rusin A. and Rusin T: Light induced changes of cuticular pattern in // sunflower seedlings ...195 // Tonar Z. and Nemecek S.: Elastic fibres in abdominal aneurysmatic // aorta - image analysis by Fourier transformation ...196 // Soukupová P., Horák V., Hruban V., Hradecký J., KlaudyJ. : Extracellular matrix // proteins in porcine melanoma ...197 // BIOLOGICAL HAEMATOLOGY... 199 // Posters // Berger J. and Slavíckové ?:. Morphology of haemocytes of // Pyrrhocoris apterus...200 // h N Siboni L., De la Fuente M.: A Single acupuncture session Guayerbas • | jm’mune cell functions in patients with psychological distress, // improves sev 2Q2 // A f Neholá D Bláha V., Vy roubal E., ZadákZ, Skorepová M., Malý J.: Bláh.a. kpfs ód lipoperoxidation and fatty acids after LDL-apheresis // mfochemical and clinical consequences) ...203 // ? M Cuaverbas N„ Barroso E., De la Fuente Mr. Effects of neuropeptide Y // Puerto /w., / jne on severa| macrophage and lymphocyte functions ...204 // Šípová M Bláha M., Vokurková D„ Vávrová J Krejsek J Kopecký ? ? ? J Mericka P : Improved recovery prediction of thrombopoesis after // nericherai blood stem cell transplantation...205 // li ’vM. Rubio D., De la Fuente
Mr Intracellular oxidant and antioxidant V levels ili immune cells from mice with endotoxin-induced oxidative // stress. Involvement of NF-?? ...206 // Rláha M Paráková Z, Špásová /., Malý J.. Skorepová M., Jebavý L: // Erythrocytapheresis - a symptomatic therapeutic possibility for polyglobulic // natients with pulmonary diseases...208 // S/á/la M., Jebavý L, Malý J., Kmonicek M., Zák Pr The rising importance of // a safety system for nuclear accidents...210 // ENTOMOLOGY...213 // Poster // liika Z., Weiser J.,Wegensteiner Rr Ultrastructures of the entomopoxvirus Ab // in the bark beetle/ps fypographus ...214 // CELL BIOLOGY METHODS ...217 // Lectures // Peter R. and Behensky Cr Monitoring stem cell differentiation with video // microscopy and the LUCIA image analysis software...218 // Weyda Fr Scientific digital photography in biological laboratory...219 // Posters // Koubek Pr. The application of image analysis in cellular morphology...220 // Hrib J., Janisch R., Ilkovics L, Gemeiner Pr. Scanning electron microscopy demonstration of spherosomes and protein bodies in non-fixed // pine megagametophytes...221 // Babúrek I. and Koubek Pr Evaluation of volume and shape of cells in plant // tissue by image data analysis...223 // Vincenciová R„ Diblík J., Potužniková P„ Vilímová Š., Macek Sen. Mr Preconceptional and preimplantation diagnosis as part of // genetic screening ...224 // Hlinková E., Bobák M. P., Illéš Pr Morphological characteristics of powdery
// mildew ontogenesis asexual phase by infection barley primary leaves..225 // avicková ?., Berger J., Nebesárová J., Nemec Vr The importance of tixation procedures for transmission electron microscopy of // haemocytes of Pyrrhocoris apfeo/s...227 // U r,e.r P’’  eischig J-, Ludvíková M., Kiewegová A., Korabecná Mr. // Ž/rfclr uar.dyStrophies ~ status 4U0 and perspectives...229 // of hart°SÍC|UlS,<y  ’ Kálalová Sr Relief contrast microscopy after Hostounský actenal, fungal and algal cells at higher magnification...230 // 9 // Nemecková A., Strouhal E., Reischig J. : Differential diagnostic of Egyptian King Neferefs tissue ... // Commercial exhibition ... // AUTHOR AUTHORS... // INSTITUTIONS OF AUTHORS... // SUBJECT INDEX...

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