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1st Sage printing
Newbury Park : Sage, 1989
379 s. : il.

ISBN 0-8039-3558-7 (brož.)
Obsahuje tabulky, předmluvu, rejstřík, údaje o autorech
Angažovanost občanská - stol. 20., pol. 2. - studie
Angažovanost politická - stol. 20., pol. 2. - studie
Politika - kultura - stol. 20., pol. 2. - studie
Psychologie politická - stol. 20., pol. 2. - studie
Chapter 1 // An Approach to Political Culture ...1 // The civic culture. Types of political culture. Political subculture. The civic culture: a mixed political culture. Micro- and macro-politics: political culture as the connecting link. The countries included in the study. The five-nation survey. Survey data and political systems. // Chapter II // Patterns of Political Cognition ...45 // The impact of government. Awareness of politics. Having information and opinions. // Chapter III // Feelings Toward Government and Politics ...63 // System affect: national pride. Output affect: expectations of treatment by government and police. Patterns of political communication. // Chapter IV // Patterns of Partisanship ...55 // Images of party supporters. Psychological distance between parties: marriage within and across party lines. The flow of feeling from community to polity. Types of partisans. // Chapter V // The Obligation to Participate ...117 // What is the good citizen? National diflerences in the characteristics of local government. National differences in sense of civic obligation. Demographic patterns. // Chapter VI // The Sense of Civic Competence ...136 // The distribution of subjective competence. The strategy of influence. National competence. Social groups and subjective competence. // Chapter VII // Citizen Competence and Subject Competence . 168 // The sense of administrative competence. Citizen and subject competence. // Chapter VIII // Competence, Participation, and Political // Allegiance ...186 // Competence and democratic values. The selfconfident citizen: conclusion. //
Chapter IX // Social Relations and Civic Cooperation ...208 // Leisure time and sociability. Valuing outgoing character qualities. Feelings of safety and responsiveness. Social attitudes and political cooperation. // Civic cooperation and freedom to communicate. // Civic cooperation and social values. Civic cooperation and trust in people. Intensity of partisanship and the integration of polity and society. Conclusion. // Chapter X // Organizational Membership and Civic Competence ...214 // The distribution of voluntary association membership. Organizational membership and political competence. // Chapter XI // Political Socialization and Civic Competence ...266 // The theory of political socialization. Early participation in decisions. Social participation and civic competence. Conclusion. // Chapter XII // Profiles of Nations and Groups ...307 // National patterns. Other demographic patterns. // Chapter XIII // The Civic Culture and Democratic Stability ...337 // Power and responsiveness. Norms, perceptions, and activity. The management of affect. Consensus and cleavage. Political culture and stable democracy. The sources of the civic culture. The future of the civic culture. // Index 375

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