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Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1995
vi,268 s. : il.

ISBN 0-7923-2543-5 (váz.)
Geojournal library ; vol. 27
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The relations between territory and the social sciences are complex; investigators within different disciplines - geography, economy, sociology and history - identify, evaluate and explain them. Currently the progress and turbulence of the social sciences has once again assigned to space an ever more important role. This collection of articles by well established international authors will demonstrate the renewed vigor of the concept of space within the social sciences in general, and within the historical social sciences in particular. Consciously situating human geography among these latter, the articles assembled here advocate an integrated look at societies through the lenses of an interdisciplinary human science. Here geography and history, originally united in the pursuit of understanding the concrete forms and developments of societies, are once again brought under the unifying umbrella of a truly spatialized social science. Human geography in particular, which has been asserting itself as a social science in the course of the last twenty years, must be rejuvenated not only by listening to all messages that can stimulate its theoretical construction, but also by establishing close relations with all discourses which, like its own, speak of society as a whole and as made up of differently conditioned historical parts. (preface).
Dějiny - hledisko sociologické - studie
Geografie - hledisko sociologické - studie
Part I: Introduction // 1. Geography, History and Social Sciences: An Introduction - Georges B. Benho // Part II: Spatial Thinking in History // 2. Lefebvre, Lacan and the Production of Space - Derek Gregory // 3. World Time and World Space or Just Hegemonic Time and Space? - Milton Santos // 4. The Laguage of Space - Michel Foucault // 5. Geography before Geography: Pre-Hellenistic Meteors and Climates - Jean-Francois Staszak // 6. Geographical Systems and the Order of Reality - Martin Hampl // Part III: Cities and Landscapes in Time // 1. Landscape as ... - Torsten HägSrstmndb // 8. The Urban and the Rural: An Historical Geograhic Overview - Clyde Mitchell Weaver // 9. Space and Creativity: ‘Belle Epoque’ Paris ... - Paul Claval // 10. From Weimar to Nuremberg: Social Legitimacy as a Spatial Process in Germany, 1923-1938 - Ulf Strohmayer // Part IV: Economics // 11. Contemporary Acceleration: World-Time and World-Space - Milton Santos ...171 // 12. Structural Change, Theories of Regulation and Regional Development - Mick Dunford and Diane Perrons...177 // 13. Theory of Regulation and Territory: An Historical View - Georges B. Benho ...193 // Part V: Politics // 14. Territoriality and the State - Ron J. Johnston...213 // 15. The Spatial and the Political: Close Encounters - Jacques Levy...227 // 16. Space and Communication: A Brief Analytical Look at the Concept of Space in the Social Theory - Judith Lazar...243 // Part VI: Conclusion // 17. Conclusion: The Spatialization of the Social Sciences - Ulf Strohmayer...257 // List of Figures...261 // Contributors ...:...262 // Index... 265

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