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Publikace z konference
Praha : Filosofia, 1997
349 s.

ISBN 80-7007-093-5 (brož.)
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Logika - sborníky referátů
Preface 5 // M.D. Resnik: The Same Size Theorem and Quine’s Argument from Proxy Functions 7 // N. Belnap: Deontic Kinematics and Austere Strategics 21 // L. Bovens: Counterfactuals, Time and Conditional Probability 41 // U. Meixner: The Bases-Theory of Conditionals 54 // J. Peregrin: What Does One Need, When She Needs “Higher-Order Logic”? 75 // M. Keinänen and G. Sandu: Stenius on Logical Constants 93 // A. Fuhrmann: Solid Belief 107 // O. Lemon: Theories of Representation 120 // R.F. Hendry: Empirical Adequacy and the Semantic Conception of Theories 136 // T. Childers and O. Majer: Counterfactual Probability, with applications... 151 // R. Grossmann: Bolzano’s Sätze an sich 160 // P. McGrath: Logic and the First Principles of Morals 166 // C. Womack: How To Re-Solve it: Easing the Tensions Between Plausible and Demonstrative Reasoning in Mathematics 176 // P. Milne: Tarski on Truth and Its Definition 189 // P. Stekeler-Weithofer: What are Geometrical Forms? 211 // J. Tichý: Plato’s Parmenides and the Theory of Types 229 // A. Hájek: The Illogic of Pascal’s Wager 239 // K. von Heusinger: A “Variety’" Analysis of Anaphorical Expressions 250 // R.M. Sainsbury: Fregean Sense 263 // P. Materna: How Many Concepts Are There? 277 // J. Woleński: Semantics as Transcendent(al) 284 // H. Hochberg: Truth, Facts, and Correspondence: The Incoherence of “Deflationism” and “Anti-Realism” 291 // M. Duží: Propositional Attitudes & Synonymous Expressions 309 // I. Kramosil: Towards Generalized Belief Functions 322 // Addresses of the Contributors 347

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