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1st ed.
Oxford : Oxford University, 2003
160 s. : il. ; 28 cm

ISBN 0-19-436930-7 (brož.)
Obsahuje ilustrace, fotografie, tabulky
Angličtina - učebnice
CONTENTS // //  1 Our land is your land! P7 Avoiding repetition Missing words out She told me to tidy up, but 1 already had. pl2 Reduced infinitives She doesn’t know how to read. She never learnt to. pl3 Synonyms in context I don’t trust this government. I have no faith in them whatsoever, p 13 Describing nationalities Scotland, Scottish, a Scot pi5 ‘The American dream’ -Three immigrants arrive at Ellis Island (jigsaw) p8 // 2 Never lost for words! Pi? Tense review Simple and continuous Everyone’s very nice to me. Everyone’s being very nice to me. p24 Perfect and non-perfect They’ve been married for thirty years. They were married for thirty years. p24 Active and passive lack is interviewing Lady Bracknell. lack is being interviewed by Lady Bracknell. p24 Phrasal verbs Literal and metaphorical My sister is always taking in stray cats. She was completely taken in by his lies. They had so much news that 1 couldn’t take it all in. p21 ‘A visit to Iris Murdoch’ -an interview with novelist Iris Murdoch KK9 // 3 Big business P27 Adverb collocations hear about endlessly, deeply worried p32 Adverbs with two forms flying high, highly motivated p32 just That’s just what 1 wanted! It’s just me. I wish you’d just listen to me for once! p33 Describing trends a slight fall, drop sharply p30 Comparing statistics David spends twice as much on food as John does. p31 ‘Eat, sleep, buy, die’ - an article about the global economy p28 // //  4 Celebrity P37 Discourse markers
Quite honestly, 1 think you should pack in the job. As I was saying, I’m still enjoying the work. p42 Synonyms and antonyms 1 She’s always finding fault with her kids. She criticizes them for everything. From being a private person, you become public property. p41 The cult of celebrity -why are we obsessed with the rich and famous? p38 //  5 Love is...? p47 Ways of adding emphasis It’s Tina’s personality that I love. What he does is criticize me constantly. Never will I forget holding him for the first time. Finally I did find the courage to ask her out. P51 Proverbs and poetry Love is blind. A Shakespeare sonnet Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? p52 Fateful attraction - two couples who met in very unexpected circumstances (jigsaw) p48 // 6 Newspeak P55 Distancing the facts Passive constructions It is said that he works in the City. He is assumed to be earning a lot of money. p59 seem and appear The Independent seems to be more factual. It appears that the Prince took the incident seriously. p59 Nouns formed from phrasal verbs Here is an update on the news. At the outbreak of war I was just three years old. p60 Tabloid and broadsheet newspapers - a similar news story in two different newspapers p56 // //  7 Words of wisdom // p63 // Modal auxiliary verbs // Present, future, and past // Likelihood, probability, obligation, permission, ability, willingness, habit p66 // Rhyme and reason - // Choosing the right words for a poem ‘You are old, Father William’
p68 // ‘Letter to a newborn son’ - BBC foreign correspondent Fergal Keane on becoming a father p64 // 2 // // Two brothers from Kenya - an interview with Vijay and Bhikhu Patel pl4 National stereotypes pl5 Discussion - immigrants and emigration pll Discussion - nationality stereotypes pi5 British and American English We’ve got a small flat. We have a small apartment. pl6 Formal and informal letters pi 17 // ’The Importance of Being Earnest’ -a scene from Oscar Wilde’s play p23 Information gap - rinding out about Iris Murdoch pl8 Acting out a scene from a play p23 Sounds and spelling - a poem about pronunciation tough, bought, cough, dough p26 Homophones through, threw p26 Storytelling pi 18 // An interview with Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop p34 Simulation - planning an advertising campaign p35 Discussion - the role of advertising p35 Word linking and intrusive sounds Englishjsanjnternational language blueeyes /w/ my office p36 1)1 A business report pi20 // // An interview with Hollywood star Liza Minnelli p44 Maze - how to become an A-list celebrity p44 Tags and replies 7 like Cabaret.’ ’Oh, you do, do you?’ You haven’t seen my car keys, have you? You’re a star, you are. p46 Expressing a personal opinion pl22 // A romantic meeting - another couple tell the story of how they met p48 When love lasts forever - an interview with 102-year-old Olive Hodges p53 Discussion - do you believe in fate? p48 Getting emotional Sounding anxious, grateful, etc. Get
this heap of old metal out of my drive! Now! You mean more to me than words could ever say. p54 Discussing pros and cons pi23 // An interview with foreign correspondent Simon Winchester p61 Discussion - how television reports the news p61 Responding to news ’Guess what! 1 won £5 million.’ ’You’re kidding!’ p62 Sounding sarcastic ’Pete. 1 crashed your car. Sorry.’ ’Great. That’s all I needed. Thank you very much.’ p62 A letter to a newspaper pi24 // // Words of wisdom - ten people talk about advice they have been given in their lives p68 // Prediction game - Dilemma! How well do you know your classmates! p67 Discussion - words of wisdom p68 // Breaking the rules of English ’Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.’ p70 // Describing a personal experience p 126 // UNIT // LANGUAGE FOCUS // VOCABULARY READING // ’:K 8 Altered images P71 Real and unreal tense usage would My car wouldn’t start... When I was a kid, I’d get up at 7.00 ... I knew he’d change his mind. p78 Past tenses to express unreality I wish you’d think before you speak. Isn’t it time we had a break? Suppose we called him Mickey? p78 Metaphors and idioms Time flies. It broke his heart when she left him for another man. We’re over the moon. p74 ‘Walt Disney - the man behind the mouse’ p76 // 9 History lessons p81 Verb patterns We finally decided to leave the town. They helped us to bury our dead. The Germans joined in singing with the British. We
were terrified to find everything changed. p88 Homonyms The ribbon made a beautiful bow in her hair. You play the violin with a bow. p86 Homophones They tied their boat to a small buoy in the harbour. A small boy looked after their boat. p86 Homographs We’re sitting at the back in row 102. We’ve had another rotv about our finances. p86 ‘I was there ...’ — eyewitness accounts of historical events p82 . // // 10 The body beautiful P91 Intensifying adverbs I totally agree with you. She’s absolutely terrified of dogs. Kate thinks maths is quite hard, and she’s quite right. p94 Sports p91 Words to do with the body calf, kidney to head a ball, to shoulder responsibility p95 ’The age of sport’ - an article about the world-wide obsession with sport p92 // 11 The ends of the earth p99 Relatives and participles Defining and non-defining relative clauses Here’s somebody who speaks English. The Chinese lady, who speaks impeccable English, lives in the desert, pi06 Participles Living in London, I appreciate the pros and cons of city life. Having read the minutes of the meeting, I wrote a report, pi07 Geographical expressions Temperatures range from 0°C to 15°C in summer, pi00 Weather words -compound nouns and adjectives rainfall, wind-blown, snowflake pi04 Adjective order beautiful, old, thatched cottages glorious, golden Mediterranean beaches pi04 Three island stories -three very different islands (jigsaw) plOO //  12 Life goes on pl09 Linking devices Conjunctions, adverbs,
infinitives, relative pronouns, participles ... the future comes towards you and recedes behind you. However, roughly every year a leap second is added. In cities, where time is most chronological ... pi 12 Synonyms and antonyms 2 an approximate figure, a rough guess old, novel pi 15 ‘K sideways look at time’ - different ways of seeing time pi 10 . // // Tapescripts pi32 // Grammar Reference pi47 // Phonetic symbols inside back cover // LISTENING // SPEAKING // THE LAST WORD // WRITING // An interview with American painter Joe Downing p72 // Discussion - appreciating art p71 Discussion - my favourite work of art p73 // Softening the message Can you help me? // I was wondering if you could possibly help me? p80 // Reviewing a film or book pi27 // An eyewitness account - Justin Baines p85 Peace and goodwill - the Christmas truce of 1914 p87 // Discussion - an important event in your life p85 Discussion - can enemies become friends in wartime? p87 // Telling jokes // ‘Why is an archaeologist never successfid?’ ‘Because his career lies in ruins.’ p90 // Personal profile pi28 // The rower and the ballet dancer -jigsaw conversations about Darcey Bussell and Sir Steve Redgrave p96 // Discussion - are we obsessed by sport? p92 Quiz - how healthy and fit are you? p97 // Clichés // Easier said than done.-At the end of the day, it’s your decision. p98 // Entering a competition pi29 // Farflung spots - people talk about Living on a desert island plOO // places they have visited
pl04 Retelling a story pl05 // A meeting in the desert - an unusual story about a railway journey in the far west of China pl05 // What on earth! Describing a journey p 130 // earth, ground, soil pl08 Everyday expressions // This new jacket cost the earth. // I had to move heaven and earth to get here, pi08 // Do you believe in miracles? - a radio programme about a visit to Lourdes pi 14 // Discussion - talking about time pill // Discussion - is there a conflict between science and religion? pi 14 // Euphemisms // a disadvantaged senior citizen, pass away pi 16 // Bringing a biography to life p 131

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