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Harlow : Pearson Education, c2006
128 s. : il.

ISBN 0-582-85418-0
ISBN 978-0-582-85418-5 (brož.)
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Angličtina - učebnice
CONTENTS // MODULE 1 Lifestyles (p.3-7) // Vocabulary: lifestyle adjectives; routines; multi-part verbs; percentages; wordbuilding // Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous; time expressions and word order // Function: expressing and describing preferences; describing routines Skills Corner: Reading - true/false // MODULE 2 Homes (p.8-12) // Vocabulary: homes; furniture/items found in homes; collocation Grammar: Present Perfect; contrasting the Present Perfect and the Present Simple // Writing: linking: and, but, because; punctuation: capital letters; words // with double letters; a personal letter // Skills Comen Speaking - photo description // Review: Present Simple, Present Continuous and Present Perfect // MODULE 3 Heroes (рKK-17) // Vocabulary: describing character; collocation; wordbuilding Grammar: Past Simple and Past Continuous Function: expressing agreement and disagreement; expressing opinions // Skills Comen Writing - short text (a note) // MODULE 4 Challenge (p.18-22) // Vocabulary: jobs; words that mean the same; multi-part verbs // Grammar: Present Perfect and Past Simple // Writing: linking: suddenly, later; punctuation: full stops, capital // letters; application form // Skills Comen Listening - multiple choice // Review: Past tenses; a, the or no article // Exam Zone (p.23-26): Use of English; Speaking; Reading; Listening and Writing // MODULE 5 Celebration (p.27-31) // Vocabulary: celebration; collocation; countries and government Grammar: modal verbs:
must, mustn’t, have to, don’t have to, needn’t, can, can’t // Function: giving advice // Skills Comer: Speaking - relating events // MODULE 6 Food (p.32-36) // Vocabulary: food; compound words; get + prepositions Grammar: comparatives and superlatives; (not) as ... as ... // Writing: linking: before, first, etc.; punctuation: apostrophes for short forms; a party // Skills Corner: Listening - matching // Review: modal verbs; comparatives and superlatives // MODULE 7 Money (p.37-4l) // Vocabulary: money; multi-part verbs; words that mean the same Grammar: there is/are; some, any, no; much, many, a lot of; a little, a few // Function: shopping and bargaining Skills Corner: Speaking - photo description // MODULE 8 Gadgets (p.42-46) // Vocabulary: gadgets and machines; -ed, -ing adjectives // Grammar: predictions: will and going to // Writing: linking: also, too, either; punctuation: commas, spelling // mistakes; an announcement // Skills Corner: Reading - multiple choice // Review: determiners; will and going to // Exam Zone (p.47-50): Use of English; Speaking; Reading; Listening and Writing // MODULE 9 Communication (p.51-55) // Vocabulary: communication; multi-part verbs; television; wordbuilding Grammar: subject/object/possessive pronouns; possessive adjectives; Zero and First Conditional // Function: showing agreement/disagreement; giving personal opinions; // giving an example // Skills Comer: Reading - matching // MODULE 10 The Web (p.56-60) // Vocabulary: the web; collocations
with make and do // Grammar: First and Second Conditional // Writing: linking: as well as, also, too; apostrophe for possession // (’s, s’); describing a city // Skills Corner: Writing - long text (Internet page) // Review: Zero, First and Second Conditional; adverbs // MODULE 11 The Sea (p.61-65) // Vocabulary: water activities; adjectives; reasons for emigrating; wordbuilding // Grammar: too + adjective; not + adjective + enough; Present Perfect (with for and since); Present Perfect and Present Simple Function: making suggestions Skills Comer: Reading - matching // MODULE 12 Mountains (p.66-70) // Vocabulary: weather; multi-part words; wordbuilding; mountains Grammar: The Passive // Writing: linking with time words; commas; spelling; editing a letter Stalls Comer: Writing - short text (Email) // Review: Present Perfect, Past Simple and Present Simple; the Passive // Exam Zone (p.71-74); Use of English; Speaking; Reading; Listening and Writing // MODULE 13 Dance (p.75-79) // Vocabulary: dances; adverbs; compound words; music Grammar: question words; Present Continuous for personal arrangements; be + going to for intentions; Present Simple for fixed arrangements // Function: asking for, giving and refusing permission; let for permission Skills Corner: Speaking - photo description // MODULE 14 Music (p.80-84) // Vocabulary: musical instruments and styles; compound words Grammar: question tags // Writing: linking: although, however, but; commas; spelling; an email // Skills Comen
Reading - matching // Review: Present Simple and be + going to; question tags // MODULE 15 Pictures (p.85-89) // Vocabulary: painting; multi-part verbs; words that mean the same; opposites // Grammar: relative clauses; relative pronouns: who, that, which, where, whose // Function: describing scenes and pictures Skills Comer: Listening - true/false // MODULE 16 Buildings (p.90-94) // Vocabulary: architecture; things found in homes; American English Grammar: reported requests and orders // Writing: linking: reason and result; punctuation review; spelling; an email // Skills Corner: Speaking - roleplay (negotiating) // Review: relative pronouns; prepositions; reported statements // Exam Zone (p.95-98): Use of English; Speaking; Reading; Listening and Writing // Progress Tests (p.99-106) Wordbank (p.107-114) Mini Grammar (p.115-128)

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