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2nd ed.
Harlow : Pearson Education, 2006
144 s. : il. + 1 brož. (63 s.)

ISBN 0-582-85419-9
ISBN 978-0-582-85419-2 (brož.)
Obálkový podnázev: with Mini-dictionary
Obsahuje barevné ilustrace a fotografie, volně přiloženou brožurku - slovníček pod názvem "New opportunities : education for life : pre-intermediate : mini-dictionary"
Angličtina - učebnice
Exam tasks and skills in the lessons are highlighted in blue // Learning to Learn (p. 6-8) Grammar focus Skills focus // K і 1 Alternatives (p. 10-11) Vocabulary: routines; lifestyles Grammar: Present Simple, Present Continuous Reading: a magazine interview 2 It’s A Dog’s life (p. 12-13) // Warm-up (p. 9) Vocabulary: adjectives about lifestyles Listening: people’s lifestyles Speaking: about lifestyles Listening Strategies: prediction Function: Preferences (negotiating) Pronunciation: words/sounds that give you time to think Speaking Strategies: describing and talking about photos // 4 His Or Hers? (p. 18-19) Vocabulary: housework; feelings Listening: a radio programme Reading: dialogues Grammar: Present Perfect(l) Pronunciation: irregular 3rd forms 5 Life On Alpha (p. 20-21) Reading Strategies: prediction Reading: a magazine article (matching questions and paragraphs) Vocabulary: common verbs: do, go, have, make Speaking: talking about routines // Warm-up (p. 17) Vocabulary: homes; furniture Reading: adverts Speaking: about your home // Warm-up (p. 25) Vocabulary: character and personality adjectives Listening: character description (matching) Speaking: about film characters 7 Lifesavers (p. 26-27) Reading: a newspaper story (matching titles and paragraphs) Grammar: Past Simple, Past Continuous Pronunciation: past forms 8 Campaigners (p. 28-29) Vocabulary: campaigns; causes and issues; multi-part verbs Listening Strategies: true/false questions Pronunciation: sentence stress
Function: opinions (negotiating) Speaking: giving opinions; agreeing, disagreeing (negotiating) // 10 Champions (p. 34-35) Vocabulary: opinion adjectives Reading: a magazine article Grammar: Present Perfect (2), Past Simple 11 Nothing Is Impossible (p. 36-37) Reading: a magazine article (matching topics and paragraphs) Reading Strategies: working out meaning Vocabulary: multi-part verbs; wordbuilding Speaking: about recent events // Warm-up (p. 33) Vocabulary: jobs Speaking: about jobs and challenges // 13 Wacky Weddings (p. 42-43) Vocabulary: weddings; school rules Listening: dialogues (matching) Reading: an internet page (matching titles and paragraphs) Grammar: modal verbs: must, mustn’t, have to, don’t have to, needn’t, can, can’t 14 Parties (p. 44-45) Vocabulary: parties; multi-part verbs Function: advice (giving information); congratulations Listening: a radio programme (true/false questions) Speaking: giving advice and congratulations // Warm-up (p. 41) Vocabulary: celebrations Listening Strategies: getting the general idea Listening: celebrations (matching) Speaking: about your last celebration // 16 Eating Out (p. 50-51) Reading: a restaurant guide (matching) Grammar: comparatives and superlatives 17 What’s Cooking? (p. 52-53) Vocabulary: food; common verbs: get Reading: a magazine article (matching titles and paragraphs; multiple-choice questions) Reading Strategies: multiple-choice questions // Warm-up (p. 49) Vocabulary: food; food adjectives Speaking: about healthy
diets // 19 Sad Millionaires (p. 58-59) Reading: a magazine article (true/false questions) Grammar: some, any, no; much, many, a lot of; a little, a few 20 Money Matters (p. 60-61) Vocabulary: shops and banks; adjectives for products; multi-part verbs Reading: a questionnaire Listening: a radio programme (multiple-choice questions) Function: shopping (asking for and giving information) Pronunciation: rising intonation (sounding polite) Speaking: roleplays // Warm-up (p. 57) Vocabulary: money verbs Listening: people’s attitudes towards money (matching) // 22 Inventions (p. 66-67) Reading: quotations Listening: a radio interview Grammar: predictions: will and going to Pronunciation: short forms of will 23 Adverts (p. 68-69) Vocabulary: opinion adjectives; -ed, -ing adjectives Reading: magazine adverts Reading Strategies: identifying facts and opinions Speaking: asking for information // Warm-up (p. 65) Vocabulary: gadgets and machines Speaking: about gadgets // Communication Workshops, Culture/Literature focus // Language Powerbook // 3 British Lifestyles (p. 14-15) (Culture) Vocabulary: fractions; good friends and false friends Reading: a magazine article (true/false questions) Comparing Cultures: lifestyles Listening: a song: The Streets of London’ by Ralph McTell // Vocabulary: lifestyle adjectives; multi-part verbs; wordbuilding Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous; time expressions and word order // Function: expressing and describing preferences; describing routines
Skills Comer: Reading - true/false // (p. 3-7) // 6 Communication Workshops (p. 22-23) Writing: a personal letter (informal linking) // Listening: a survey (multiple-choice questions) Speaking Strategies: groupwork Speaking: doing a group survey Pronunciation: intonation for questions___ // Review Modules 1 & 2 (p. 24) Pronunciation: /ц/and /in/ // 9 William Shakespeare - Hamlet (p. 30-31) (Literature) // Reading Strategies: sequencing Reading and Listening: a story (sequencing; true/false questions) // Vocabulary: wordbuilding // Language Problem Solving 2 (p. 32): Articles a/ an/ the and No article // 12 Communication Workshops (p. 38-39) Listening: an interview Function: opinions (negotiating) // Speaking Strategies: preparing for discussions Speaking: a discussion about people you admire Writing: a story for a magazine (time linkers) // Review Modules 3 & 4 (p. 40) Pronunciation: /Ѳ/, /K/, /K/ and /rj/ // 15 Scotland (p. 46-47) (Culture) // Reading: tourist information (true/false questions) // Comparing Cultures: celebrations // Listening: a song: ’Auld Lang Syne’ by Robert Bums // Language Problem Solving 3 (p. 48): Adjectives // 18 Communication Workshops (p. 54-55) Writing: short email messages (listing questions) Listening: party dialogues Function: requests (negotiating) // Pronunciation: showing surprise, asking for repetition Speaking: party dialogues // Review Modules 5 & 6 (p. 56) Pronunciation: word stress // 21 John Steinbeck - The Pearl (p. 62-63) (Literature)
// Reading and Listening: a story (sequencing) Vocabulary: multi-part verbs // Language Problem Solving 4 (p. 64): all/none, both/neither, another, other, the other, the second // 24 Communication Workshops (p. 70-71) // Vocabulary: adjectives and adverbs Listening Strategies: identifying factual mistakes Listening: a radio advert // Writing: an advert (a short writing text) (addition) Speaking: sales talk // Vocabulary: homes; furniture/items found in homes; collocation Grammar: Present Perfect; contrasting the Present Perfect and the Present Simple // Writing: linking: and, but, because: punctuation; a personal letter // Skills Comer: Speaking - photo description // Review: Present Simple, Present Continuous and Present Perfect // (p. 8-12) // Vocabulary: describing character; collocation; wordbuilding Grammar: Past Simple and Past Continuous // Function: expressing agreement and disagreement; expressing opinions Skills Comer: Writing - note/memo // (p. 13-17) // Vocabulary: jobs; multi-part verbs // Grammar. Present Perfect and Past Simple // Writing: linking: suddenly, later, punctuation; an application form // Skills Comen Listening - multiple choice // Review: Past tenses: a, the or no article // (p. 18-22) // Exam Zone (p. 23-26): Use of English; Speaking; Reading; Listening and Writing // Vocabulary: celebration; collocation; countries and government Grammar: modal verbs: must, mustn’t, have to, don’t have to, needn’t, can, can’t // Function: giving advice // Skill Comer:
speaking roleplay (relating events) // (p. 27-31) // Vocabulary: food; compound words; get + prepositions Grammar: comparatives and superlatives; (not) as ... as ... Writing: linking: before, first; punctuation; describing an event Skill Comer: Listening - matching Review: modal verbs; comparatives and superlatives // (p. 32-36) // Vocabulary: money; multi-part verbs; words that mean the same Grammar: there is/there are; some, any, no; much, many, a lot of; a little, a few // Function: shopping and bargaining Skills Comer: Speaking - photo description // (p. 37-41) // Vocabulary: gadgets and machines; -ed, -ing adjectives // Grammar: predictions: will and going to // Writing: linking: also, too, either, punctuation; an announcement // Skills Comer: reading - multiple choice // Review: determiners; will and going to // (p. 42-46) // Exam Zone (p. 47-50): Use of English; Speaking; Reading; Listening // anH Wrifinn

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