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2nd ed.
Malden : Blackwell Publishing, 2000
xxix, 594 s. : il., grafy ; 24 cm

ISBN 0-631-22140-9 (brož.) ISBN !978-0-631-22140-1 (chyb.)
Information age, economy, society, and culture
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List of Figures xii // List of Tables xiv // Acknowledgments 2000 xvii // Acknowledgments 1996 xxvi // Prologue: the Net and the Self 1 // Technology, Society, and Historical Change 5 // Informationalism, Industrialism, Capitalism, Statism: Modes of Development and Modes of Production 13 // Informationalism and capitalist perestroika 18 // The Self in the Informational Society 21 // A Word on Method 25 // 1 The Information Technology Revolution 28 // Which Revolution? 28 // Lessons from the Industrial Revolution 33 // The Historical Sequence of the Information Technology Revolution 38 // Micro-engineering macro-changes: electronics and information 39 // The creation of the Internet 45 // Network technologies and pervasive computing 51 // The 1970s’ technological divide 53 // Technologies of life 54 // Social context and the dynamics of technological change 59 // Models, Actors, and Sites of the Information Technology Revolution 61 // The Information Technology Paradigm 69 // 2 The New Economy: Informationalism, Globalization, Networking 77 // Productivity, Competitiveness, and the Informational Economy 78 // The productivity enigma 78 // Is knowledge-based productivity specific to the informational economy? 80 // Informationalism and capitalism, productivity and profitability 94 // The historical specificity of informationalism 99 // The Global Economy: Structure, Dynamics, and Genesis 101 Global financial markets 102 // Globalization of markets for goods and services: growth and transformation of international trade 106 Globalization versus regionalization 110 // The internationalization of production: multinational corporations and international production networks 116 // Informational production and selective globalization of science and technology 124 // Global labor? 130 // The geometry of the global economy: segments and networks 132 //
The political economy of globalization: capitalist restructuring, information technology, and state policies 135 // The New Economy 147 // 3 The Network Enterprise: the Culture, Institutions, and Organizations of the Informational Economy 163 // Organizational Trajectories in the Restructuring of Capitalism and in the Transition from Industrialism to Informationalism 164 // From mass production to flexible production 166 // Small business and the crisis of the large corporation: myth and reality “Toyotism management-worker cooperation, multifunctional labor, total quality control, and reduction of uncertainty Inter-firm networking Corporate strategic alliances The horizontal corporation and global business networks // The crisis of the vertical corporation model and the rise of business networks Networking the networks: the Cisco model Information Technology and the Network Enterprise Culture, Institutions, and Economic Organization: East Asian Business Networks A typology of East Asian business networks Japan Korea China // Culture, organizations, and institutions: Asian business networks and the developmental state Multinational Enterprises, Transnational Corporations, and International Networks The Spirit of Informationalism // 4 The Transformation of Work and Employment: Networkers, Jobless, and Flex-timers // The Historical Evolution of Employment and // Occupational Structure in Advanced Capitalist Countries: the G-7, 1920-2005 Post-industrialism, the service economy, and the informational society The transformation of employment structure, 1920-1970 and 1970-1990 The new occupational structure The maturing of the informational society: // employment projections into the twenty-first century // Summing up: the evolution of employment structure and its implications for a comparative analysis of the informational society Is There a Global Labor Force? //
The Work Process in the Informational Paradigm 255 // The Effects of Information Technology on Employment: // Toward a Jobless Society? 267 // Work and the Informational Divide: Flex-timers 281 // Information Technology and the Restructuring of Capital-Labor Relations: Social Dualism or Fragmented Societies? 296 // Appendix A: Statistical Tables for Chapter 4 303 // Appendix B: Methodological Note and Statistical // References 338 // 5 The Culture of Real Virtuality: the Integration of Electronic Communication, the End of the Mass Audience, and the Rise of Interactive Networks 355 // From the Gutenberg Galaxy to the McLuhan Galaxy: the Rise of Mass Media Culture 358 // The New Media and the Diversification of Mass Audience 365 Computer-mediated Communication, Institutional Control, Social Networks, and Virtual Communities 371 The Minitel story: ľétat et ľamour 372 // The Internet constellation 375 // The interactive society 385 // The Grand Fusion: Multimedia as Symbolic Environment 394 The Culture of Real Virtuality 403 // 6 The Space of Flows 407 // Advanced Services, Information Flows, and the Global // City 409 // The New Industrial Space 417 // Everyday Life in the Electronic Cottage: the End of Cities? 424 // The Transformation of Urban Form: the Informational City 429 // America’s last suburban frontier 429 // The fading charm of European cities 431 // Third millennium urbanization: mega-cities 434 // The Social Theory of Space and the Theory of the Space of Flows 440 // The Architecture of the End of History 448 // Space of Flows and Space of Places 453 // The Edge of Forever: Timeless Time 460 // Time, History, and Society 461 // Time as the Source of Value: the Global Casino 465 // Flex-time and the Network Enterprise 467 // The Shrinking and Twisting of Life Working Time 468 // The Blurring of the Life-cycle: Toward Social Arrhythmia? 475 //
Death Denied 481 // Instant Wars 484 // Virtual Time 491 // Time, Space, and Society: the Edge of Forever 494 // Conclusion: the Network Society 500 // Summary of the Contents of Volumes II and III 510 // Bibliography 512

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