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1st ed.
Santa Fe : OnWord Press, 1996
xix,495 s.,[32 s.barev.příl]

ISBN 1-56690-097-2 (brož.)
Obsahuje rejstřík.
Systémy informační geografické - obrázky rastrové - pojednání
ix // Contents // Introduction... // Book Structure // XIII // XV // Chapter 1: Image Formation and Raster Characteristics...1 // by Stan Morain, Jack Estes, Timothy Foresman, and Joseph Separr // Background...1 // Historical Notes...3 // Data and Information...5 // The Electromagnetic Spectrum...7 // Popular Passive Instruments...11 // Raster (Pixel) Characteristics...14 // Chapter 2: Image Display and Processing for CIS...29 // by Shirley Lopez Baros, Paul R. H. Neville, and Joe Messina // Image Display...30 // Cell-based GIS Processing...35 // Image Processing...37 // Preprocessing...50 // Chapter 3: Using Scanned Aerial Photographs...55 // by Roy Welch and Thomas Jordan // Conversion of Aerial Photographs to Raster Format...56 // Orthophotographs...66 // Summary...68 // x Contents // Chapter 4: Data Collection Systems, Formats, and Products...71 // by Amelia Budge and Stan Morain // Primary Satellite Sensor Systems...72 // Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre (SPOT)...72 // Landsat...77 // Television and Infrared Observation Satellite (TIROS) // (aka NOAA Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite - // POES series)...82 // European Resource Satellite (ERS-1)...88 // Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS)...92 // RADARSAT...97 // Standard Satellite Digital Data Products...101 // Chapter 5: Modeling Techniques...Ill // Economic Applications...112 // Evaluating Franchise Locations...112 // by Bradley Cullen, Richard Curtiss, Raul Neville and Teri Bennett // Cellular Phone Transceiver
Site Selection...117 // by John R. Jensen, Xueqiao Huang, Derek Graves, and Richard Hanning // Finding a Least-cost Path for Pipeline Siting...125 // by Sandra C. Feldman, Ramona E. Pelletier, Ed Walser, James C. Smoot, and Douglas Ahi // Visualizing the Albury Bypass...132 // by Michael Byrne // Choosing Efficient, Cost-effective Transportation Routes . . . 141 // by Dana Nunez Brown // Assessing Tourism Potential: From Words to Numbers...149 // by Jodo Ribeiro da Costa // Georgia Tax Pilot Study by D. Kasouf // 154 // Contents xi // Diverse Modeling Scenarios...159 // Editing and Updating Vector GIS Layers Using // Remotely Sensed Data...159 // by Douglas Stow, Dong Mei Chen, Robert Parrott and Sue Carnevale // Modeling Vegetation Distribution in Mountainous // Terrain...165 // by Diego Fabian Lozano Garda and René G. Gonzalez Murguia // An Urban Mask Raster Image for Vector Street Files...172 // by Jeffrey T. Morisette, Heather Cheshire, Casson Stallings, and Siamak Khorram // Combining Polygon and Raster Data in Cartography...178 // by Anthony D. Renaud // ASSESS: A System for Selecting Suitable Sites...182 // by Simon ?1. Weitch and Julie K. Bowyer // Shaded Relief Images: Visualizing Terrain Without // Contour Lines...192 // by Jan Benson and Bob Greene // Building Attribute Tables for Raster GIS Files // with ARC/INFO...198 // by Zhenkui Ma and Roland L. Redmond // Chapter 6: Water, Crops and Weather...203 // Hydrology...205 // Targeting Wetlands Restoration Areas...205
// by Richard G. Kempka, Frederic A. Reid, Scott Flint and Kari Lewis // Water Resources Management Applications...211 // by Thomas H. C. Lo // Mapping Glaciers with SPOT Imagery and GIS by Andrew G. Klein and Bryan L. hacks // 219 // Contents // XI/ // Identifying Efficient and Accurate Methods for Conducting the Irrigated Water Use Inventory, // Estancia Basin, New Mexico...226 // by Douglas J. Paulson // Agriculture...231 // Polygon Mode Filter for Remotely Sensed Agricultural // Land Cover Data...231 // by Casson Stallings, Siamak Khorram, and Rodney L. Huffman // SPOT, ARC/INFO, and GRID: A New Concept in // Agro-environmental Monitoring...238 // by Paul de Fraipont, Stephen Glandi lion, Dominique Esnault, // Didier Georgieff, Jean-Daniel Hennemann, and Alain Lefeuvre // Vegetative Index for Characterizing Drought Patterns...247 // by James Rowland, Andrew Nadeau, John Brock, Robert Klaver, // Donald Moore, and John E. Lewis // CropWatch: Monitoring Irrigation Water Use // in the Desert...254 // by Tom Elder // Mapping Long-term Change in Irrigated Land...259 // by Anthony Morse, William J. Kramber, David Palmer, and Deway ne Me Andrew // Meteorology...264 // Lightning Analysis at Bonneville Power // Administration...264 // by Robert White // Integrating Raster and Vector GIS with Climate Data for Winter Road Maintenance...267 // by Dan Cornford // Spatial Distribution of Global Atmospheric Water // Vapor Storage... .272 // by Julie Driver // Contents // ••• // XIII
// Chapter 7: Land Use and Planning...277 // Landscape Analysis...279 // Landscape Structure as Input to Ecological Planning in Northland, New Zealand...279 // by Russell L. Watkins // Mapping the Wilderness Continuum Using Raster GIS...283 // by Steve Carver // Defining Biophysical Land Units (BLU)...289 // by Crista S. Carroll // The Definition of Topographic Divisions for Italy...293 // by Fausto Guzzetti and Paola Reichenbach // Regional Forestry and Biodiversity in // Tierra del Fuego, Chile...301 // by George R. Carlson, Robert J. Henry, andJames A. Pugh // Land Use/Land Cover...307 // Enhancement, Identification, and Quantification // of Land Cover Change...307 // by Douglas Stow, Dong Mei Chen, and Robert Parrott // Updating Vector Land Use Inventories Using // Multi-date Satellite Imagery...313 // by Robert Parrott, Sue Carnevale, and Douglas Stow // The U.S.-Mexico Border GIS: The Tijuana River // Watershed Project...322 // by Richard D. Wright, John F. O’Leary, and Douglas A. Stow // Development of a Land Use/Land Cover Map...328 // by Jerry L. Whistler, Stephen L. Egbert, Edward A. Martinko, // David Baumgartner, Re-Yang Lee, and Mark E. Jakubauskas // A Structural Vegetation Database for the Murray // Darling Basin... // by Kim Ritman // 334 // xiv // Contents // Urban and Regional Planning...343 // Measuring and Modeling Urban Growth // in Kathmandu...343 // by Barry Haack, David Craven, and Susan McDonald Jampoler // Merged Raster and Vector Data for Regional Environmental
// and Land Use Planning: Tamaulipas, Mexico...350 // by Mindy Roberts, Keith E. Miller, and Philip R. Chernin // Mapping Urban Growth in Metropolitan Beirut...358 // by Yousef Nizam // Chapter 8: Environment and Mineral Exploration...365 // Detecting Contamination from Uranium Mines...366 // by Paul R. H. Neville // Mapping Biodiversity...373 // by Teri Brotman Bennett and Esteban Muldavin // Remote Sensing and GIS for Monitoring Grassland // Environments...378 // by Mark Chopping // Change Detection of Pacific Coast Estuaries...386 // by Ruth E. Spell, Richard G. Kempka, Jon ? Graves, and Patrick T. Cagney // A Method for Identifying Wetlands Mitigation Sites...397 // by Floyd Stayner // Monitoring and Mapping the Belchatow Mining // Complex in Poland...408 // by Stanislaw Mularz // Vector and Raster Analysis of the Solitario Dome // and Terlingua Uplift, West Texas...413 // by Michael Clark // Contents XV // Chapter 9: Forest Management...419 // Developing a Multi-scale Forests Database for Australia . . . 420 by Philip Tickle // Mapping Needleleaf Forests in Great Smoky Mountains National Park...431 // by John B. Rehder // Information Technologies to Support the Licensing of Forestry Activities...437 // by G. W. Turner, R. M. C. Ruff io, and M. W. Roberts Timber Harvest Scheduling with Adjacency Constraints . . . 441 // by Bruce Carroll, Vaughan Landrum, and Lisa Pious // Fire!™ Using GIS to Predict Fire Behavior...448 // by Kass Green, Mark Finney, Jeff Campbell, David
Weinstein, and Vaughan Landrum // Analyzing the Cumulative Effects of Forest Practices...454 // by Kass Green // Using GIS to Produce Fire Control Maps...462 // by Sonny Parafina // Appendix A: List of Contributors...469 // Appendix B: Contact Points...475 // index...487

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