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1st ed.
New York : Library of America, c1995
xiv, 970 s., [32] s. příl. : il.

ISBN 1-883011-05-1 (váz.)
The Library of America ; 78
Obsahuje černobílé fotografie na příloze, chronologii, mapky, bibliografické poznámky, glosář, rejstřík
Válka světová 2. - publicistika americká - r. 1938-1946 - reportáže
Hrnie Pyle: The Italian Campaign: “Waiting for the Next Attack”, February 1944 // “Those Lulls That Sometimes Come in War” ... 1 // “The Night Was Full of Distant Warfare”... 3 // “A Certain Fundamental Appreciation for the Ridiculous”... 6 // “The Trail Was Never Straight”... 8 // Vincent Tubbs: “Wide Awake on an Island Beachhead”, The Southwest Pacific: February-March 1944 // No Picturesque Battle Scenes in SWP War... ? // Homesick Joe in Pacific... 16 // Men Can’t Sleep; They Talk, Dream of Home ... 17 // Walter Bernstein: Search for a Battle, Italy: March 1944... 21 // Ernie Pyle: The Italian Campaign: “Perpetual Astonishments of a War Life”, March 1944 // “A Life of Flying in Combat”... 35 // “Their Hunger Most Surely Was Genuine”... 37 // “Nobody Is Wholly Safe”... 39 // “You Just Lie in Your Foxhole”... 41 // “A Look I Dread To See”...44 // The Editors of Fortune (drawings by Mine Okubo): Issci, Nisei, Kibei // Japanese-American Internment: 1944...47 // Homer Bigart: Cassino, Once Thriving, Is Turned Into a Scene of Unrelieved Grimness Ruins of Cassino: May 1944... 71 // Vincent Tubbs: Girl Thrills New Caledonia G.I.’s, The Southwest Pacific: USO Show, May 1944...76 // A. J. Liebling: Notes from the Kidnap House French Underground Journalism: 1944...80 // Susan ?. Anthony II: Working at the Navy Yard // Women in War Plants: 1944...90 // Vincent Tubbs: 93rd Div. Rurol Kills 20 Japs, Escapes 3 Ambushes The Southwest Pacific: Jungle Patrol, Bougainville, May 1944... 97 // I. F. Stone: For the Jews—Life or Death? // ? Plea to Admit Jewish Refugees: June 1944...101 // A. J. Liebling: Cross-Channel Trip // The D-Day Invasion: June 1 -11, 1944...105 // Ernie Pyle: Omaha Beach After D-Day June 1944, “And Yet We Got On”...142 // “The Wreckage Was Vast and Startling”...146 //
“This Long Thin Line of Personal Anguish”...148 // Martha Gellhorn: The First Hospital Ship // Casualties of Normandy: June 1944...151 // S. J. Perelman: Take Two Parts Sand, One Part Girl, and Stir // Wartime Advertising: 1944...164 // Robert Sherrod: Gone to Earth, Saipan: June 1944...170 // Robert Sherrod: The Nature of the Enemy, Saipan: July 1944...173 // Lee Miller: U.S.A. Tent Hospital // The Wounded in Normandy: July 1944...177 // Ernie Pyle: Battle and Breakout in Normandy July-August 1944 // “They Weren’t Heroic Figures”...194 // “A Small Assembly Plant”...196 // “The Heavy Ordnance Company”...199 // “The Great Attack”...201 // “A Ghastly Relentlessness”...204 // “The Universe Became Filled with a Gigantic Rattling”...206 // “Anybody Makes Mistakes”...209 // “This Weird Hedgerow Fighting”...211 // “Each One Is a Separate Little War”...213 // “Nothing Left Behind But the Remains”...216 // “Wounded and Trapped”...218 // Bill Davidson: “Rommel - Count Your Men”, Howitzer Battalion at the Siege of St. Malo: August 1944...221 // Lee Miller: The Siege of St. Malo // “The War Wasn’t Over in This Section”: St. Malo, August 1944...227 // Ernest Hemingway: How We Came to Paris, On the Road to Paris: August 1944...242 // Irwin Shaw: Morts pour la Patrie, The Liberation of Paris: August 2$, 1944...251 // Helen Kirkpatrick: Daily News Writer Sees Man Slain at Her Side in Hail of Lead, The Liberation of Paris: August 26, 1944...263 // W. H. Lawrence: Nazi Mass Killing Laid Bare in Camp, Evidence of Genocide at Maidanek: August 1944...267 // Ernie Pyle: A I st Word, Summing Up the War in France: August 1944...273 // Bill Mauldin: Up Front “My Business Is Drawing”: A Cartoonist in Combat, 1943-44...276 //
Rupert Trimmingham and others: Democracy?, African-Americans and the War: Correspondence from Yank, 1944...470 // Brendan Gill: Young Man Behind Plexiglass, Profile of an American Bombardier: August 1944...474 // Martha Gellhorn: The Gothic Line // “The Last Push”: Northern Italy, September 1944...490 // Tom Lea: Peleliu Landing // “War Is Fighting and Fighting Is Killing”: Peleliu, September 1944...498 // Mack Morriss: My Old Outfit // Remembering “A” Com patty: Maastricht, September 1944...536 // William Walton: Now the Germans Arc the Refugees, The Fall of Aachen: October 1944...545 // Peggy Hull Deucll: Death of Carrier Described, The Sinking of the Princeton: October 1944...548 // John H. Crider: U.S. Board Bares Atrocity Details Told by Witnesses at Polish Camps, Eyewitness Report of Auschwitz: November 1944...553 // Mack Morriss: War in the Huertgen Forest aA Solid Mass of Dark, Impenetrable Greenyy: The Huertgen Forest, November 1944...560 // Eric Sevareid: The Price We Pay in Italy Assessing the Italian Campaign: November 1944...566 // Anne O’Hare McCormick: The Italian Ordeal Surprises Members of Congress, Assessing the Italian Campaign: December 1944...57i // Ed Cunningham: The Battle of the Bulge, The Ardennes: December 1944-January 1945 ...574 // Jack Beiden: Retreat in Belgium, The Ardennes: December 1944...596 // Martha Gellhorn: The Battle of the Bulge, The Road to Bastogne: December 1944...599 // Carl Mydans: “My God! It’s Carl Mydans", Liberation of Santo Tomas Prison Camp: Manila, February 1945...607 // John P. Marquand: Iwo Jima Before H-Hour, Bombardment of Iwo Jima: February 194s...619 // Robert Sherrod: The First Three Days, Landing on Iwo Jima: February 194s...634 // Howard Brodie: Jump-Off, Assault Across the Roer: February 1945 ...639 //
Richard C. Hottelet: Big Jump into Germany Airborne Assault East of the Rhine: March 24, I94S...649 // James Agee: “These Terrible Records of War”, Newsreels of Iwo Jima: March 1945...660 // Janet Planner (Genet): Letter from Cologne, “A Model of Destruction”: Cologne, March 194s...662 // Marguerite Higgins: Freed Captives Fill Roads That Lead to France, Displaced Persons: Germany, April 1945 ...669 // Martha Gellhorn: Das Deutsches Volk "We Were Never Nazis": Germans in Defeat, April 1945...671 // James Agee: “A Soldier Died Today”, The Death of F.D.R.: April 12,194s...679 // Edward R. Murrow: “For Most of It I Have No Words”, Buchenwald: April 1945 ...6S1 // Evan Wylie: Ernie Pyle, The Death of Ernie Pyle: le Shim a, April 18, 1945 ..686 // Janet Planner (Genet): Letters from Paris, April 1945 // “Let Us Weep For This Man”: The French // Mourn Roosevelt...689 // “A Sad Homecoming”: Prisoners from Ravensbrück...693 // Martha Gellhorn: The Russians, Meeting at the Elbe: April 1945...700 // Virginia Irwin: “A Giant Whirlpool of Destruction”, The Russians in Berlin: April 1945 ...709 // Marguerite Higgins: 33,000 Dachau Captives Freed by 7th Army, Liberation of Dachau: April 29, 1945 ...720 // Martha Gellhorn: Dachau, “Surely This War Was Made to Abolish Dachau”: May 1945 ...724 // Edward Kennedy: The War in Europe Is Ended!, The German Surrender: May 7, 1945 ...731 // A. J. Liebling: The A.P. Surrender, The Press and the Military: May 1945 ...733 // Philip Hamburger: Letter from Rome Italy at V-E Day: May 1945 ...743 // E. B. White: Beautiful Upon a Hill, The United Nations Conference: San Francisco, May 1945 ...749 // Phelps Adams: Attack on Carrier Bunker Hill Kamikaze Raid Off Okinawa: May 1945 ...754 //
Shelley Mydans: Guam Holdouts Give Up Japanese Soldiers Surrender: Spring 1945 ...761 // William L. Laurence: Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki Told by Flight Member “A Giant Pillar of Purple Fire”: Nagasaki, August 9 1945 ...763 // Homer Bigart: Japan Signs, Second World War Is Ended, The Japanese Surrender: September 2, 1945 ...773 // Homer Bigart: A Month After the Atom Bomb: Hiroshima Still Can’t Believe It // A Walk in Hiroshima: September 3, 1945 ...775 // John Hersey: Hiroshima // The Bombing of Hiroshima and Its Aftermath: August 6,1945 - August 1946 ...781 // Chronology, 1933 -I94S ...859 // Maps...895 // Biographical Notes...912 // Note on the Texts...927 // Acknowledgments...931 // Notes...934 // Glossary of Military Terms...951 // Index...959

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