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Cambridge : Harvard University, 1993

ISBN 0-674-89330-1
Introduction і // Part I. Slavery, Revolution, Renaissance // 1. Signs of Power: Nat Turner and Frederick Douglass 27 San Domingo and Its Patriots 31 // Nat Turner, Thomas Gray, and the Phenomenology of Slavery 36 Ibo Warriors 36 // Blackhead Signpost: Prophecy and Terror 67 Frederick Douglass’s Revisions 83 Iron Sentences: Paternity, Literacy, Liberty 93 Broken Fetters: The Right of Revolution 112 // 2. Melville, Delany, and New World Slavery 135 Memory, Authority, and the Shadowy Tableau 139 The Play of the Barber 155 // Ashantee Conjurors: Africanisms and Africanization 163 The Law of Nature or the Hive of Subtlety 175 Caribbean Empires 182 // “It Is Wrote in Jeremiah”: American Maroons 189 Sugar, Conspiracy, and the Ladder 199 El Dia de los Reyes 210 // viii Contents // Part K. The Color Line // 3. Mark Twain and Homer Plessy 225 The Second Slavery 228 // The Badge of Servitude: Homer Plessy and the Rise of Segregation 233 Blaspheming Colors, Extraordinary Twins 24.9 A Whisper to the Reader 263 // 4. Charles Chesnutťs Cakewalk 271 The Origin of the Cakewalk 276 Word Shadows and Alternating Sounds: // Folklore, Dialect, and Vernacular 294-Uncle Remus, Uncle Julius, and the New Negro 323 ‘De Ole Times,” Slave Culture, and Africa 347 Talking Bones: Conjure and Narrative 359 White Weeds: The Pathology of the Color Line 392 Fusion: The Marrow of Tradition 406 A Great Black Figure and a Doll 435 // Part KK. W. E. B. Du Bois: African America and the Kingdom of Culture // 5. Swing Low: The Souls of Black Folk 457 In the Kingdom of Culture 459 “This Wonderful Music of Bondage>’ 467 Bright Sparkles: Music and Text 490 Black and Unknown Bards: A Theory of the Sorrow Songs 525 //6. The Spell of Africa 540 // The Color Line Belts the World 546 “Ethiopia Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands”: Toward Pan-Africanism 551 //
Africa: The Hidden Self and the Pageant of Nationalism 563 // The Burden of Black Women 581 // The Black Christ and Other Prophets 592 // Notes 627 // Acknowledgments 693 Index 695

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