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1st ed.
Malden : Basil Blackwell, 2004
xii,334 s. : il.

ISBN 1-55786-675-9 (brož.)
Obsahuje ilustrace, poznámky, úvod, rejstříky
Bibliografie: s. 321-325
Města - prostor - hledisko psychologické - pojednání
Prostor - pojednání
Sociologie města - studie
Velkoměsta - život - pojednání
// Contemporary critical studies have experienced a significant spatial turn. In what may be seen as one of the most important intellectual and political developments in the late twentieth century, scholars have begun to interpret space and the spatiality of human life with the same critical insight and emphasis that has traditionally been given to time and history on the one hand, and to social relations and society on the other. Thirdspoce is both an enquiry into the origins and impact of this spatial turn and an attempt to expand the scope and practical relevance of how we think about space and such related concepts as place, location, landscape, architecture, environment, home, city, region, territory and geography. // The book’s central argument is that spatial thinking has tended to be bicameral - confined to two approaches. Spatiality is either seen as concrete material forms to be mapped, analyzed, and explained; or as mental constructs, ideas about and representations of space and its social significance. Edward Soja reevaluates this dualism to create an alternative approach, one that comprehends both the material and mental dimensions of spatiality but which also moves beyond them to new and different modes of spatial thinking. // Thirdspoce is composed as a sequence of intellectual and empirical journeys. It begins with a spatial biography of Henri Lefebvre and his conceptualization of social space as perceived, conceived, and lived. The author draws on Lefebvre to
describe a "trialectics" of spatiality that threads through all subsequent journeys, reappearing in bell hooks’s exploration of the margins as a space of radical openness; in feminist interpretations of the interplay of race, class, and gender; in the postcolonial critique and the new cultural politics of difference and identity; in Michel Foucault’s heterotopologies and trialectics of space, knowledge, and power; and in interpretive tours of the Citadel of downtown Los Angeles, the Exopolis of Orange County, and the Centrum of Amsterdam. // Born in the Bronx and nurtured in its dense diversities, Edward Soja was a street geographer by the time he was ten and a doctoral student in Geography at Syracuse University just after turning twenty-one. For the next two decades, he specialized in the political geography of modernization and nation-building in Africa, holding visiting appointments at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. After seven years of teaching at Northwestern University, he joined the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA, in 1972. He has twice been department chair in Urban Planning and, for nine years, was the Associate Dean. For the past fifteen years, he has been writing about the postmodernization of Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife Maureen and children, Christopher and Erika, // Cover artwork: The cover and spine were designed by Antonis Ricos and Edward W. Soja // Visit our website at http://www.blackwellpublishing.com
// ISBN 978-1-55786-675-2 // Blackwell // Publishing // Contents // List of Illustrations vili // Acknowledgements x // Introduction/Itinerary/Overture 1 // PART I DISCOVERING THIRDSPACE 24 // 1 The Extraordinary Voyages of Henri Lefebvre 26 // Origins 29 // Pathways 32 // Approximations 36 // Arrivals 47 // 2 The Trialectics of Spatiality 53 // Envisioning Thirdspace Through “The Aleph" 54 // Thirding-as-Othering 60 // Summarizing Again/Before Moving On 70 // 3 Exploring the Spaces that Difference Makes: // Notes on the Margin 83 // On the Differences that Postmodernity Makes 86 // On the Workings of Power 86 // On Radical Subjectivities 88 // On the Disordering of Difference 92 // vi // Contents // In Thirdspace with bell hooks 96 // Choosing Marginality 97 // The Margin as a Space of Radical Difference 100 // 4 Increasing the Openness of Thirdspace 106 // The Spatial Feminist Critique 107 // Gendering Cityspace: The Feminist Critique of Urbanism 108 // The Postmodern Spatial Feminist Critique 111 // The Paradoxical Space of Feminism and Geography 119 // The Postcolonial Critique 125 // The Borderlands of Gloria Anzaldtia 127 // Chicanisma/Chicanismo: Reworlding the Border 129 // The Reworldings ofGayatri Spivak 134 // The Imaginative Geographies of Edward Said 136 // The Third Space of Homi Bhabha 139 // 5 Heterotopologies: Foucault and the Geohistory of // Otherness 145 // A Second Discovery 145 // Crossing Paths: Lefebvre and Foucault 146 // Other Crossings 149 // In Thirdspace
with Michel Foucault 154 // Utopias and Heterotopias 155 // The Principles of Heterotopology 159 // The Heterotopology of Thirdspace 162 // 6 Re-Presenting the Spatial Critique of Historicism 164 // A New Introduction 165 // The Persistence of Historicism 174 // Why Loving Maps is Not Enough 174 // Hayden White Meets Henri Lefebvre 179 // PART II INSIDE AND OUTSIDE LOS ANGELES 184 // 7 Remembrances: A Heterotopology of the Citadel-LA 186 // Pictured at an Exhibition 187 // The Preliminary Discourse 187 // Getting to Biddy Mason’s Place 188 // Remembering the Bastille: 1789-1989 193 // The Main Event: Symbolizing the Civic Center 194 // Entrancement 195 // CITADEL-LA 204 // Cultural Crown 211 // Contents // vii // Palimpsest 218 // Panopticon 228 // Back to the Beginning 236 // 8 Inside Exopolis: Everyday Life in the Postmodern // World 237 // ’Toto, I’ve Got a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Any More” 238 Introducing Exopolis 238 // Re-imaged-in-LA: A Little Bit of Baudrillard 239 // Scenes from Orange County and a Little Beyond 244 // Scene 1 : A Mythology of Origins 245 // Scene 2: Iconic Emplacements 249 // Scene 3: The Diversions of Yorba Linda 252 // Scene 4: UCI - A Campus by Design 254 // Scene 5: Spotting the Spotless in the City of Irvine 258 // Scene 6: Roots and Wings 259 // Scene 7: It’s a Mall World After All 263 // Scene 8: Cities That Are Doubles of Themselves 266 // Scene 9: On the Little Tactics of the Habitat 270 // Scene 10: Scamscapes: The Capitals of Fiction
Become Reality 274 Finale: The Precession of Exopolis 278 // 9 The Stimulus of a Little Confusion: A Contemporary // Comparison of Amsterdam and Los Angeles 280 // On Spuistraat 281 // Off Spuistraat 296 // Postscript I: On the Views from Above and Below 310 // Postscript II: A Preview of Postmetropolis 315 // Select Bibliography 321 // Name Index 326 // Subject Index // 329

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