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1st ed.
London : Routledge, c2001
xliii,663 s. : il.

ISBN 0-415-19196-3 (brož.)
Obsahuje ilustrace, fotografie, tabulky, úvod, poznámky, glosář, rejstřík
Geografie sídelní - učebnice vysokošk.
Michael Pacione’s Urban Geography: a global perspective provides a comprehensive global view of urban geography that is chock full of information and lavishly illustrated with maps, photographs and illustrations. At the same time it is theoretically smart, rich in historical detail, and questioning about urban futures in a global world. It is the ideal text for undergraduate courses in urban geography and urban studies.’ // Professor Neil Smith, City University of New York, USA // Michael Pacione has produced a wide-ranging, up-to-date, copiously illustrated, and accessible synthesis of a large literature. It will provide students with an easy introduction to an important field of study.’ // Professor Ron Johnston, University of Bristol, UK // ’Urban Geography: a global perspective offers the most contemporary, comprehensive, and insightful presentation on urban geography, a compellingly readable, spectacularly exciting, and pleasingly sophisticated investigation of an extensive range of vital urban issues at the local and global scales. It is a must-read for any urban student and scholar the world over.’ // James 0. Wheeler, The Merle Prunty, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Geography, University of Georgia, USA // Urban Geography is an authoritative and stimulating introduction to the study of towns and cities. This book synthesises a wealth of material to provide a comprehensive introduction for students of urban geography, drawing on a rich blend of theoretical and empirical
information, to advance their knowledge of the city. // For the first time in the history of humankind, urban dwellers outnumber rural residents and this trend is destined to continue. Urban places, towns and cities are of fundamental importance: for the distribution of population within countries; in the organisation of economic production, distribution and exchange; in the structuring of social reproduction and cultural life; and in the allocation and exercise of power. Even those living beyond the administrative or functional boundaries of a town or city, will have their lifestyle influenced to some degree by a nearby or even distant city. // Urban Geography is divided into six main parts, which explain and discuss: // • The field of urban geography and the importance of a global perspective // • The historical growth of cities from the earliest times and the urban geography of the major world regions // • The dynamics of urban structure and land use change in Western cities // • Economy, society and politics in the Western city - // • The economic, social, political and environmental challenges faced by the Third World city // • The future of cities and cities of the future // Specific features include: // • Clearly structured and accessible text // • Superb illustrations: full colour plate section, over 150 informative diagrams // • Global case studies, boxed throughout // • Glossary of terms and key words, highlighted throughout the text // • Chapter
summaries, key points and study questions // • Annotated further reading lists // Michael Pacione is Professor of Geography at the-University of Strathclyde. // Urban Studies/Geography/Urban Planning // ISBN 0-415-19196-3 // 11 New Fetter Lane London EC4P 4EE // 29 West 35th Street New York NY 10001 // r> • , i • /"4 * ? * photos: Steve Stacey // Printed in Great Britain except for .S|ums of La Esperanza- // www.routledge.com by Peter Williams © World Council of Churches // .olLrVj // ? // Contents // List of plates xv // List of figures xvii // List of tables xxi // List of boxes XXV // Acknowledgements xxx // Copyright acknowledgements xxxi // Introduction xxxvi // PART ONE: THE STUDY OF URBAN GEOGRAPHY 1 // Chapter 1 Urban geography: from gJabaL talnciaL___3 // Introduction // Global trigger factors // Globalisation // The place of space and scale Local and historical contingency Processes of urban change Urban outcomes Daily life in the global village Why study urban geography? // Chapter 2 Concepts and theory in...urban geography... ...20 // Introduction // The scope of urban geography // Defining the urban // The place of space // The value of the urban dimension // A brief history of urban geography // In search of common ground // Levels of analysis in urban geography // CONTENTS // PART TWO: AN URBANISING WORLD 35 // Chapter 3...The origins and growth...of cities...37 // Introduction // Preconditions for urban growth Theories of urban origin Early urban hearths
The spread of urbanism Urban revival in Western Europe The medieval town // The preconditions for industrial urbanism // The form of the industrial city // Residential segregation // Housing the poor // The other side of the coin // The origins of urban USA // The westward progress of urbanism // The post-industrial/postmodern city // Chapter 4...The global context of urbanisation and urban... // change 67 // Introduction // The urbanisation of the globe // The changing distribution of the world’s urban // population // The causes of urban growth // Settlement size // Megacities and million cities // Urbanisation and economic growth // The urbanisation cycle // A ’stages of urban development’ model // Chapter 5 Regional perspectives on urbanisation and urban... // change 88 // Introduction North America // Latin America and the Caribbean // Western Europe // East and Central Europe // Asia and the Pacific // Africa // Chapter 6...Matinnal urban systems...?... // Introduction // National urban systems and the outside world Types of places in the national urban system Theories of the urban system Types of urbanised regions // PART THREE: URBAN STRUCTURE AND LAND USE IN // THE WESTERN CITY 129 // Chapter 7 Land use in the city ... ...131 // Introduction // CONTENTS // Urban morphogenesis // Ecological models of the city // Modifications of the classical urban models // A political economy perspective // Major actors in the production of the built // environment // Growth coalitions
// The central business district // Urban architecture // Architecture and urban meaning // The social construction of the urban landscape // Chapter 8 Urban planning and policy___15Z- // Introduction // The roots of urban planning // Post-war urban planning in the UK // Urban policy in the U ? // Urban policy and planning in the USA // Planning the socialist city // Towards planning for sustainable urban // development // Chapter 9___New towns___LZ9L // Introduction // The British new towns // New towns in Europe // New communities in the USA // Chapter 10 Residential mobility and neighbourhood change 191 Introduction Why people move The decision to move The search for a new home Housing markets Neighbourhood change Housing abandonment Gentrification // Chapter 11 Housing problems and ho using policy ___209 // Introduction // Trends in housing tenure in the UK Public housing in the USA Housing affordability Homelessness // Strategies to improve housing quality Alternative housing strategies // Chapter 12...Urban retailing...229 // Introduction // Urban retail structure // The changing structure of urban retailing // CONTENTS // The growth of suburban shopping centres in North America // Impact of retail decentralisation on the US CBD Concentration versus decentralisation in Britain Disadvantaged consumers // Chapter 13___Urban...transportation ...___248 // Introduction // Patterns of travel demand // The urban transport problem // Responses to the urban transport problem // Transport
and sustainable urban development // PART FOUR: LIVING IN THE CITY: ECONOMY, // SOCIETY AND POLITICS IN THE WESTERN CITY 265 // Chapter 14 The ecLimmy ol dties ... 267 // Introduction // The world/global economy The world economy in the post-war era Transnational corporations and the state in the global economy // New production systems and new industrial spaces // Deindustrialisation and tertiarisation // The nature of work and the division of labour // Unemployment // Informalisation // Urban change within the global economy The world city // Transnational urban systems The post-war restructuring of the UK spaceeconomy // Chapter 15 ...Poverty and deprivation in the...Western city...289 // Introduction Theories of deprivation The nature of deprivation The underclass // Dimensions of multiple deprivation // Financial exclusion // The geography of deprivation // The inner-city problem // The outer-city problem // Deprivation and the area-based approach // Chapter 16 National and local responses to urban ecanomic ___ // change 312 // Introduction // Urban regeneration from the top down Public-private partnership Property-led regeneration Cultural industries and urban reconstruction // The market-led approach to urban development // Urban regeneration from the bottom up The community economy // // Chapter 17 city // 332 // Introduction // Welfare needs and provision // Changing nature of the welfare state // The theory of public goods // Theories of public service provision
Efficiency, equity and equality in public service // provision // The suburban exploitation thesis De institutionalisation Educational services in the city Social justice and welfare // Chapter 18...Resi dent Lai differentiation and communi ties in // Introduction // Identification of residential areas // Sense of place // The urban community // The bases of residential segregation // Introduction // Rating places // Theories of urban impact // Environmental stressors // Site design and social behaviour // Residential satisfaction // Urban sub-areas // Women in the city // Elderly people in the city // Children in the city // Disabled people in the city // Towards the liveable city // Chapter 20...Power,...politics and urban governance...401 // Introduction // Role of local government Constraints on local government Spatial structure of local government City growth, annexation and incorporation in the USA // Negative consequences of fragmented government // Metropolitan government Power in the city // the city // 348 // Chapter 19...Urban liveability // 380 // CONTENTS // PART FIVE: URBAN GEOGRAPHY IN THE THIRD WORLD // Chapter 21...Third World urbanisation within a global urban... // system // Introduction // Urbanisation in the First and Third Worlds Theories of urbanisation and development Third World urbanisation in historical context Peripheral urbanisation Exo-urbanisation // Chapter 22___Internal structure of Third...World cities... // Introduction // Cities of Latin America
// Africa’s cities // Cities of the Middle East and North Africa The city in South Asia The South-East Asian city // Chapter 23...Rural-urban migration in the Third World // Introduction Why people move // Structural determinants of migration Who migrates? // Migration strategies The policy response // Chapter 24...Urban economy and employment in the Third // World // Introduction // Evolution of the Third World urban economy Structure of the two circuits The nature of lower-circuit activity Employment relations in the Third World urban economy // Labour market structure Job access // Unemployment, underemployment and // misemployment // Women in the labour force // Child labour // The household economy and coping strategies // Chapter 25___Housing, the Third World, urban poor___ . .___ // Introduction // Main sources of housing for the urban poor Housing sub-markets and the urban poor Squatter settlements Housing finance // Urban land markets and the poor // Informal settlements: generative or parasitic? // Government housing policy // 429 // 431 // 447 // 461 // 476 // 490 // CONTENTS // Chapter 26 Environmental problems in Third World cities... // Introduction // The domestic environment The workplace environment The neighbourhood environment The city environment The city’s ecological footprint // Chapter 27...Health in...the.Third..World City... // Introduction // The epidemiological transition Factors determining health status Intra-urban variations in health Diseases of
the urban poor Primary health care and the urban poor Malnutrition // Combating urban malnutrition // Integrated approaches to primary health care // Chapter 28 Traffic and transport in the Third World city Introduction Traffic problems // Transport and Third World urban form // Public transport // Non-motorised transport // Rail-based transit systems // Urban transport strategies in the Third World // Chapter 29...Poverty, power and politics in the...Third World // city // Introduction // The social relations of power // Partiality, inequality and the soft state // The bases of social power // Patron-client relationships // Urban social movements // Christian base communities // Urban non-governmental organisations in the // Third World // Community participation in Third World urban governance // PART SIX: PROSPECTIVE - THE FUTURE OF THE CITY: CITIES OF THE FUTURE // Chapter 30 The future...of the city - cities of the future.. // Introduction // Sustainable urban development Urban metabolism Towards the city of the future The study of urban geography // 519 // 537 // 551 // 562 // 577 // 579 // CONTENTS // Notes // Glossary // Index // 599 // 634 // 643

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