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Vyd. 1.
Brno : Computer Press, c2006
80 s. : barev. il. ; 23 cm + 1 CD

ISBN 80-251-1022-2 (brož.)
Jazykové učebnice pro samouky. Angličtina
Nad názvem: kolektiv angličtina.com
79 // ANSWER KEY // Unit 1 // 1. I am. they are. she is. you are, we are // 2. jsi/you are. jsme/we are, jsem/l am. nejste/you aren’t, jsou/they are. on je/he is, nejsme/we aren’t, ona je/she is // Jsem/l am. on je/He is, Vy nejste/You aren’t, Oni jsou/They are. Jsi?/Are you?. Je (ona)?/ls she?, Jsme?/Are we?. Ja nejsem/l’m not, Nejsou/They aren’t // 3.1) again 2) good 3) do 4) introduce 5) doing 6) meet Unit 2 // 1.1) is Alex’s 2) is - son 3) is Coner’s and Evie’s 4) is Rebecca’s 5) is grandmother 6) is -uncle 7) are Coner’s and Evie’s 8) is - sister // 2. swimming (b +c), tennis (a+c), running (b+c), cooking (c), walking (b+c), badminton (a+c), skiing (b+c) dancing (b+c), gardening (c). reading (c). cycling (b+c). football (a+c), riding (b+c), listening to music (c). painting (c) // Unit 3 // 1. drink/beer, read/a book, watch/television, play/tennis, eat/fish and chips, listen/to the radio, talk/to a friend, go/to bed, give/money, sleep/in a bed // 2. a) Learning English is easy, b) Watching the radio is boring, c) It was a cheap meal, d) I have a small car. e) The test was very difficult. // 3 easy/hard, hot/cold, near/far, quick/slow, boring/exciting, excellent/bad Unit 4 // 1-K) order b) book/reserve c) dessert d) move e) complain f) main g) still // 2. a) Can I have a table for two please? b) How would you like the steak? // c) Are you ready to order? d) Could we see the menu, please? e) Can we have the bill, // please? // 3 // Good evening Sir. // Hello, can we have a
table for two please? // Of course. Smoking or non-smoking? // Non-smoking please. // Are you ready to order? // Yes, for the main course, we’ll both have the steak. // How would you like the steak? // Well done please. // OK, no problem. // We’ve finished our main course now. can we see the dessert menu, please? // Of course, here you are. // We’d both like to order the apple pie and ice cream, please. // Certainly sir. // Unit 5 // 1. a) whose b) where/why c) when/why d) who e) which f) how g) where h) when/why i) what j) do // 2. a) Do you have a car? b) Does she have any children? c) Where did they go on holiday? d) When did you go home? e) Do you want a cup of tea? f) Have you finished your dinner? g) Do you like the music? // Unit 6 // 1.8o’ clock, half past nine, twenty past six, ten to five, five past three, twenty five to eight // 2. January, May. October. February. December. March. July, June, September. // 3. Friday/pátek, Monday/pondělí. Thursday/ čtvrtek. Tuesday/ úterý, Saturday/sobota, Wednesday/středa. Sunday/neděle // Unit 7 // 1. a) weakest b) most interesting c) more polluted d) funnier e) highest f) smaller g) best h) more careful // 2. 1) would 2) look 3) receipt 4) refund 5) exchange 6) size 7) try // 3. a) I would like to try this on please, b) Do you have this in a different size? c) Could I have a receipt for this please? d) Can I pay for it by credit card? // Unit8 // 1. a) 10.26 b) 10.59 c) 9 d) 11.30 e) 2 // 2. train/4, timetable/1. lorry/7,
luggage/6, tube/2, platform/5, plane/3 // 3. 1) direct 2) timetable 3) ticket 4) platform 5) luggage 6) return Unit 9 // 1. 1) Past 2) In 3) Out 4) On the corner of 5) Next to 6) Between 7) Around 8) Opposite 9) At the end of 10) Behind 11) Over 12) Under // 2. A/9, B/7. C/5. D/10, E/8. F/4. G/3. H/6. I/2, J/1 // POVINNÝ VÝTISK

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