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1st pub.
Cambridge : Polity, 2007
xiv, 262 s. ; 21 cm

ISBN 978-07456-4060-0 (brož.)
Obsahuje bibliografie na s. [232]-250 a rejstřík
’A fascinating read. Through her distinctive analytical lens, Massey has produced a masterpiece on the politics of what it means to be a "world city".’ // Economic Geography Research Group // ’An important intervention into the rich literature on globalization and cities, a dimension of global social relations to which International Relations scholars would do well to pay much greater attention.’ // International Studies Review // ’ World City is that rarest of commodities: a geographic text that is, at one and the same time, both theoretically astute, politically insistent and publicly accessible.’ // Area // Cities around the world are striving to be ’global’, This book tells the story of one of them, and in so doing raises questions that are essential for all cities: questions about identity, place, and political responsibility in the changing geographies of our times. The book also tells the story of the rise of a new class, of deepening inequality, and of the géographical imaginations that are mobilised to legitimate the increasing dominance of these powerful metropoles. In so doing, it sets the global city in its wider geographical and political context. // World C/fy focuses its account on London, but it asks a question that should be asked of any city: what does this place stand for? // Following the implosion within the financial sector, such issues are even more vital. In a new Preface, Doreen Massey addresses these changed times. She argues that, whatever happens,
the evidence of this book is that we must not go back to ’business as usual’, and she asks whether the financial crisis might open up a space for a deeper rethinking of both our economy and our society. // This book will appeal across the social sciences, as well as to the general reader. // Doreen Massey is Emeritus Professor of Geography at the Open University. // Cover illustration: Sonia Sanassy // A cknowledgements vii // Preface: After the Crash ix // Introduction: ‘the future of our world’? 1 // Part I Inventing a world city 27 // 1 Capital delight 29 // 2 ‘A successful city, but. . 54 // 3 Imagining the city 73 // Part II The world city in the country 95 // 4 The golden goose? 97 // 5 An alternative regional geography 114 // 6 Who owes whom? 130 // 7 Reworking the geographies of allegiance 149 // C O N T ENTS // v i // Part III The world city in the world 163 // 8 Grounding the global 165 // 9 Identity, place, responsibility 177 // 10 A politics of place beyond place 188 // Concluding reflections 211 // Notes 218 // References 232 // Index 251

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