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San Diego : Academic Press, 1993
1 online zdroj (xix, 555 stran) : ilustrace
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ISBN 0080918018 (e-kniha)
ISBN 0122333802 (print)
Physiological ecology
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Introduction: Water Use in Relation to Productivity -- Historical Aspects of Stable Isotopes in Plant Carbon and Water Relations / james R. Ehleringer -- Biochemical basis of Carbon Isotope Fractionation / Marion O’Leary -- Variability of Carbon Isotope Fractionation During Photosynthesis / John C. Vogel -- Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Effects in the Exchange of Carbon Dioxide between Terrestrial Plants and the Atmosphere / Graham D. Farquhar -- Environmental and Biological Influences on the Stable Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of Leaf Water / Lawrence B. Flanagan -- Carbon Isotope Discrimination in Leaf Soluble Sugars and in Hellanthus annuus L. Grown under Different Water conditions / Marco Lauteri -- Carbon Isotope Discrimination and the Coupling of CO2 Fluxes within Forest Canopies / Mark S.J. Broadmeadow -- Environmental and Physiological Influences on Carbon Isotope Composition of Gap and Understory Plants in a Lowland Tropical Forest / Paula C. Jackson -- Analysis of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms Associated with Vartiation of Carbon Isotope Discrimination among Ecotypes of Arabidopsis Thaliana / Josette Masle -- Implications of Carbon Isotype Studies for Breeding Common Bean under Water Deficits / Jeffrey W. White -- Water Water Sources of plants as determined from Xylem-Water Isotopic Composition: Perspectives on Plant Competition, Distribution, and Water Relations / Todd E. Dawson -- Hydrogen Isotopic Fractionation by Plant Roots during Water Uptake in Coastal Wetland Plants / Guanghul Lin -- The Source of Water Transpired by Eucalyptus camaldulensis: Soil, Groundwater, or Streams? / Peter J. Thorburn -- The 18O of Water in the metabolic Compartment of Transpiring Leaves / Dan Yakir -- Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Tree Rings in Relation to the Growing Season Water Balance / N.J. Livingston --
Carbon and Water Relations in Desert Plants: An Isotopic Perspective / James R. Ehleringer -- Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Resource Availability Availability in the Desert Shrub Larrea tridentals / Philip W. Rundel -- Altitudinal Variation in Carbon Isotope Discrimination by Conifers / John D. Marshall -- Characterization of Photobiont Associations in Lichens Using Carbon Isotope Discrimination Techniques / C. Maguas -- Carbon isotope Discrimination and gas Exchange in Ozone-Sensitive and -Resistant Populations of Jeffrey Pine / Mark T. Patterson -- Carbon Isotope Composition and Gas Exchange of Lobiolly and Shortleaf Pine as Affected by Ozone and Water Stress / Christine G. Elsilk -- genetic and Environmental Variation in Transpiration Effiency and its Correlation with Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Specific Leaf Area in Peanut / Graeme C. Wright -- Genotypic and Environmental Variation for carbon Isotope Discrimination in Crested Wheatgrass, a perennial Forage Grass / Douglas A. Johnson Carbon Isotope Discrimination, Water Relations, and Gas Exchange in Temperate Grass Species and Accessions / Richard C. Johnson -- Environmental and Development Effects on Carbon Isotope Discrimination by Two Species of Phaseolus / Qingnong A. Fu. -- Diversity in the Relationship between Carbon Isotope Discrimination and transpiration Effiiency when Water is Limited / Kerry T. Hublick -- Carbon Isotope Discrimination and Gas Exchange in Coffee During Adjustment to Different Soil Moisture Regimes / Frederick C. Meinzer -- Implications for Plant Breeding of Genotypic and Drought-Induced Differences in Water-Use Efficiency, Carbon Isotope Discrimination, and Gas Exchange / Anthony E. Hall

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