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Washington, DC : American Geophysical Union, 2012
1 online zdroj (vii, 371 s.) : il. (některé barev.), barevná mapa
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ISBN 1118670183 (ebook)
ISBN 1118672232 (ebook)
ISBN 9781118670187 (ebook)
ISBN 9781118672235 (ebook)
ISBN !0875904866 (chyb.)
ISBN !9780875904863 (chyb.)
Geophysical monograph, ISSN 0065-8448 ; 196
Tištěná verze: Extreme events and natural hazards. Washington, DC : American Geophysical Union, 2012 ISBN 9780875904863
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Complexity and Extreme Events in Geosciences: An Overview -- Earthquakes: Complexity and Extreme Events -- Patterns of Seismicity Found in the Generalized Vicinity of a Strong Earthquake: Agreement With Common Scenarios of Instability Development -- Characterizing Large Events and Scaling in Earthquake Models With Inhomogeneous Damage -- Fractal Dimension and b Value Mapping Before and After the 2004 Megathrust Earthquake in the Andaman-Sumatra Subduction Zone -- Stress Pulse Migration by Viscoelastic Process for Long-Distance Delayed Triggering of Shocks in Gujarat, India, After the 2001 Mw 7.7 Bhuj Earthquake -- Extreme Seismic Events in Models of Lithospheric Block-and-Fault Dynamics -- Investigation of Past and Future Polar Low Frequency in the North Atlantic -- Variability of North Atlantic Hurricanes: Seasonal Versus Individual-Event Features -- Large-Scale Patterns in Hurricane-Driven Shoreline Change ---
01 Precipitation and River Flow: Long-Term Memory and Predictability of Extreme Events -- Extreme Events and Trends in the Indian Summer Monsoon -- Empirical Orthogonal Function Spectra of Extreme Temperature Variability Decoded From Tree Rings of the Western Himalayas -- On the Estimation of Natural and Anthropogenic Trends in Climate Records -- Climate Subsystems: Pacemakers of Decadal Climate Variability -- Dynamical System Exploration of the Hurst Phenomenon in Simple Climate Models -- Low-Frequency Weather and the Emergence of the Climate -- Extreme Space Weather: Forecasting Behavior of a Nonlinear Dynamical System -- Supermagnetic Storms: Hazard to Society -- Development of Intermediate-Scale Structure in the Nighttime Equatorial Ionosphere -- Complex Analysis of Polar Auroras for 1996 -- On Self-Similar and Multifractal Models for the Scaling of Extreme Bursty Fluctuations in Space Plasmas -- Extreme Value and Record Statistics in Heavy-Tailed Processes With Long-Range Memory ---
"Extreme Events and Natural Hazards: The Complexity Perspective examines recent developments in complexity science that provide a new approach to understanding extreme events. This understanding is critical to the development of strategies for the prediction of natural hazards and mitigation of their adverse consequences. The volume is a comprehensive collection of current developments in the understanding of extreme events. The following critical areas are highlighted: understanding extreme events, natural hazard prediction and development of mitigation strategies, recent developments in complexity science, global change and how it relates to extreme events, and policy sciences and perspective. With its overarching theme, Extreme Events and Natural Hazards will be of interest and relevance to scientists interested in nonlinear geophysics, natural hazards, atmospheric science, hydrology, oceanography, tectonics, and space weather."--Publisher’s website.
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Extreme Event Recurrence Time Distributions and Long Memory -- Dealing With Complexity and Extreme Events Using a Bottom-Up, Resource-Based Vulnerability Perspective

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