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Universytet Papieski Jana Pawla II.

ISBN 978-83-7438-380-6
Table of Contents // Teresa Obolevitch, Pawet Rojek : Religion, Culture and Post-Secular Reason. The Contemporary Significance of Russian Thought... 5 // Philosophical Perspectives // Lenka Naldoniová : The Meaning of Love in V. Solovyov and P. Florensky... 12 // Anna Volkova : "In Wisdom Hast Thou Made Them AIL" The Concept ofCulture in Sergius Bulgakov’s Articles ... 19 // Lilianna Kiejzik : Sergei Bulgakov and Alexander Elchaninov - Reflections on Real Friendship... 24 // Vladimir Konev : The Anthropological Projectors. L. Frank... 35 // Elena Mareeva - Lev Shestov: Between Scripture and Nietzscheanism... 41 // Zlatica Plašienková : Disputes over the Noetic and Ethical-Religious Concepts of N. O. Lossky in the 1940’s in Slovakia... 49 // Paul Such : Vladimir Lossky’s Understanding of the Image of God and its Possible Conseguences for a Concept of Person... 57 // Elena Konstantinova : The Problem of the Creation of a New Culture in Russian Scholars’Works during the 1920-1930’s (A. Meyer, A. Gorsky, N. Setnitsky, M. Prishvin)... 71 // Theological Perspectives // Nataliya Velikotskaya (Mozgunova) : Russian Religious Philosophy and "the Case of Patriarch Nikon"... 78 // Archpriest Pavel Khondzinsky : Yuri F. Samarin as a Commentator on the Theological Works of Alexei S. Khomiakov... 86 // Ekaterina Trokhimchuk : Flomo Liturgus and Homo Religiosus: Philosophical Parallels Between the Theoretical Positions of P. Florensky and M. Eliade. 94 // Dmitrii Gusev : Eschatology and the Religious Meaning of Culture in Russian Philosophy of the 20th Century... 100 // Olga Zaprometova : The Torah Lost and Regained: Contemporary Russian Thought in Search of its Biblical Roots... 108 // Literary Perspectives // Tatiana Chumakova : Anthropological Ideas of Old Russian Culture... 120 //
Dmytro Gorbachuk : The Interference of Christian and Heathen Ceremonies in the Business Documentation of Kievan Rus and Traditional Ukrainian Culture 127 // Natalia Bedina : Russian Literature in the Context of the Medieval Hesychast Tradition (In the Case of the Story On the Edge ofThe World by N. S. Leskov)... 135 // Konstantin Barsht : Dostoyevsky’s Pochvennichestvo as the Outcome of His Characters’Ontological Self-Identification [The Possessed, The Brothers Karamazov). 144 // Victoria Pomel’nikova : V. F. Bulgakov’s Tolstoyism as a Cultural Project (Emigration Period)... 156 // Kateryna Rassudina : The Love Poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva in Light ofDietrich von Hildebrandt’s Metaphysics of Love... 161 // Ina Nalivaika : "Free Theurgy" Versus“hrt For Art’s Sake"?... 171 // Anna Godiner : Evangelical Motifs in Children’s Fiction on the Integrative Methodology for Adult Christian Reading of Children’s Books

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