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Fifth edition
Washington : American Educational Research Association, [2016]
ix, 1539 stran : ilustrace, faksimile ; 28 cm

ISBN 978-0-935302-50-9 (brožováno)
Obsahuje bibliografie a rejstříky
Preface: Behind the Curtain of an Edited Volume Acknowledgments // Introduction // 1. Thinking Philosophically About Teaching - Gert J. J. Biesta and Barbara S. Stengel // 2. In Search of a Grand Narrative: The Turbulent History of Teaching - Judith Kafka // 3. Engaging Methodological Pluralism - Pamela A. Moss and Edward H. Haertel // 4. Teaching Beyond Achievement Tests: Perspectives From Developmental and Education Science - Elise Cappella, J. Lawrence Aber, and Ha Yeon Kim // 5. The Sociopolitical Context of Teaching - Na ilah Suad Nasir, Janelle Scott, Tina Trujillo, and Laura Hernández // 6. What Constitutes Teacher Learning? - Rosemary S. Russ, Bruce L. Sherin, and Miriam Gamoran Sherin // 7. Research on Teacher Preparation: Charting the Landscape of a Sprawling Field - Marilyn Cochran-Smith and Ana Maria Villegas With Linda Whalen Abrams, Laura C. Chávez-Moreno, Tammy Mills, and Rebecca Stern // 8. Preparing Teachers for Teaching in and Advocating for Linguistically Diverse Classrooms: A Vade Mecum for Teacher Educators - Christian J. Faltis and Guadalupe Valdes // 9. Teaching Diverse Learners - Prudence L. Carter and Linda Darling-Hammond // 10. Teaching Students With Special Needs in the New Millennium - Janette Klingner, Mary Brownell, Linda H. Mason, Paul T. Sindelar, and Amber Benedict With Cynthia Griffin, Kathleen Lane, Maya Israel, Wendy Peia Oakes, Holly Mariah Menzies, Kathryn Germer, and Yujeong Park // 11. Teachers and Teaching in the Context of Globalization - Lynn Paine, Sigrid Blömeke, and Olena Aydarova // 12. Assessment and Teaching - William R. Penuel and Lorrie A. Shepard // 13. Can Policy (Re)form Instruction? - Gary Sykes and Suzanne M. Wilson // 14. Crossings and Displacements: The Artist and the Teacher, Reweaving the Future - Judith M. Burton //
15. New Roles for Teachers in Diverse Schools - Bruce Fuller, Luke Dauter, and Anisah Waite // 16. Research on Social Studies Education: Diverse Students, Settings, and Methods - Keith C. Barton and Patricia G. Avery // 17. Research on the Teaching of Mathematics: A Call to Theorize the Role of Society and Schooling in Mathematics Instruction - Daniel Chazan, Patricio G. Herbst, and Lawrence M. Clark // 18. Rigor and Equity by Design: Locating a Set of Core Teaching Practices for the Science Education Community - Mark Windschitl and Angela Calabrese Barton // 19. Teacher Evaluation’in American Schools - Brian Rowan and Stephen W. Raudenbush // 20. Teaching Literacy: Reading - Victoria Purcell-Gates, Nell Duke, and Joseph Stouffer // 21. Teaching and Technology: New Tools for New Times - Barry Fishman and Chris Dede // 22. Teaching World Languages: Thinking Differently - Diane Larsen-Freeman and Diane J. Tedick // 23. Teaching Writing in a Digital and Global Age: Toward Access, Learning, and Development for All - Sarah Warshauer Freedman, Glynda A. Hull, Jennifer M. Higgs, and Kyle P Booten // Name Index Subject Index Reviewers and Advisors // About the Contributors

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