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New York : Oxford University Press, 2017
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ISBN 9780190236977 (ebook)
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Print version : ISBN 9780190236953
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To Be Black Excess and Non-Recylable / Janine Jones -- History of African American Political Thought and Anti-Racist Critical Theory / Robert Gooding-Williams -- Race and Ethnicity / Jorge J.E. Gracia -- A Critical Transnational Perspective to Asian America / Yen Le Espiritu -- Hegel, History, and Race / Rocío Zambrana -- The Violent Weight of Whiteness: Existential and Psychic Price Paid by Black Male Bodies / George Yancy -- A Metatheory of Race / Josh Glasgow -- Du Bois, Appiah, and Outlaw on Racial Identity / Chike Jeffers -- The Sting of Shame: Ridicule, Rape, and Social Bonds / Cynthia Willett -- Cornel West, American Pragmatism, and the Post-Obama Racial/Social Dynamics / Clarence Sholé Johnson -- Intelligence, Race, and Psychological Testing / Mark Alfano, LaTasha Holden, Andrew Conway -- Biological Anthropology, Population Genetics, and Race / John H. Relethford --
Jefferson’s Paradox, or A Very Brief History of Black Women’s Sexuality, Hip Hop, and American Culture / T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting -- From Scientific Racism to Neoliberal Biopolitics: A Use of Foucault’s Toolkit / Ladelle McWhorter -- The Concept of Race and Equal Protection Law / Tina Botts -- Rights and Identity in Latin American Philosophy / Susana Nuccetelli -- Race, Health Disparities, Incarceration, and Structural Inequality / Laurie Shrage -- Racial Identity, Racial Ontology, and Racial Norms / Ron Mallon -- Ethnological Theories of Race/Sex in 19th Century Black Thought / Tommy J. Curry -- Race and K-12 Education / Lawrence Blum -- State Racism, State Violence, and Vulnerable Solidarity / Myisha Cherry -- Affirmative Action for the Future / James P. Sterba -- Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow, Its Assumptions and Implications / David Lyons -- Race, Rectification, and Apology / Rodney C. Roberts --
Black American Social Identity and Its Blackness / Lionel K. McPherson -- Minimalist Biological race / Michael O. Hardimon -- Effortful Agon: Learning to Think and Feel Differently about Race / Jacquiline Scott -- The Quartet in the Political Persona of Ida B. Wells / Joy James -- ’Race’ to the Finish Line: African Americans, Sports, and the Color Line / John H. McClendon III -- Is it Moral To Hold a Racial Identity? A Cosmopolitan Response / Jason D. Hill -- Philosophy and the Racial Contract / Charles W. Mills -- Race in the Biomedical Sciences / Michael Root -- John Locke, Racism, Slavery, and Indian Lands / William Uzgalis -- David Hume on Race / Aaron Garrett, Silvia Sebastiani -- Looking for Alain Locke / Leonard Harris -- Kantian Racism and Kantian Teleology / Bernard Boxill -- Racialization of Muslim in the Post-9/11 United States / Falguni Sheth -- Race, Definition, and Science / Albert Atkin --
Indigeneity and US Settler Colonialism / Kyle Powys Whyte -- Insurrectionist Ethics and Racism / Lee A. Mcbride -- Phenomenology and Race / Lewis Gordon -- Nietzsche as a Philosopher of Racialized Breeding / Robert Bernasconi -- Exploring the Matter of Race: A Materialist Philosophical Inquiry / Stephen C. Ferguson II -- / Albert G. Mosely -- Race and Existentialism: The Dialectic from Mailer’s / Jonathan Judaken -- Ideal, Nonideal, and Empirical Theories of Social Justice / Naomi Zack -- How Mixed Race is not Constructed / Naomi Zack -- Gender Theory in Philosophy of Race / Naomi Zack -- Editor’s Introduction to the volume / Naomi Zack -- Racial Profiling and the Political Philosophy of Race / Annabelle Lever -- White Privilege / Shannon Sullivan -- Between Reconstruction and Elimination: Alain Locke’s Philosophy of Race / Jacoby Adeshei Carter
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