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Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
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ISBN 9780191816642 (ebook)
Oxford handbooks online
Print version : ISBN 9780198755340
Husserl’s early period: Juvenilia and the Logical Investigations / Peter Andras Varga -- Husserl’s middle period and the development of his ethics / John J. Drummond -- Pre-Predicative Experience and Life-World: Two Distinct Projects in Husserl’s Late Phenomenology / Andrea Staiti -- Scheler on the Moral and Political Significance of the Emotions / Zachary Davis, Anthony J. Steinbock -- Edith Stein’s Challenge to Sense-Making: The Role of the Lived Body, Psyche and Spirit / Antonio Calcagno -- The Early Heidegger’s Phenomenology / Daniel O. Dahlstrom -- The Middle Heidegger’s Phenomenological Metaphysics / Steven Crowell -- Phenomenology and Ontology in the Later Heidegger / Tobias Keiling -- Schutz and Gurwitsch on Agency / Michael D. Barber -- Sartre’s Transcendental Phenomenology / Jonathan Webber -- Aristotle in phenomenology / Pavlos Kontos -- The Later Sartre: From Phenomenology to Hermeneutics to Dialectic and Back /
Thomas R. Flynn -- Simone de Beauvoir: Philosopher, Author, Feminist / Debra Bergoffen -- Science in Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology: From the Early Work to the Later Philosophy / Komarine Romdenh-Romluc -- Merleau-Ponty from 1945 to 1952: The Ontological Weight of Perception and the Transcendental Force of Description / Donald A. Landes -- Rereading the later Merleau-Ponty in the Light of his Unpublished Work / Emmanuel de Saint Aubert -- Jan Patocka’s Philosophical Legacy / James Dodd -- An Immense Power: The Three Phenomenological Insights supporting Derridean Deconstruction / Leonard Lawlor -- When Alterity becomes Proximity: Levinas’s Path / Robert Bernasconi -- Historicity and the hermeneutic predicament: from Yorck to Derrida / Hans Ruin -- Intersubjectivity, sociality, community: The contribution of the early phenomenologists / Dan Zahavi -- Descartes’ Notion of the Mind-Body Union and its Phenomenological Expositions /
Sara Heinámaa, Timo Kaitaro -- The Inquietude of Time and the Instance of Eternity: Husserl, Heidegger, and Lévinas / Nicolas de Warren -- Subjectivity: From Husserl to His Followers (and Back Again) / Rudolf Bernet -- Embodiment and Bodily Becoming / Sara Heinámaa -- Imagination De-Naturalized: Phantasy, the Imaginary, and Imaginative Ontology / Julia Jansen -- Value, Freedom, Responsibility: Central Themes in Phenomenological Ethics / Sophie Loidolt -- Ideal Verificationism and Perceptual Faith: Husserl and Merleau-Ponty on Perceptual Knowledge / Walter Hopp -- Intentionality: Lived Experience, Bodily Comportment, and the Horizon of the World / Dermot Moran -- The World of Experience / Hanne Jacobs -- From the Origin of Spatiality to a Variety of Spaces / Filip Mattens -- Phenomenological Methodology / Karl Mertens -- Phenomenology and German idealism / Alexander Schnell -- Introduction / Dan Zahavi --
Kant, Neo-Kantianism, and Phenomenology / Sebastian Luft -- Phenomenology and descriptive psychology: Brentano, Stumpf, Husserl / Denis Fisette -- Practical Intentionality: From Brentano to the Phenomenology of the Munich and Göttingen Circles / Alessandro Salice -- Turn to Excess: The Development of Phenomenology in Late Twentieth Century French Thought / Christina Gschwandtner
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