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Zlín : Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně, [2013]-
svazků ; 25 cm

Zlín proceedings in humanities
Vol.4 (2012)-
1x ročně
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Jednotlivé svazky mají ISBN
978-80-7454-276-3 (4/2012 ; brožováno) 978-80-7454-450-7 (5/2013 ; brožováno)
VOLUME 4 - 2012 :   Editors’ Note ...9 Gregory Jason Bell, Kararína Nemčoková, Bartosz Wóczik // LINGUISTICS // Subjects in English and Czech ...13 Ludmila Veselovská // Primary vs. Secondary Vocabulary ...37 Joseph E. Emonds // The Pragmatics of Politeness: Taking a Critical Stance in Academic Digital Discourse 57 Gabriela Miššíková // Expressing Support a.id Encouragement in Online Discussions ...73 Šárka Ježková // Dis-articulating the Welfare State: Denotation of Welfare and Welfare State in British Conservative Press ... ...83 Małgorzata Paprota // An Ideological Square of the Fľ*st World" Versus the "Third World" in Newspaper Discourse: A Case Study of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake 95 Dita Trčková // Can We Trust Them? A Discourse Analysis of British Newspaper Headlines ...103 Barbora Blažková // The Function of Reported Language and Narration in the Headlines of Hard News 113 Zuzana Urbanová // Heterogiossic Intertextuality as a Discourse Strategy ...125 Katarína Nemčoková // The Interplay of Text und Image in Comics: A Linguistic interpretation of Will Fisner’s A Contract with God ...135 Petr Vinklárek // Complications with English in Military-Oriented Coalitions ...145 Ladislav Chaloupský, Christopher McKeating, Lenka Drábková // LITERATURE AND CUlTURAL STUDIS // The Chosen and the Choice: Race, Religion, and the 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaign 159 Jeff Smith // The Poet as a Walt Whitman of Contemporary American Culture: On "The Bob Hope Poem" by Campbell McGrath 179 Jiří Flajšar // Modem Acts of Passing: How Stereotypes and "Othering" Make. African American Women Yearn tor "Lightness" in the Twenty-first Century ...187 Simone Puff // Socioeconomic Developments in the Tampa Bay Area during Reconstruction ...199 Gregory Jason Bell // The House of the Head Versus the House of the Heart in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Pioneers 211 Michal Peprník //
The Performative Autobiography of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas ...221 Michaela Weiss // James Purdy’s 7ňe JVepAe-m - A Gay Novel without Gay Characters: A Few Remarks on the Use of Thematic Criticism 329 Roman Trušník // A Voire from the Past: The Legacy of Family History in Rebecca Goldstein’s Mazeľ ...235 Stanislav Kolář // Killing Kings in Canada: The Role of Community in William Dempsey Valgardson’s "Bloodflowers" 245 Vladimíra Fonfárová // The Morat Failure of the Mentor-Laver in Jane Austen ’s Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility 253 Ema Jelínková // "What the Patriots Feel": Virginia Woolf s Rethinking of War ...261 Věra Eliášová // Transnationality in Zadie Smith’s White Teeth ...269 Hana Waisserová // Romeo and Juliet. The Deconstruction of Romance, or a "Prefab Story" ...279 Ivona Mišterová // The Phenomenon of Silence m the Postdramatic Oeuvre of Forced Entertainment in Theory and Practice ...289 Jan Suk, Olga Neprašová // "Are Not Witches Always Old and Poor?": The Theory and Practice of Witchcraft in Joanna Baillie’s Witchcraft 303 Eva Čoupková // Country, City and in Between: Constructing Space in Twentieth-Century Scottish Fiction 309 Markéta Gregorová // Jamaica Revisited: Slave Narrative in Andrea Levy’s The Lng Song ...315 Pavlína Flajšarová // Too Much, Too Often? The Glass Cedmg of Dub Poetry in Benjamin Zepbaniah’s Too Too Strong 323 Bartosz Wójczik // Czech Translations of Old and Middle English Poetry ...333 Bohuslav Mánek
VOLUME 5 - 2013 :   Editors’Note ...9 Roman Trušn9k, Gregory Jason Bell, Katarína Nemčoková LINGUISTICS Gerunds vs. infinitives in English: Not Meaning but Form ...13 Joseph E. EmonDs Adjective Hierarchy: Comparing the Order of Adjectives in the Prenominal Field in English and Czech 39 Ludmila Veselovská (De)verbal Modifiers in Attribute + Noun Collocations and Compounds: Verbs, Deverbal Nouns or Suffixed Adjectives? 63 Radek Vogel Modal Verbs from a Crosslinguistic Perspective ...79 Dagmar Machová On Possibility Meanings of CoaM in Written English ...89 Petra Huschová Recent Syntactic Research on Event and Result Nominals in English and Czech ...99 Kateřina Havranová Changing Clause Types in Written English ...107 Marcela Malá The Highlighting Syntactic Structures in English and Their Translation into Czech in Collected Samples of Literary Texts ...119 Jana Richterová the "Wrong Direction"? Translating into English as a Foreign Language in Slovakia ...131 Roman Ličko Self-marketing in British Online Personal Advertisements ...141 Díta Trčková Voices in the Headlines: A Critical Discourse Analysis of British Web-news Headlines ...151 Barbora Blažková Inclusion and Role Allocation in the Representation of the Social Actors of the Welfare State in Conservative British Press (2008-2012) ...165 Małgorzata Paprota // LITERATURE AND CULTURAL STUDIES // Anglo-American Historians and Czechoslovakia, 1918-1989 ...179 Thomas Lorman // Ye Mystic Krewe of Historical Revisionists: The Origins of Tampa’s Gasparilla Parade ...191 Gregory Jason Bell // A Star-Shaped Crossroad: From (Counterfactual) Historiography to Historiographic Metafiction ...201 Vladimíra Fonfárová // Antebellum Urban America and Sensational Novels ...213 Jozef Pecina // Suburban Humor in the Poetry of Billy Collins ...219 Jiří Flajšar //
How Visual Poetry Can Get: Visual and Textual Aspects in the Poetry of Grace Nichols ...225 Pavlína Flajšarová // To Look High, Low, and Beyond: Shifting the Textual Terrain of Black Feminist Literary Criticism ...235 Karla Kovalová // Multivocality, Identity and Tradition in Michael Dorris’s A Yellow Raft in Blue Water ...247 Šárka Bubíková // Freedom Stuck in the Throat: Yussef El Guindi’s Back of the Throat through the Prisms of an Individual Conflict and a Polarized Society ...257 Ivan Lacko // Destabilizing Ethnic Stereotypes in American Mainstream TV: Latino/a Representations in Ugly Betty ...265 Małgorzaía Martynuska // Beauty Is the Beast: Narcissism. Identity and the Ethics of Violence in Invisible Monsters ...273 Zuzana Starovecká // Becoming Whole Again: Deconstructing Gender Dualities in Emma Tennant’s The Bad Sister ...283 Markéta Gregorová // Prison as a Queer Space in Sarah Waters’s Affinity ...289 Michaela Weiss // Michael Cunningham in the Czech Republic ...297 Roman Trušník

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