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Tokyo : Springer Japan : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-4-431-56591-8 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9784431565895 (print)
Printed edition: ISBN 9784431565895
Part I Basic Approach for Human Memory -- 1 Experimental Psychology Approaches to Human Memory -- 2 Functional Neuroimaging Approaches to Human Memory.- Part II Interacting Mechanisms of Human Memory with Social Cognition -- 3 Psychological and Neural Functions of Working Memory in Social Contexts -- 4 Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Effects of Emotional Arousal on Memory -- 5 Current Issues and Emerging Directions in the Impact of Emotion on Memory: A Review of Evidence from Brain Imaging Investigations -- 6 Modulatory Mechanism of Three-Layered Hierarchical Structure in Memories Associated with Rewards and Punishments: Evidence from Functional Neuroimaging Studies -- 7 The Self-Trait Evaluation Task: Exodus from the Cortical Midline Structure Dogma -- 8 Voluntary Suppression and Involuntary Repression: Brain Mechanisms for Forgetting Unpleasant Memories -- 9 The Impact of Interoception on Memory -- 10 Functional Neuroimaging Studies of Autobiographical M emory Retrieval: Past, Present and Future.- Part III Interacting Mechanisms of Human Memory with Social Cognition -- 11 Development of Recognition Memory for Faces during Infancy -- 12 Brain Maturation and Aging Using Large Brain MRI Database -- 13 Behavioral and Neural Mechanisms for Memory in Social Contexts -- 14 Structural and Functional Changes of Brain due to Childhood Maltreatment and Adversity -- Part IV Toward the Application of Memory Research into Our Society -- 15 Benefits of "Smart Ageing" Interventions Using Cognitive Training, Brain Training Game, Exercise, and Nutrition Intake on Aged Memory Functions in Healthy Elderly People -- 16 Cultural Psychology as a Form of Memory Research -- 17 Memory Practice in Society: Eyewitness Memory in Children and Forensic Interviews -- 18 Social Aging, Informatization, and Cognitive Tasks Required for Human Memory in Daily Lives: Problems Observed in a Usability Test for a Home-Use Medical Equipment.p>.
This book explores new points of view of human memory in the link among mind, brain, and society. Research of human memory traditionally has been in the field of experimental psychology, and a number of psychological researchers have come upon important findings regarding human memory. They have provided critical theories to explain human memory processes, but this approach is hitting a brick wall. The experimental psychological approach or laboratory-based approach to human memory functions is examined in a very controlled environment, but the evidence obtained from this approach may not necessarily reflect real-life events in our mind. In addition, findings from experimental psychology have often ignored the link with biological structures, or the brain. One solution is a cognitive neuroscience approach, in which functional neuroimaging techniques have enabled us to view how memory processes are represented in the brain. In addition, the new approach extends the traditional concept of human memory into a wider framework by reconsidering memory functions in a social context. These advanced approaches help us to understand how “social memory” is represented in the human brain and is processed in real-life situations. The work reported in this volume is at the forefront of cognitive neuroscience in the research of human memory in a social context and the potential application of memory research. This book will help to motivate young scientists and graduate and undergraduate students in psychology and neuroscience..

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