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Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-981-10-3695-8 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9789811036941 (print)
Printed edition: ISBN 9789811036941
Chapter 1. The Human Y Chromosome -- Chapter 2. Development of Gonads and Accessory Sex Glands -- Chapter 3. The Testis -- Chapter 4 -- Prostate -- Chapter 5. Seminal Vesicles -- Chapter 6. Genital Ducts & Other Accessory Sex Glands -- Chapter 7. Neurovascular Supply and Lymphatic Drainage of Male Reproductive Organs -- Chapter 8 -- Hypothalamo-Hypophyseal Testicular Axis -- Chapter 9. Testicular Hormones -- Chapter 10. Spermatogenesis. Chapter 11 -- The Human Semen. Chapter 12 -- The Basis of Sperm Function Tests -- Chapter 13 -- Male Puberty -- Chapter 14 -- Male Sexual Function. Chapter 15 -- Brain Areas Regulating Behavior -- Chapter 16. Neural Pathways of Behavior -- Chapter 17. Brain Sexual Dimorphism -- Chapter 18. Immunology of Male Reproductive System -- Chapter 19. Male Ageing and Andropause -- Chapter 20. Primary Testicular Failure -- Chapter 21. Biology of Male Hermaphrodite and Intersex -- Chapter 22. Thyroid and Male Reproduction -- Chapter 23. Metabolic Disorders and Male Reproduction -- Chapter 24. Gynecomastia -- Chapter 25. Male Contraception and Endocrine Disrupters.
This book addresses various aspects of male reproduction ranging from mind to testis. The basis of maleness lies in the Y chromosome. Reproductive functions depend upon the development of male organs from embryo to manhood. Testis, the male gonad, produces hormones and sperms; the latter is ejaculated in semen secreted by accessory sex glands. The testicular events are under neuroendocrine regulation which coordinates reproductive life from puberty to andropause. Biology is as important as psychology in the control of reproduction. Behaviours are rooted in the brain. Various brain areas and neural circuits regulate male behaviours. Brain sexual polymorphism is the basis of homosexuality and transgenders. Neurophysiology has always been complex to understand. But, this book presents it in a simpler way. Reproductive organs receive systemic influences, too. The book describes roles of metabolic, immune and thyroid status in reproduction. The book has chapters on male reproductive pathophysiology. Principles of diagnosis and management are also included. The last section deals with contraception and yoga. The traditional wisdom of yoga has been used for millennia to enhance sexual and reproductive experience. This book will serve basic medical scientists, urologists, nephrologists, surgeons, andrologists, endocrinologists, gynaecologists, nurses, councellors and also the students of biological sciences who want to study reproduction in human male. The language is kept simple so that an inquisitive person with a background of biology too may read it..

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