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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-46503-6 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9783319465012 (print)
Subcellular Biochemistry, ISSN 0306-0225 ; 83
Printed edition: ISBN 9783319465012
1 Structure and function of the stressosome signalling hub, Jan Pané-Farré, Maureen B. Quin, Richard J. Lewis, Jon Marles-Wright -- 2 The Canonical Inflammasome - a macromolecular complex driving inflammation, Tom P. Monie -- 3 The Ferritin superfamily, Alejandro Yévenes -- 4 Antibody Recognition of Immunodominant Vaccinia Virus Envelope Proteins, Dirk M. Zajonc -- 5 The Peroxiredoxin Family: An Unfolding Story, Zhenbo Cao and J. Gordon Lindsay -- 6 α2-Macroglobulins: structure and function, Irene Garcia-Ferrer, Aniebrys Marrero, F. Xavier Gomis-Rüth, Theodoros Goulas -- 7 The Structure and Function of the PRMT5:MEP50 Complex, Stephen Antonysamy -- 8 Symmetry-Directed Design of Protein Cages and Protein Lattices and their Applications, Aaron Sciore and E. Neil G. Marsh -- 9 STRUCTURE AND Funtion RNA Polymerases and the Transcription Machineries, Joachim Griesenbeck, Herbert Tschochner and Dina Grohmann ---
10 Dihydrodipicolinate synthase: Structure, dynamics, function, and evolution, F. Grant Pearce, André O. Hudson, Kerry Loomes, Renwick C.J. Dobson -- 11 Pyruvate Carboxylase, Structure and Function, Mikel Valle -- 12 Cullin-RING E3 Ubiquitin Ligases: Bridges to Destruction, Henry C. Nguyen, Wei Wang, and Yong Xiong -- 13 The Ccr4-Not complex: Architecture and structural insights, Martine A. Collart and Olesya O. Panasenko -- 14 Higher-order structure in bacterial VapBC toxin-antitoxin complexes, Kirstine L. Bendtsen and Ditlev E. Brodersen -- 15 D-glyceraldehyde-3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Structure and Function, Michael R. White and Elsa D. Garcin -- 16 Protein Complexes in the Nucleus: the control of chromosome segregation, Victor M. Bolanos-Garcia -- 17 GroEL and the GroEL-GroES Complex, Noriyuki Ishii -- 18 The Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Complex, Marc Mirande -- 19 Apoptosome: the caspase-activating machine, Mengying Zhou, Qi Hu, and Yigong Shi ---
20 The Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex and Related Assemblies in Health and Disease, Olwyn Byron and J. Gordon Lindsay -- 21 Type III CRISPR-Cas Systems: a structural perspective, Laura Spagnolo -- 22 Structure and assembly of clathrin cages, Mary Halebian, Kyle Morris, Corinne Smith -- Index.
This volume of the established Subcellular Biochemistry series presents 20 chapters dealing with a broad range of interesting protein complexes. It will enable researchers to readily appreciate the major contribution from both X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy in this field of study. The biological significance of these structural studies is emphasised throughout the book. The diversity of the material included here indicates the breadth of this field and the tremendous progress that has been made in recent years. The book is directed primarily to advanced students and researchers in structural biology, and others in the biochemical sciences. It will be supplemented by other related books within the Subcellular Biochemistry series. One of the Editors (JM-W) is actively involved in structural biology and the other (JRH), as a retired academic and the Series Editor of Subcellular Biochemistry, has long experience at editing multi-author books..

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