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Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-94-024-1079-2 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9789402410778 (print)
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, ISSN 0065-2598 ; 975
Printed edition: ISBN 9789402410778
Part I Taurine and Brain Health -- Is Taurine a Biomarker in Autistic Spectrum Disorder?.-Functions of Maternally-Derived Taurine in Fetal and Neonatal Brain Development -- Taurine Supplementation Reduces Renal Nerve Activity in Male Rats in Which Renal Nerve Activity was Increased by a High Sugar Diet -- Taurine Recovery of Learning Deficits Induced by Gestational Pb+ Exposure -- Comparison of Urinary Excretion of Taurine between the Elderly with Dementia and the Normal Elderly -- Past Taurine Intake Has A Positive Effect on Present Cognitive Function in The Elderly -- Dietary Taurine Supplementation in School Meal Has a Positive Effect On School Attitude Assessment in Korean High School Students -- Significance of Taurine in the Brain -- Neuroprotection by Taurine on HBCD-induced Apoptosis in PC12 Cells -- Taurine Alleviate Hexabromocyclododecane-Induced Cytotoxicity in PC12 Cells via Inhibiting Oxidative Stress ---
Effects of Taurine On Alterations Of Neurobehavior and Neurodevelopment Key Proteins Expression in Infant Rats by Exposure to Hexabromocyclododecane -- Taurine Chloramine Suppresses Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Neuroinflammatory Responses -- NRF2-Mediated Heme Oxygenase-1 Expression In Mouse BV2 Microglial Cells -- Taurine Chloramine Prevents Neuronal HT22 Cell Damage through NRF-2 Related Heme Oxygenase-1 -- Taurine Have Neuroprotective Activity against Oxidative Damage-Induced HT22 Cell Death Through Heme Oxygenase-1 Pathways -- Ethanol-Induced Taurine Elevation in the Rat Dorsal Striatum -- Taurine Ameliorates Arsenic-induced Apoptosis In The Hippocampus Of Mice Through Intrinsic Pathway -- Neuroprotective Functions Through Inhibition of ER Stress By Taurine or Taurine Combination Treatments in a Rat Stroke Model ---
Analysis of Neuroprotection By Taurine And Taurine Combinations In Primary Neuronal Cultures And In Neuronal Cell Lines Exposed To Glutamate Excitotoxicity And To Hypoxia /Re-Oxygenation -- Minor Adaptations Of Ethanol-Induced Release Of Taurine Following Chronic Ethanol Intake In The Rat -- Taurine-Carbohydrate Derivative Stimulates Fibrillogenesis Of Amyloid-β And Reduce Alzheimer-Like Behaviors -- Taurine Directly Binds To Oligomeric Amyloid-β And Recovers Cognitive Deficits In Alzheimer Model Mice -- Neuroprotective Effect Of Taurine-Rich Cuttlefish (Sepia Officinalis) Extract Against Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Oxidative Stress In SH-SY5Y Cells -- Protection Of Taurine Against Impairment In Learning And Memoryin Mice Exposed To Arsenic -- Effects Of Taurine Supplementation On Neuronal Hyper Excitability And Glucose Homeostasis -- Putative Role Of Taurine As Neurotransmitter During Perinatal Cortical Development -- Part Ⅱ Effects of Taurine on Obesity and Diabetes ---
Perinatal Taurine Supplementation Prevents Metabolic And Cardiovascular Effects Of Maternal Diabetes In Adult Rat Offspring -- Taurine Improves Sexual Function In Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Rats -- Taurine increase insulin expression STZ-treated rats islet cells in vitro -- Metabolomics profiling of the effects of taurine supplementation on dyslipidemia in a high-fat-diet-induced rat model by 1 H NMR spectroscopy -- The effect of taurine and its immediate homologs on diabetes-induced oxidative stress in the brain and spinal cord of rats -- The effect of metformin and taurine, alone and in combination, on the oxidative stress caused by diabetes in the rats brain -- Investigation of the role of a supplementation with taurine on the effects of hypoglycemic-hypotensive therapy against diabetes-induced nephrotoxicity in rats -- Part Ⅲ Taurine for Energy Production and Muscle -- Increased N-Acetyltaurine in the Skeletal Muscle after endurance exercise in Rat ---
Gestational protein restriction in Wistar rats; effect of taurine supplementation on properties of newborn skeletal muscle -- Impaired Energy Production contributes to Development of Failure in Taurine Deficient Heart -- Part Ⅳ. Taurine Deficiency and Knockout of Taurine -- A novel cysteine sulfinic acid decarboxylase knock-out mouse: immune function (II) -- A novel cysteine sulfinic acid decarboxylase knock-out mouse: taurine distribution in various tissues with and without taurine supplementation -- Identification of taurine-responsive genes in murine liver using the Cdo1-null mouse model -- Beta-catenin and SMAD3 are associated with skeletal muscle aging in the taurine transporter knockout mouse -- Glucose homeostasis and retinal histopathology in CSAD KO mice -- Part Ⅴ Biology and Chemistry of Taurine Derivatives -- Comparative analysis of microbicidal and anti-inflammatory properties of novel taurine bromamine derivatives and bromamine T ---
HPLC determination of Bioactive sulfur compounds, amino acids and biogenic amines in biological specimens -- Carbonate anion radical generated by the peroxidase activity of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase: scavenging of radical and protection of enzyme by hypotaurine and cysteine sulfinic acid -- A proteomic approach to study the effect of thiotaurine on human neutrophil activation -- The interaction of hypotaurine and other sulfinates with reactive oxygen and nitrogen species: a survey of reaction mechanisms -- Protective effects of a Water extracts prepared from Loliolus beka Gray meet against -- H_2 O_2-induced oxidative stress in Chang liver cells and Zebrafish embryo model -- Protective effects of an enzymatic hydrolysate from Octopus ocellatus meet against HYDROGEN PEROXIDE-induced oxidative stress in Chang liver cells and Zebrafish embryo -- Hepatoprotective effects of Xylose-Taurine reduced against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress in cultured hepatocytes ---
Xylose-Taurine reduced suppresses the inflammatory responses in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages -- Protective effects of Xylose-Taurine reduced against damages caused by oxidative stress in zebrafish embryos in vivo model -- Anti-inflammatory effects of Galactose-Taurine sodium salt, a taurine derivate in zebrafish embryos in vivo model -- Effect of of N-(D- Ribopyranosyl) Taurine sodium salt on differentiation of human preadipocytes and expression of adipokines through inhibition of STAT-3 signaling in differentiated human adipocytes -- Synthesis of N-chloroamino acids and their biological activities in LPS stimulated RAW 264.7 cells -- Part Ⅵ Effects of Taurine on Organ Disorders -- Taurine promotes retinal ganglion cell survival through GABAB receptor activation -- Taurine administration mitigates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity by decreasing oxidative DNA damage and inflammation : an immunocytochemical study ---
Effect of taurine on iNOS-mediated DNA damage in drug-induced renal injury -- Effect of radiation on the expression of taurine transporter in the intestine of mouse -- Taurine supplementation ameliorates the adverse effects of perinatal taurine depletion and high sugar intake on cardiac ischemia/reperfusion in adult female rats -- Perinatal taurine supplementation alters renal function via renin-angiotensin system overactivity in adult female rats -- Perinatal taurine imbalance followed by high sugar intake alters the effect of estrogen on renal excretory function in adult female rats -- Taurine inhibits Kupffer cells activation induced by Lipopolysaccharide in Alcoholic liver damaged rats -- Taurine recovers testicular steroidogenesis and spermatogenesis in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats -- Effects of taurine and L-arginine on the apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cellular apoptosis in insulin resistance hypertensive rats ---
Taurine prevents the electrical remodeling Ach-CaCl2 Induced Atrial Fibrillation in rats -- Taurine reverses atrial structural remodeling in Ach-CaCl2 induced atrial fibrillation rats -- Taurine normalizes the levels of Se, Cu, Fe in mouse liver and kidney subchronically exposed to arsenic subchronically -- Taurine protects mouse liver against arsenic induced apoptosis through JNK signaling -- Taurine attenuates 〖AS〗_2 O_3-induced autophagy in cerebrum of mouse through NRF2 pathway -- Effects of taurine on ACE, ACE2 and HSP70 of expression of hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis in stress-induced hypertensive rats -- Taurine protects glutamate neurotoxicity in motor neuron cells -- Role of taurine in BDE 209-induced oxidative stress in PC12 cells -- Protection of taurine against PFOS-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells -- Protection of Taurine against Arsenic-Induced DNA Damage of Mice Kidneys -- Part Ⅶ Effects of Taurine on Immunity ---
Mussel (Mytilus Coruscus) water extract containing taurine prevents LPS-induced inflammatory responses in Zebrafish model -- Anti-inflammatory effects of Galactose-Taurine sodium salt in LPS-activated RAW 264.7 cells -- Radio-protective effects of Octopus ocellatus meat consisted of a plentiful taurine against damages caused by gamma ray irradiation -- Part Ⅷ Taurine in Nutrition -- The Effect on Blood Biochemical factors of a ICR-mice in a High-fat Diet with Taurine 20% -- Effects of replacement of methionine in diets with taurine on growth performance and Blood index in Broilers -- Consumer awareness and preferences Related to Taurine- containing drinks in Korean female high school students -- Taurine Intake with Magnesium Reduces Cardiometabolic Risks -- Comparison of toxicity of taurine and GABA in combination with alcohol in 7-Day-old mice ---
Antioxidant effects of short-neck CLAM(TAPES PHILIPPINARUM) water extract containing Taurine against AAPH-induced oxidative stress in zebrafish embroys -- Role for taurine in development of oxidative metabolism after birth -- Beneficial function of taurine on bone metabolism in Alcohol-fed OVX rat model -- Liver antioxidant enzyme activities after Taurine in ovariectomized rats -- Effects of Taurine and Vitamin D on Antioxidant Enzyme Activity and Lipid profiles in Rats Fed Diet Deficient Calcium -- Taurine may modulates bone in Cholesterol Fed Estrogen Deficiency-Induced Rats -- Part.
This volume provides the reader with an overview of taurine and its derivatives in modulating brain health. One of the highlights of this book is that taurine helps in the recovery of Alzheimer model mice from cognitive deficits by directly binding to oligomeric β-amyloid. In addition, this book includes very intriguing results from a study that looks into the effects of taurine-carbohydrate derivatives in stimulating fibrillogenesis of amyloid-b and in reducing Alzheimer-like behaviors. This book also highlights several new roles for taurine, including its novel effects on the various body structures encompassing the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the endocrine system, along with a role for taurine complements in nutrition. This edited book contains original articles and reviews based on oral and poster presentations at the 20th International Taurine Meeting held in Seoul, Korea in May 2016. The theme of this conference was ‘Taurine and Brain Health’. This volume will be relevant to anyone with an interest in the biological roles of taurine, from clinicians to nutritionists and from individuals working in the pharmaceutical industry to those working in food manufacturing..

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