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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-49197-4 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9783319491950 (print)
Printed edition: ISBN 9783319491950
Introduction to Modern Tools and Techniques to Understand Microbes -- Novel Approaches to Identify and Characterise Microorganisms in Food Industry -- Strategies of Mass Cultivation of Sebacinales -- Biophysical Phenotyping as an Essential Tool for Understanding Host-Microbe Interaction -- Targeted Gene Disruption Tools for Fungal Genomics -- Polyphasic Approaches to Characterize Mushroom species -- Function-based Metagenomics to Reveal Rhizosphere Microbiome: A Glimpse -- Biological Indicators for Soil Health: Potential for Development and Use of On-Farm Tests -- Mycotoxin Biosynthetic Pathways: A Window on the Evolutionary Relationships Among Toxigenic Fungi -- How to Disentangle Changes in Microbial Function from Changes in Microbial Community -- Legume-Rhizobium Symbioses: Significance for Sustainable Plant Production -- Tools and Techniques to Study Multidrug Transporters of Yeast -- Approaches for Determining Antimicrobial Drug-Resistant Bacteria: The Way Ahead ---
Continuous Elution Electrophoresis as a Unique Tool for Microbial Protein Analysis -- Detection and Characterization of Endobacteria in the Fungal Endophyte Piriformospora indica -- Metabolomic Mediated Characterization of Endophytic spp. in Recalcitrant Tree Species -- Analytical Techniques to Assess Medicinal Plants Value Addition after Microbial Associations -- Omics: Tools for Assessing Environmental Microbial Diversity and Composition -- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi: Evolution and Functions in Alleviating Plant Drought Stress -- Engineered Nanostructured Materials for Antimicrobial and Photocatalytic Applications -- Cryopreservation of Microorganisms -- Microbial Cultures: Maintenance, Preservation and Registration -- Biosurfactants in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery -- Fed-batch Cultivation for High Density Culture of Pseudomonas Spp. for Bioinoculant Preparation -- Protocol for Biocontrol of Soybean Cyst Nematode with Root Endophytic Fungi ---
Spectrophotometric Assays to Evaluate the RhizosphericMicrobes Mediated Drought Tolerance in Plants -- Subject Index.
This book provides essential molecular techniques and protocols for analyzing microbes that are useful for developing novel bio-chemicals, such as medicines, biofuels, and plant protection substances. The topics and techniques covered include: microbial diversity and composition; microorganisms in the food industry; mass cultivation of sebacinales; host-microbe interaction; targeted gene disruption; function-based metagenomics to reveal the rhizosphere microbiome; mycotoxin biosynthetic pathways; legume-rhizobium symbioses; multidrug transporters of yeast; drug-resistant bacteria; the fungal endophyte piriformospora indica; medicinal plants; arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi; biosurfactants in microbial enhanced oil recovery; and biocontrol of the soybean cyst nematode with root endophytic fungi; as well as microbe-mediated drought tolerance in plants. • Demonstrates modern laboratory procedures for analyzing microbes • Provides up-to-date techniques for research and teaching • Offers novel approaches to identify and characterize microorganisms..

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