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2nd ed.
Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-48448-8 (e-kniha)
ISBN 978-3-319-48447-1 (print)
This text is designed for those who may become consultants in pediatric anesthesia. It is based on a curriculum developed since 1992 to illustrate the breadth and depth of the practice of pediatric anesthesia and the program is an integral part of the didactic series in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. This second edition has the same purpose as the first – to accompany the reader’s journey in attaining proficiency, expertise and finally, mastery in pediatric anesthesiology. The format of the book is designed to encourage the readers’ free flow of ideas and the written examinations, seen at the beginning of the text as a baseline in pediatric medicine, are primarily knowledge-based, reflecting factual medical information necessary for the subspecialty practice of pediatric anesthesiology. With this basic guidance, the reader can bring him or herself "into the operating room" and manage the patient in an expert fashion..
PART I: PEDIATRIC MEDICINE FOR PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIOLOGISTS -- Newborn Medicine -- Respiratory System -- Surgery -- Hematology/Oncology -- Cardiology -- TheMusculoskeletalSystem -- GeneralPediatrics -- PART II: CONSULTATIONS IN PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA -- Prematurity and Extreme Prematurity -- Newborn Emergencies -- Fetal Surgery -- Neuroanesthesia -- Central Nervous System and Orthopedics -- Orthopedics -- Otolaryngology -- Headand Neck. -- Ophthalmology -- Respiratory System -- CardiacI -- CardiacII -- CardiacIII -- ThoracicSurgery -- ConjoinedTwins -- GastrointestinalDisease -- BariatricSurgery.-RenalDisease -- Acid-BaseDisturbances -- Genitourinary System -- Boneand Connective Tissue -- Skin -- Inborn Errors of Metabolism -- Allergy and Immunology. -- Infectious Diseases -- Neuromuscular Diseases -- Endocrinopathies -- Transplantation -- Minimally Invasive Surgery -- Trauma I -- Trauma II -- Regional Anesthesia -- Pain Management -- Burns -- Anesthesia Outside the Operating Room -- Vascular Anomalies -- Dental -- Ambulatory Surgical Procedures -- Equipment and Monitoring -- Thermoregulation Hypo- and Hyper -- Adolescents -- Post Anesthesia Care Unit -- Behavioral Issues -- Critical Care Unit -- Resuscitatio.

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