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2nd ed. 2017
Cham : Springer International Publishing : 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-44174-0 (e-kniha)
ISBN 978-3-319-44173-3 (print)
This richly illustrated book summarizes the state of the art in brain MRI with the 3-Tesla high-field scanner. The aim is to clarify the numerous advantages of using a 3-T high magnetic field MR scanner, especially in terms of sensitivity and specificity. The first section describes techniques for standard MR examination of the brain. Full descriptions are then provided of advanced protocols such as MR angiography, diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI), perfusion-weighted imaging (PWI), MR spectroscopy, MR tractography, and functional imaging. Differences in diagnostic features when performing these examinations at 3 T and at 1.5 T are highlighted. In addition, safety issues relating to the installation and use of a high-field scanner are discussed. The second section then describes and illustrates in detail each of the main clinical applications of 3-T MRI in the human brain: trauma, stroke, white matter disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, inflammatory disease, psychiatric disorders, etc. A final chapter is dedicated to the evaluation of 7-T MRI within both research and potential clinical settings. The book will be a valuable tool for general radiologists, neuroradiologists, trainees, and technicians..
Techniques and Semeiotics -- High-Field MRI and Safety: I. Installation -- High-Field MRI and Safety: II. Utilization -- 3.0 T MRI Diagnostic Features: Comparison with Lower Magnetic Fields -- Standard 3.0 T MR Imaging -- 3.0 T MR Angiography -- 3.0 T MR Spectroscopy -- 3.0 T Diffusion Studies -- Nerve Pathways with MR Tractography -- 3.0 T Perfusion Studies -- High-Field Strength Functional MRI -- Recent Developments and Prospects in High-Field MR -- 3.0 T Brain MRI: A Pictorial Overview of the Most Interesting Sequences -- Applications -- High-Field Neuroimaging in Traumatic Brain Injury -- 3.0 T Imaging of Ischaemic Stroke -- High-Field Strength MRI (3.0 T or More) in White Matter Diseases -- High-Field Neuroimaging in Parkinson’s Disease -- High-Field 3 T Imaging of Alzheimer Disease -- 3.0 T Imaging of Brain Tumours -- Use of fMRI Activation Paradigms: A Presurgical Tool for Mapping Brain Function.

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