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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-33257-4 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9783319332567 (print)
Leisure Studies in a Global Era
Printed edition: ISBN 9783319332567
Healthy leisure and Leisureful health - Introductory “State of the Art” byZsuzsanna Benkő -- Part 1. “Go West” -- 1.1. Ethical Aspects of Leisure Choices and the Autonomous Chooser by Colin Wringe -- 1.2. ‘This Side of Paradise’: The Role of On-Line Fandom in the Construction of Leisure, Wellbeing and the Lifeworld by Karl Spracklen -- 1.3. Lunchboxes, Health, Leisure and Well-being: Analysing the connections by Vicki Harman and Benedetta Cappellini -- 1.4. Wellness customers and their needs by Peter Kalkowski and Gerd Paul -- 1.5. Leisure activities in care homes – how do they relate to the well being of the elderly? by Dietmar Goelitz, Christine Trenkamp and Peter Paulus -- Part 2. The „Visegrad Four“ -- 2.1. Leisure and Pleasure: Healthy, Useful, Pleasant – Why Don’t We Do? by György Bárdos and Júlia Ábrahám -- 2.2. Trapped by sense of comfort – leisure time consumption habits from the aspect of economic psychology by László L. Lippai ---
2.3. Associations of sedentary lifestyle and negative mood state with the risk of breast cancer by Melinda Látos, Zita Sándor, Pálma Kriston, Rózsa Havancsák, Zoltán Horváth, Attila Paszt, Zsolt Simonka, György Lázár, Márta Csabai -- 2.4. The role of leisure in prevention and treatment of addiction by Katalin Lacsán, Zoltán Arany and Attila Farkas -- 2.5. Rethinking the relationship between sport, recreation and tourism byFerenc Győri and László Balogh -- 2.6. Lifestyle research among upper-primary and secondary school pupils in Hungary, Southern Great Plains Region (2012) byKlára Tarkó and Zsuzsanna Benkő -- 2.7. Youth & Leisure Time by Adam Nagy, Levente Székely and Márta Barbarics -- 2.8. Facebook-diagnostics: detection of mental hygiene problems based on online traces by György Csepeli and Richárd Nagyfi -- 2.9. Leisure time activities and lifelong learning by Iva Jedličková ---
2.10. Patterns of Leisure Time Activities in the Context of a Youth Festival in Romania by Kálmán Ercsei, Zita Kiss, Réka Plungor, Júlia Szabó and Valér Veres -- 2.11. Ethnicity, leisure and popular culture byJustyna Kijonka -- 2.12. Leisure as a mean of older people’s integration (On the example of Silesian Voivodeship inhabitants) by Agata Zygmunt -- Part 3„OH, East is East … “ -- 3.1. Leisure, Health and Well-Being: The Ultimate Quest of Humanity by Ishwar Modi -- 3.2. Lifestyle, Health and Leisure: A Study of the Social Structure of Tai Phakes of Assam, India. by Pranjal Sarma -- 3.3 Leisure Time Activities among Elderly in India by Smita Suresh Awachar -- 3.4. Professional English language study as a creative leisure time by Natalya Malygina and Catherine Shiriaeva -- 3.5. On the Value of Park and Public Health by Ma Huidi -- 3.6. Role of Leisure Acts and Mental Health by Anju Beniwal.-Epilogue by The Editors.
This book explores health and leisure as a holistic phenomenon with individual and social dimensions. Contributors to this edited volume explore the physical, mental, emotional, sexual and social aspects of health and leisure as well as the influence of moral and religious principles. The connections between the individual and the social structure, social integration, the social division of labor, and the natural environment are also analysed. The volume studies this relationship from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, including sociology, psychology, psychiatry, medical sciences, sport sciences, education, policy making, and from both national and international perspectives. As such, the collection will be of interest to scholars and students across a range of disciplines, including Leisure Studies, Health Studies, Health Promotion, Psychology and Mental Health, Sociology and Sport Studies. ..

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