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Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2017.
VIII, \1 s. 13 illus., 2 illus. in color. online zdroj.
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ISBN 9789811022630
Printed edition: ISBN 9789811022623
1. INTRODUCTION.- 1.1 Discussed aspects and their respective salience.- 1.2 The Kam people, language, and their homeland.- 1.3 The Kam autonym and Kam history.- 1.4 Religion.- 1.5 Kam language and orthography.- 1.6 Summary.- 2. RESEARCH QUESTIONS AND FRAMEWORK.- 2.1 Scope of this present research.- 2.2 Literature review.- 2.3 Schiffrin’s five-plane discourse model.- 2.4 Summary.- 3. DATA AND DATA COLLECTION.- 3.1 Yutou Kam community.- 3.2 Storytelling events.- 3.3 Full version of the recorded narrative data in LINGUALINKS.- 3.4 Summary.- 4. ANALYSIS.- 4.1 Analysis of discourse conditioned phonological and grammatical variations -- 4.2 Sentence-final particles (SFP) in narrative discourse.- 4.3 Structure of narrative and functions of repetition.- 4.4 Communicational aspects of narrating .- 4.5 Summary --  5. CONCLUSION.- 5.1 Stated goals and findings -- 5.2 Strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the present study.- 5.3 Recommendations for future research.- REFERENCES.- BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION.
The Kam language of China possesses fifteen tones – more than any other language. Yet it has long been neglected as an area of research, especially from the perspective of discourse analysis. This study initiates the exploration of the interface between grammar and discourse by examining various aspects of Kam narrative discourse, and using a functional approach to reveal its structural properties. It also introduces the mechanism for phonological and syntactic variations, as well as classifier variants and sentence-final particles (SFPs) in discourse and word order variations. Finally, it discusses the influence of social setting on narrative structure and offers the most up-to-date ethnological and social information about the community..

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