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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-51493-2 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9783319514925 (print)
The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series, ISSN 2367-1181
Printed edition: ISBN 9783319514925
Part 1: 2017 Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials: Emerging Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology -- High-performance Supercapacitors Based on Hierarchical VOx Microspheres Forming from Hyperbranched Nanoribbons -- Potential of Magnetotactic Bacteria for the Fabrication of Iron Nanoparticles -- Facile Green Synthesis and Characterization of Water-soluble Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles-gold Porphyrin Conjugate for Improved Photodynamic Therapy -- Synthesis of AgNP’s from Industrial Wastes -- Synthesis of Mn2O3 Nanopowders with Urea and Citric Acid by Solution Combustion Route -- Part 2: Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Establishing Location-Specific Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships -- Evolution of Aluminum Alloys Structure at Production Phases of 3D Products by Methods of Additive Technologies -- Characterization of Multiperforated Plates Manufactured by SLM and EBM for Aeroengine Applications ---
Direct Laser Metal Deposition of Eutectic Al-Si Alloy for Automotive Applications -- Additive Manufacturing to Produce Standard and Custom Alloy Titanium -- Aiming for Modeling-assisted Tailored Designs for Additive Manufacturing -- Part 3: Additive Manufacturing: Building the Pathway towards Process and Material Qualification -- The Use of Laser Ultrasound to Detect Defects in Laser Melted Parts -- SLM Process Variables and Part Geometry Optimization Based on Numerical Prediction of Process Induced Distortions -- Optimizing, Fabricating and Characterizing Additively Manufactured Process Tubing -- Scaling Relationships for Direct Ink Writing with Acoustic Focusing -- The Influence of Gas Cooling in Context of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing: A Novel Strategy of Affecting Grain Structure and Size -- Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Deposited Ni/WC Metal Matrix Composite Coatings ---
Composite Powder Consolidation Using Selective Laser Melting: Input Energy/Porosity Morphology/Balling Effect Relation -- Part 4: Advanced Characterization Techniques for Quantifying and Modeling Deformation Mechanisms -- Strain Localization Structures in Textured Magnesium AZ31 under Reversed Loading via Multi-scale Digital Image Correlation -- Deformation and Strengthening Mechanisms in AISI 321 Austenitic Stainless Steel under both Dynamic and Quasi-static Loading Conditions -- Analysis of Dislocation Structures in Ferritic and Dual Phase Steels Regarding Continuous and Discontinuous Loading Paths -- Microstructural Characterization of Inconel 600 Tubes after Tensile Tests at Various Temperatures and Strain Rates -- Part 5: Advanced High-Strength Steels -- Influences of Thermomechanical Treatments on the Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Nano-precipitates Strengthened Steels ---
Effects of Solid Solution Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in the Ultra-high Strength Steel Strengthened by Nanoscale Particles -- Effects of Microstructure on the Strain Rate Sensitivity of Advanced Steels -- Part 6: Advanced Materials in Dental and Orthopedic Applications -- Characterization of Chitin Synthesized from Snail Shell -- Titanium-magnesium Composite for Dental Implants (BIACOM) -- Part 7: Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications V -- Thermoelectric Behaviour of Polyvinyl Acetate /CNT Composites -- Part 8: Applications of Solidification Fundamentals -- Microstructure Characteristics of A356 Nanocomposites Manufactured Via Ultrasonic Cavitation Processing under Controlled Solidification Conditions -- Part 9: Biological Materials Science -- Development of Sponge Structure and Casting Conditions for Absorbable Magnesium Bone Implants -- Osteoporosis and fatigue fracture prevention by analysis of bone microdamage ---
Bone Remodeling under Tooth Loading -- Investigating Biochemical Constituents of Cymbopogon citratus Leaf: Prospects on Total Corrosion of Concrete Steel-rebar in Acidic-Sulphate Medium -- Two-step sintering effects on the microstructure and mechanical properties of forsterite scaffolds -- Part 10: Bulk Metallic Glasses XIV -- Material Behavior in Micro Milling of Zirconium based Bulk Metallic Glass -- Part 11: Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics -- Comparison of the Phase-field Models to Predict the Recrystallization Kinetics -- Surface Reaction and Transport in Oxides Formed on FeCrAl Alloys in High Temperature Nitridation Environments -- Atomic Scale Modeling of Fe-Al-Mn-C Alloy using Pair Models and Monte-Carlo Calculations -- Control Technique Study of Non-metallic Inclusions in Low Carbon Steel by Rare Earth Final Deoxidization -- Effect of Cooling Rate on Phase Transformation and Microstructure Evolution in a Large Size Forged Ingot of Medium Carbon Low Alloy Steel ---
Formation and Control of CaS Inclusion in Gear Steel 20MnCr5 -- Investigations on the Mechanical Deformation of Amorphous Alloy Nanowires Using Phase-field Modeling and Thermodynamics Avalanche Models -- Thermodynamic Modeling of Al-Fe-Cr Ternary System -- Part 12: Defects and Properties of Cast Metals -- A Modeling and Experimental Investigation on the Formation of Acicular Silicon and Sludge in High Pressure Die Casting of a Modified A383 Alloy -- Hot-tearing of Multicomponent Al-Cu Alloys Based on Casting Load Measurements in a Constrained Permanent Mold -- Effect of Molybdenum Content, Pouring Temperature and Cooling Rate on the Casting Defects of High Chromium White Cast Iron -- Effect of Various Aluminum Content on the Formation of Inclusion -- Effect of Segregated Alloying Elements on the High Strength Steel Properties: Application to the Large Size Ingot Casting Simulation -- Thermal-Mechanical Model of Depression Formation in Steel Continuous Casting ---
Study for the Initiation Locations of Longitudinal Surface Cracks on Beam Blank in the Mold of Continuous Casting -- The Influence of SEN and Upper Nozzle Design on the Flow Character for the Slab Quality -- Effect of the Addition of Ce and Si on the Hot Cracking Behavior of SiMn Alloy during the Solidification Process -- Modeling and Predication of Shrinkage Porosity Formation in Steel Ingot -- Numerical Analysis of Coupled Turbulent Flow and Macroscopic Solidification in a Billet Continuous Casting Mold with Electromagnetic Stirring -- Part 13: Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Theory and Practice -- Hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen-enhanced strain-induced vacancies in a-iron -- Factors causing hydrogen embrittlement of cold-drawn pearlitic steel fractured under elastic/plastic region -- Corrosion of Nickel-Titanium, C110, and Al6061 in Gallium-based Liquid Metal Alloys -- Part 14: General Poster Session ---
Synthesis and characterization of Al–B4C powders by mechanical alloying -- Direct Conversion of Celestite to SrCO3 by Wet Milling -- Part 15: High Temperature Electrochemistry III -- Electrochemistry in Molten LiF-BeF2 Salt for Fluoride Salt-Cooled High Temperature Reactor Applications -- Impurity Removal from Titanium Oxycarbide -- Next-Generation Molten Oxide Energy Materials R&D -- Effects of Oxide Precursor Preparation Parameters on the Electrochemical Reduction of Tantalum Pentoxide in Calcium Chloride Melt -- The Effect of Temperature on Electrochemical Codeposition of Mg-Ni Hydrogen Storage Alloys from Molten Salt System -- Part 16: Materials and Fuels for the Current and Advanced Nuclear Reactors VI -- Diffusion Studies in the Development of an FCCI Barrier for High-Burnup Metallic Nuclear Fuel -- Part 17: Materials Engineering of Soft Magnets for Power and Energy Applications -- Development of Mold Inductor for Power Conversion System ---
Effect of Annealing Time on the Texture of a 2.8% Si Non-Oriented Electrical Steel after Inclined and Skew Rolling -- Multi-parameter Magnetic Material Characterization for High Power Medium Frequency Converters -- Part 18: Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution -- An Experimental Assessment of the a +a’ Miscibility Gap in Fe-Cr -- Phase Transformation, Microstructural Evolution and Property Modification in Rapidly Solidified Grey Cast Iron -- Morphology of Order-disorder Structures in Rapidly Solidified L12intermetallics -- Part 19: Recent Developments in Biological, Structural and Functional Thin Films and Coatings -- Development of Enamel Coatings in Accordance with Recent Regulations of Food Contact Materials -- Transmission Probability of Diffusing Particles – A Case Study -- Preparation of Porous Titanium Oxide Film by Sol-Gel Method -- Part 20: Solid State Precipitation ---
Hydride Precipitates in Zirconium Alloys: Evolution of Dissolution and Precipitation Temperatures during Thermal Cycling Correlated to Microstructure Features -- Analysis of Beta´ Cu4Ti Precipitation in Cu-Ti Alloys by Conventional and Diffusion-couple Methods -- Carbide Precipitation in a Low-alloy Ferritic Steel -- Part 21: Student-Run Symposium: Building Bridges – Connecting Academic and Industry Research -- Fundamental Principles for a Successful Collaboration between University and Metalworking Industries.
This collection features papers presented at the 146th Annual Meeting & Exhibition of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society..

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