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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-45868-7 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9783319458670 (print)
Management for Professionals, ISSN 2192-8096
Printed edition: ISBN 9783319458670
Introduction: "Run Legal as a Business!" -- Masters of Ambiguity - How Legal Can Lead the Business -- Globalization and the Changing Role of General Counsel: Current Trends and Future Scenarios -- Legal Advisor - Service Provider - Business Partner: Shifting the Mindset of Corporate Lawyers -- Shifting Client Expectations of Law Firms: Morphing Law Firms into Managed Services Providers -- Legal Process Outsourcing: Redefining the Legal Services Delivery Model -- LegalTech on the Rise: Technology Changes Legal Work Behaviours, But Does Not Replace Its Profession -- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Run Legal with Business Metrics -- A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet: The New Legal Pro-Occupations in the Contruction Sector -- The Legal Entrepreneur: When Do Corporate Lawyers Act Entrepreneurially? -- Organizations 4.0: Using Legal Competency for Building Fluid and Innovation-driven Structures ---
Change Management for Lawyers: What Legal Management Can Learn from Business Management -- The Legal Department: From Business Enabler to Business Creator -- Legal Tech Will Radically Change the Way SMEs Handle Legal: How SMEs Can Run Legal as Effectively and Professionally as Large Corporations -- The Value of Everything!: How to Measure and Deliver Legal Value? -- The Value Add of Legal Department in Disputes: Making a Business Case Rather than Providing Pure Legal Advise -- The Future of In-house Legal Department and Their Impact on the Legal Market: Four Theses for General Counsels, and One for Law Firms -- Procurement of Legal Services: How Customers Professionally Procure Legal Services Today -- CLOC - Joining Forces to Drive Transformation in Legal -- Legal Information Management (LIM) Strategy: How to Transform a Legal Department -- Technology is Changing the Way Legal Works: A Look at How Technology Is Driving Better Business Practices in Legal ---
Look to the Moon: Managing and Monitoring the Legal Function -- Building a Legal Department in a Metrics-Driven World: A Guide to Finding the Best Candidates for the Legal Departments of the Future -- Business-Friendly Contracting: How Simplification and Visualization Can Help Bring It to Practice -- Running the Legal Department With Business Discipline: Applying Business Best Practices to the Corporate Legal Function -- Liquid Legal Manifesto.
This book compels the legal profession to question its current identity and to aspire to become a strategic partner for corporate executives, clients and stakeholders, transforming legal into a function that creates incremental value. It provides a uniquely broad range of forward-looking perspectives from several different key-players in the legal industry: in-house legal, law firms, LPO’s, legal tech, HR, associations and academia. This publication is a platform for leading legal professionals that offers a new perspective on the accelerating transformation in legal. Combining expert contributions with editorial insights, it argues that the new legal function will shift from a paradigm of security to one of opportunity; that future corporate lawyers will no longer primarily be negotiators, litigators and administrators, but that instead they will be coaches, arbiters and intrapreneurs; that legal knowledge and data-based services will become a commodity; and that analytics and measurement will be key drivers of the future of the profession. A must-read for all legal professionals, this book sets the course for revitalizing the profession..

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