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London : Palgrave Macmillan UK : Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
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ISBN 978-1-137-57940-9 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9781137579386 (print)
Printed edition: ISBN 9781137579386
Theme One: East Meets West -- Chapter 1: Leadership, diversity and cross-cultural leadership in China and Australia -- Chapter 2: Globally Responsible Leadership: When East Meets West An investigation of challenges and drivers of successful implementation of CSR in five companies -- Chapter 3: Tropical Forestry Services: A Case Study of Embracing Entrepreneurial Leadership in Charting East-West Markets for Ancient Indian Sandalwood -- Chapter 4: How Connected Leadership Helps to Create More Agile and Customer Centric Organizations in Asia -- Theme Two: Dark Side of Leadership -- Chapter 5: The Dark Side of Organisational Leadership in the Transformation of Asian and the Need for Reform in Public and Private Sectors: Cases From China and India -- Chapter 6: The Dark Side of Leadership: The Role of Informal Institutional Framework on the Negative Moral and Ethical Behaviors of Leaders in Organizations -- Chapter 7: The Dark Side of Leadership Practices: Variations Across Asia ---
Chapter 8: The Trouble With Leadership: Theories of Good and Troubled Leadership and Their Ethical Implications -- Theme Three: Creativity and Innovation -- Chapter 9: Leadership, Innovation and Work Values Ethic in Asia: A Conceptual Relationship -- Chapter 10: Leading toward Creativity and Innovation: A Study of Hotels and Resorts -- Chapter 11: Leadership and Workplace Innovation: An investigation of Asian SMEs -- Chapter 12: Innovation Initiatives and its Impact among Malaysian University Lecturers -- Theme Four: Ethical, Shared and Empathetic Leadership -- Chapter 13: Understanding of Business Ethics by Leaders Based in Singapore: A Restorative Justice Perspective -- Chapter 14: Creating Shared Leadership Culture: KPMG Thailand’s People Passion Programme -- Chapter 15: How Leader Member Exchange Impacts Employees’ Perceptions of Organisational Support, Embeddedness and Satisfaction: Some Evidence from Pakistan ---
Chapter 16: Empathetic Leadership as an Alternative Paradigm for Responsible Supply Chain Management -- Theme Five: Symbolic Leadership -- Chapter 17: Symbolic Leadership in a Transnational Context: An Investigation on Leaders’ Adjustment and Acceptance -- Chapter 18: Culturally Endorsed Leadership Styles and Entrepreneurial Behaviours in Asia -- Chapter 19: Women on Corporate Boards and Financial Performance in Fast-Emerging Markets: Insights from Malaysia -- Theme Six: Leadership in China and Vietnam -- Chapter 20: Leadership in the Asia Pacific region: Insights and Lessons for Effectiveness -- Chapter 21: Succession Planning in Vietnamese Libraries: Challenges and Solutions -- Chapter 22: Laissez-faire Leadership Behaviours in Public Sector in Vietnam -- Chapter 23: Transcendent Leadership for Sustainable Contruction Project Management in China and India ---
Chapter 24: Leadership in the Transition from a Socialist to a Market Economy: Multi-Stakeholder Perceptions of Business Leadership in Vietnam -- Chapter 25: Impact of Indigenous Chinese Management Concepts on Leadership Practices -- Theme Seven:Leadership Development and Planning -- Chapter 26: A Conceptual Framework for SME Leader Development in Singapore -- Chapter 27: The Impact of Transformational leadership and Organisational Culture on Firm Performance in Indonesia SMEs -- Chapter 28: Transformational Leadership and Job Performance: The Role of Organizational Identification -- Chapter 29: Understanding the Links between Tranformational Leadership and Entrepreneurial orientations in Malaysian SMEs -- Chapter 30: Transformational Leaders in Saudi Arabia.
This handbook provides a comprehensive overview and evaluation of the variety of organizational leadership issues within the Asian region. It highlights the relationship between leaders and their followers, and the complexity of leadership research and practices in Asian transformational economies. Covering a wide range of contexts and perspectives, the chapters are based on empirical studies with evidence-based findings that can be used as case studies for academics and practitioners. The handbook makes significant contributions to leadership theory including practice and assists international researchers, practitioners and students in understanding the influence of the Asian culture and its impact on leadership..

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