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Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-981-10-2999-8 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9789811029981 (print)
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, ISSN 1876-1100 ; 403
Printed edition: ISBN 9789811029981
1. An Autonomous Power and Clock Gating Technique in SRAM Based FPGA -- 2. A Hardware Implementation of Evolvable Embedded System for Combinational Logic Circuits using Virtex 6 FPGA -- 3. Evaluation of Wavelet Based Speech CODEC for VOIP Applications -- 4. User Demand Wireless Network Selection using Game theory -- 5. Leakage Reduction by Test Pattern Reordering -- 6. Review on Band-Notching Techniques for Ultra Wideband Antenna -- 7. Real Time Simulation Design for Continuous Process Industries -- 8. Performance Enhancement of Lte Hetnet using Evm Based Constellation Combiner (ECC) in Warp -- 9. Performance Analysis of 3-Phase induction Motor: using Simulink and Tms320C6713 -- 10. A Distributed Fault-Tolerant Multiobjective Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks -- 11. Comparing Energy Efficiency of DF Relay Assisted Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Short Range Wireless Systems -- 12. Modified Pso Based Equalizers for Channel Equalization ---
13. Investigation of Electrostatic Actuation Scheme for Low Voltage Mems Switch -- 14. On online Counting of Cigarette in Packets - An Image Processing Approach -- 15. Fuzzy Min Max Neural Network Based intrusion Detection System -- 16. Effect of Static Synchronous Series Compensator on Power Balancing in Wind Farms -- 17. Charaterisation of TFT Sensors for Chemical Sensing Applications -- 18. Implementation of Breadth First Search for Storage Optimization in Random Storage Assignment of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems -- 19. Design Analysis of Dual Band Octagonal Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna at 5.70 and 8.00 Ghz -- 20. Design of A High Performance CMPS Charge Pump for Phase-Locked Loop Synthesizers -- 21. Efficient Algorithms for Removal of High Density Random Value Impulse Noises in Images -- 22. Reliability and Energy Benefit Analysis of Distribution System incorporating Wind Turbine Generator -- 23. Present Context of Smart Grids in India: A Survey ---
24. System Level Performance Analysis of Embedded Systems for GSM Applications -- 25. IC Packaging: 3D IC Technology & Methods -- 26. Modeling and Simulation of the Dynamic Response of A Generic Mechanical Linkage for Control Application Under the Consideration of the Nonlinearities Imposed by Friction -- 27. Design of a Third Order Self Biased Adaptive Bandwidth Pll -- 28. Operational Transconductance Amplifiers Based Sinusoidal Oscillator with Grounded Capacitors -- 29. Robotics Research Visibility in Brics Country : A Scientometrics Study -- 30. Analysis of a Self-Compensating, Low-Noise, Low-Power Pll Circuit @45NM Technology Node -- 31. Evaluating the Performance of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell with the Various Key Components Like Electrodes, Dyes & Electrolytes -- 32. Design of Comparator in Sigma Delta ADC using 45Nm CMPS Technology -- 33. A 21NW CMPS Operational Amplifier for Biomedical Application ---
34. Prediction Depth Avarage Velocity and Boundary Shear Stress Distribution in A Single Stage Channel by Lateral Distribution Method -- 35. Flow Computation in Symmetric and Asymmetric Compound Channels using Conveyance Estimation System.
This volume comprises select papers from the International Conference on Nano-electronics, Circuits & Communication Systems(NCCS). The conference focused on the frontier issues and their applications in business, academia, industry, and other allied areas. This international conference aimed to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers from academia and industry. The book covers technological developments and current trends in key areas such as VLSI design, IC manufacturing, and applications such as communications, ICT, and hybrid electronics. The contents of this volume will prove useful to researchers, professionals, and students alike..

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