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Cham : Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Springer, 2017
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ISBN 978-3-319-44507-6 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9783319445052 (print)
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, ISSN 1871-3033 ; 43
Printed edition: ISBN 9783319445052
Preface -- Active Control of the Hinge of a Flapping Wing with Electrostatic Sticking to Modify the Passive Pitching Motion, by Hugo Peters, Qi Wang, Hans Goosen and Fred van Keulen -- Robust Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization-Based Inverse Identification Of Three-Dimensional Elastic Behaviour Of Multilayer Unidirectional Fibre Composites, by Mohsen Hamdi, Ayech Benjeddou -- Role of structural nonlinearity in enhancing the performance of vibration energy harvesting based on electret materials, by Eugenio G.M. Brusa, Mircea Gh. Munteanu -- Nanoscale Future Actuators based on Carbon Nanotube Architectures, by Sebastian Geier, Thorsten Mahrholz, Peter Wierach, Michael Sinapius -- Towards the Industrial Application of Morphing Aircraft Wings - Development of the Actuation Kinematics of a Droop Nose, by Stefan Storm , Johannes Kirn ---
Numerical analysis of fracture of pre-stressed ferroelectric actuator taking into account cohesive zone for damage accumulation, by Sergii Kozinov and Meinhard Kuna -- Adaptive Inductor for Vibration Damping in Presence of Uncertainty, by Bilal Mokrani, Ioan Burda, André Preumont -- Control System Design for a Morphing Wing Trailing Edge, by Ignazio Dimino1a, Monica Ciminelloa, Antonio Concilioa,Andrè Gratiasb, Martin Schuellerb, Rosario Pecorac -- Efficient Experimental Validation of Stochastic Sensitivity Analyses of Smart Systems, by Steffen Ochs, Sushan Li, Christian Adams, Tobias Melz.-Design of Control Concepts for a Smart Beam Structure with Regard to Sensitivity Analysis of the System by Sushan Li, Steffen Ochs, Elena Slomski, Tobias Melz ---
Modelling the Constitutive Behaviour of Martensite and Austenite in Shape Memory Alloys using closed-form Analytical Continuous Equations, by Arathi Pai, Thomas Niendorf, Phillip Krooss, Isabel Koke, Ansgar Traechtler and Mirko Schaper -- Methods For Assessment Of Composite Aerospace Structures, by T. Wandowski, P. Malinowski, M. Radzienski, S. Opoka, W. Ostachowicz -- Artificial muscles design methodology applied to robotic fingers, by J. L. Ramírez, A. Rubiano, N. Jouandeau, L. Gallimard, and O. Polit -- Reliability Analysis of Variable Stiffness Composite Structures, by A.R. Sohoulia, M. Yildizb, A. Suleman. .
This work was compiled with expanded and reviewed contributions from the 7th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, that was held from 3 to 6 June 2015 at Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. The Conference provided a comprehensive forum for discussing the current state of the art in the field as well as generating inspiration for future ideas specifically on a multidisciplinary level. The scope of the Conference included topics related to the following areas: Fundamentals of smart materials and structures; Modeling/formulation and characterization of smart actuators, sensors and smart material systems; Trends and developments in diverse areas such as material science including composite materials, intelligent hydrogels, interfacial phenomena, phase boundaries and boundary layers of phase boundaries, control, micro- and nano-systems, electronics, etc. to be considered for smart systems; Comparative evaluation of different smart actuators and sensors; Analysis of structural concepts and designs in terms of their adaptability to smart technologies; Design and development of smart structures and systems; Biomimetic phenomena and their inspiration in engineering; Fabrication and testing of smart structures and systems; Applications of smart materials, structures and related technology; Smart robots; Morphing wings and smart aircrafts; Artificial muscles and biomedical applications; Smart structures in mechatronics; and Energy harvesting. ..

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