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First edition.
Boca Raton, FL : Routledge, [2018]
1 online zdroj (432 stran)
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ISBN 9780203733721 (e-book : PDF)
Print version: ISBN 9780824780524
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Preface -- Contributors -- Protein Adhesives for Wood-- Alan L. Lambuth -- Introduction -- Soybean Adhesives -- Blood Glues -- Casein Glues -- Other Proteins -- References -- The Chemistry of PVA-- Kenneth R. Geddes -- Introduction -- Process Outline -- Vinyl Acetate Monomer -- Internal Plasticization and Copolymerization -- Water -- Initiators -- Surface-Active Agents -- Colloids: Polyvinyl Alcohol -- Other Colloids -- Buffers and pH Adjusters -- External Plasticizers, Coalescents, Tackifiers and Crosslinking Agents -- Filters and Pigments -- Fungicides and Preservatives -- Polymerization Reactions and Kinetics -- Copolymerization Kinetics -- Glass Transition Temperature of Copolymers -- Emulsion Polymerization by the Batch Process in the Presence of Surfactant -- Emulsion Polymerization of Vinyl Acetate Stabilized by Polyvinyl Alcohol Alone -- Continuous Emulsion Polymerization -- High Pressure Polymerization -- Practical Aspects of Production of PVA Adhesives -- Film Formation and Film Properties -- References -- The Chemical Bonding of Wood-- William E. Johns -- Introduction -- Varieties of Chemical Bonding -- Discussion -- Summary -- References -- Phenol-Formaldehyde Structures in Relation to their Adhesion to Wood Cellulose-- A. Pizzi and R. Smit -- Introduction -- The Structure of Some Phenol-Formaldehyde Condensates for Wood Adhesives -- Adhesion to Wood Cellulose -- Conclusions -- References -- The Correlation Between Preparation and Properties in Phenolic Resins-- Lawrence Gollob -- Introduction -- Concepts of Synthesis/Structure/Property Relationships -- Outlook -- Reference.
The perfect companion to the highly acclaimed Volume 1 of Wood Adhesives,Volume 2 presents stimulating discussions on technically and economically importantadhesives for wood bonding-covering their preparation and formulation, as well astechniques and suggestions for their application.Like its companion book, Wood Adhesives, Volume 2 provides up-to-date informationand analysis of new technologies and recent breakthroughs .. gives insightinto the relationship between adhesive chemistry and technical application . . anddiscusses present and future trends likely to have considerable impact on the field.Elaborating upon general overviews presented in Volume 1, Wood Adhesives,Volume 2 includes a chapter on protein adhesives .. fills the gap on the chemistryof polyvinyl acetate wood adhesives .. contains a detailed discussion of formaldehydeemission .. and much more.A complementary and much needed follow-up to Volume 1, Wood Adhesives,Volume 2 is essential reading for wood technologists; adhesives and physicalchemists; forest products researchers; polymer scientists; chemical, mechanical, process,and civil engineers who must choose and apply wood adhesives; and advancedundergraduate and graduate students in the above disciplines..
Also available in print format.

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