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Boca Raton, FL : CRC Taylor & Francis, 2006
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ISBN 9780429116582 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN 9780824709679 (vázáno)
Surfactant science series ; Volume 131
chapter 1 Colloid Science -- chapter 2 The Language of Colloid Science and Silica Chemistry -- chapter 3 Colloid Chemistry of Silica: An Overview -- chapter 4 Silicic Acids and Colloidal Silica -- chapter 5 Science and Art of the Formation of Uniform Solid Particles -- chapter 6 Silica Nucleation, Polymerization, and Growth Preparation of Monodispersed Sols -- chapter 7 The Formation and Interfacial Structure of Silica Sols -- chapter 8 Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal Model Particles Made from Organoalkoxysilanes -- chapter 9 Synthesis of Nanometer-Sized Silica by Controlled Hydrolysis in Reverse Micellar Systems -- chapter 10 Formation of Silica Gels Composed of Micrometer-Sized Particles by the Sol–Gel Method -- chapter 11 Silica Aquasol Process to Prepare Small Particle Size Colloidal Silica by Electrodialysis -- chapter 12 Manufacturing and Applications of Water-Borne Colloidal Silica -- chapter 13 Enterosorbent Silics: Properties and Clinical Application --chapter 14 Industrial Synthetic Silicas in Powder Form -- chapter 15 High Ratio Silicate Foundry Sand Binders -- chapter 16 Spray Dried Silica for Chromatography -- chapter 17 Preparation of Monodisperse Ultrafine Hybrid Silica Particles by Polymer Modification -- chapter 18 Monodisperse Core-Shell Silica Colloids from Alkoxysilanes -- chapter 19 Preparation of Silica Solid Microspheres by Hydrolysis of Tetraethyl Ortho Silicate (TEOS) and Silica Porous Microspheres by Spray Drying Aggregated Colloidal Silica -- chapter 20 Stability of Aqueous Silica Sols -- chapter 21 Stabilization Against Particle Growth -- chapter 22 The Surface Chemistry of Silica The Zhuravlev Model -- chapter 23 Surface Structure of Amorphous and Crystalline Porous Silicas: Status and Prospects -- chapter 24 Infrared Study of Chemical and HD Exchange Probes for Silica Surfaces -- chapter 25 Infrared Studies of Chemically Modified Silica --
chapter 26 Fourier Transform Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Study of Silica Surfaces -- chapter 27 Adsorption on Silica and Related Materials -- chapter 28 Structure of Disperse Silica Surface and Electrostatic Aspects of Adsorption -- chapter 29 Variable-Temperature Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Amine Desorption from a Siliceous Surface -- chapter 30 Surveying the Silica Gel Surface with Excited States -- chapter 31 Surface Chemistry and Surface Energy of Silicas -- chapter 32 Diffuse Reflectance FTIR Spectroscopic Study of Base Desorption from Thermally Treated Silica -- chapter 33 Salient Features of Synthesis and Structure of Surface of Functionalized Polysiloxane Xerogels -- chapter 34 Multinuclear NMR Studies of Silica Surfaces -- chapter 35 Modified Silicas: Synthesis and Applications -- chapter 36 Electric Surface Properties of Silica in Nonaqueous Electrolyte Solutions -- chapter 37 Chemical Reactions at Fumed Silica Surfaces -- chapter 38 Structural and Adsorptive Characteristics of Fumed Silicas in Different Media -- chapter 39 Adsorption of Surfactants and Polymers on Silica -- chapter 40 New Separation Methods for Characterizing the Size of Silica Sols -- chapter 41 Characterization of Colloidal and Particulate Silica by Field-Flow Fractionation -- chapter 42 Formation of Uniform Precipitates from Alkoxides -- chapter 43 Synthetic Amorphous Silicas -- chapter 44 Adsorptive Properties of Porous Silicas -- chapter 45 Silica Gels from Aqueous Silicate Solutions: Combined 29Si NMR and Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Spectroscopic Study -- chapter 46 Interpretation of the Differences between the Pore Size Distributions of Silica Measured by Mercury Intrusion and Nitrogen Adsorption -- chapter 47 SolGel Processing of Silica -- chapter 48 The Chemistry of Hydrolysis and Condensation of Silica SolGel Precursors --
chapter 49 Chemistry and Properties of Porous, Organically Modified Silica -- chapter 50 Evaporation and Surface Tension Effects in Dip Coating -- chapter 51 Nanostructuring Metals and Semiconductors with Silica from Monolayers to Crystals -- chapter 52 Surface Chemistry of Silica Coatings of Titania -- chapter 53 Dense Silica Coatings on Micro and Nanoparticles by Deposition of Monosilicic Acid -- chapter 54 Applications of Colloidal Silica: Past, Present, and Future -- chapter 55 The Uses of Soluble Silica -- chapter 56 Attrition Resistant Catalysts, Catalyst Precursors and Catalyst Supports and Process for Preparing Same -- chapter 57 Some Important, Fairly New Uses of Colloidal Silica/Silica Sol -- chapter 58 SiliconAluminum Interactions and Biology -- chapter 59 Silica in Biology -- chapter 60 Preparation and Uses of Silica Gels and Precipitated Silicas -- chapter 61 Foundry Mold or Core Compositions and Method -- chapter 62 Silica Supported Catalysts and Method of Preparation -- chapter 63 Molded Amorphous Silica Bodies and Molding Powders for Manufacture of Same -- chapter 64 High Ratio Silicate Foundry Sand Binders -- chapter 65 On the Silica Edge: An NMR Point of View -- chapter 66 Colloid Chemistry of Silica: Research in the Former Soviet Union -- chapter 67 Integrated Analytical Methods.

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