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Third edition.
Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2012.
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ISBN 9781420094633 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN !9781420094626 (chyb.) (hardback)
ISBN !9781138073630 (chyb.) (paperback)
Corrosion technology ; 26
Tištěná verze : ISBN 9781420094626
1. Fundamentals of corrosion / Hans-Henning Strehblow and Philippe Marcus -- 2. Surface effects on hydrogen entry into metals / Elie Protopopoff and Philippe Marcus -- 3. Anodic dissolution / Michel Keddam -- 4. Thin oxide film formation on metals / Francis P. Fehlner and Michael J. Graham -- 5. Passivity of metals / Hans-Henning Strehblow, Vincent Maurice, and Philippe Marcus -- 6. Passivity of austenitic stainless steels / Clive R. Clayton and Ingemar Olefjord -- 7. Mechanisms of pitting corrosion / Hans-Henning Strehblow and Philippe Marcus -- 8. Sulfur-assisted corrosion mechanisms and the role of alloyed elements / Philippe Marcus -- 9. Further insights on the pitting corrosion of stainless steels / Bernard Baroux -- 10. Crevice corrosion of metallic materials / Pierre Combrade -- 11. Stress-corrosion cracking mechanisms / Roger C. Newman -- 12. Corrosion fatigue mechanisms in metallic materials / T. Magnin -- 13. High-temperature corrosion / Michael Schutze -- 14. Corrosion prevention by adsorbed organic monolayers and ultrathin plasma polymer films / Michael Rohwerder, Martin Stratmann, and Guido Grundmeier -- 15. Atmospheric corrosion / Christofer Leygraf -- 16. Corrosion of aluminum alloys / Nick Birbilis, T.H. Muster, and Rudolph G. Buchheit -- 17. Microbially influenced corrosion / Dominique Thierry and Wolfgang Sand -- 18. Corrosion in nuclear systems : environmentally assisted cracking in light water reactors / F.P. Ford and P.L. Andresen -- 19. Corrosion of microelectronic and magnetic data-storage devices / Gerald S. Frankel and Jeffrey W. Braithwaite -- 20. Organic coatings / J.H.W. de Wit, D.H. van der Weijde, and G. Ferrari.
Building on previous editions described as a useful contribution to the current literature on corrosion science, engineering, and technology by Corrosion Review, this third installment offers real-world applications and problem-solving techniques to reduce the occurrence of pits, cracks, and deterioration in industrial, automotive, marine, and electronic structures. It also details the electrochemical and chemical properties, adsorption mechanisms, environmental parameters, and microstructural factors that influence corrosion formation. Including contributions from authors around the world, this reorganized third edition covers the most recent advances in the field, adding three new chapters on Fundamentals of Corrosion from a Surface Science and Electrochemical Basis, High-Temperature Oxidation, and Atomistic Modeling of Corrosion-- Provided by publisher..

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