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Third edition.
Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2012.
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ISBN 9781439809587 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN !9781439809570 (chyb.) (hardback)
Tištěná verze : ISBN 9781439809570
ch. 1. Introduction to lipid bilayers / Philip L. Yeagle -- ch. 2. Membrane proteins / Philip L. Yeagle -- ch. 3. Introduction to lipid-protein interactions in biological membranes / Philip L. Yeagle -- ch. 4. The mesomorphic phase behavior of lipid bilayers / Ruthven N.A.H. Lewis and Ronald N. McElhaney -- ch. 5. IR spectroscopy of lipid chains : theoretical background and applications to phase transitions, membranes, cells, and tissues / Richard Mendelsohn -- ch. 6. The roles of cholesterol in the biology of cells / Philip L. Yeagle -- ch. 7. Functional consequences of the lateral organization of biological membranes / Richard M. Epand and Raquel F. Epand -- ch. 8. Mechanisms by which pathogens hijack and utilize membrane domains to mediate cytotoxicity / Claude Krummenacher. [et al.] -- ch. 9. Lipid-assisted membrane protein folding and topogenesis / William Dowhan and Mikhail Bogdanov -- ch. 10. Membrane protein biogenesis and assembly at the endoplasmic reticulum membrane / Meera K. Bhanu and Debra A. Kendall -- ch. 11. Thermal denaturation of membrane proteins / Arlene D. Albert -- ch. 12. Mass action kinetic analysis of multidrug resistance transporters expressed in confluent cell monolayers / Annie Albin Lumen. [et al.] -- ch. 13. How to understand lipid-protein interactions in biological membranes / Anthony G. Lee -- ch. 14. Biogenesis of lipids and proteins within mitochondrial membranes / Nathan Alder.
Biological membranes provide the fundamental structure of cells and viruses. Because much of what happens in a cell or in a virus occurs on, in, or across biological membranes, the study of membranes has rapidly permeated the fields of biology, pharmaceutical chemistry, and materials science. The Structure of Biological Membranes, Third Edition provides readers with an understanding of membrane structure and function that is rooted in the history of the field and brought to the forefront of current knowledge.The first part of the book focuses on the fundamentals of lipid bilayers and membrane proteins. Three introductory chapters supply those new to the field with the tools and conceptual framework with which to approach the state-of-the-art chapters that follow. The second part of the book presents in-depth analyses of focused subjects within the study of membranes, covering topics that include: Phase behavior of lipid bilayers as an isolated structure, Cholesterol’s role in cell biology, Lateral organization of membranes, The role of membrane lipids in initial membrane protein folding, Membrane protein synthesis and assembly of oligomeric membrane proteins, Membrane protein stability with relationships to function and protein turnover, Membrane protein function using a transport protein, Interactions between membrane proteins and membrane lipids. A final chapter pulls together many of the topics, examining in detail the complexity inherent in the synthesis and assembly of lipids and proteins in mitochondrial membranes. With contributions from leading researchers, this completely revised and updated third edition reflects recent advances in the field of biological membranes.--Provided by publisher..

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