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Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2012
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ISBN 9780429064128 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN 9781439839133 (vázáno)
ISBN 9781138114821 (brožováno)
Thermostable Proteins: Structural Stability and Design provides a comprehensive, updated account of the physical basis of enhanced stability of thermophilic proteins and the design of tailor-made thermostable proteins, paving the way for their possible industrial applications. This book is devoted to understanding the survival mechanisms of thermophilic life forms at the molecular level with an emphasis on design strategies.The review chapters presented in Thermostable Proteins span a wide range of protein thermostability research. Basic structural, thermodynamic, and kinetic principles are explained and molecular strategies for the adaptation to high temperatures are delineated. In addition, this book covers: computing and simulation methods in current and future thermostability research, especially in nonempirical situations, how rigidity theory is used to improve the thermal adaptation of mesophiles Subtilisin-like serine proteases and their significant engineering applications. The state of knowledge concerning structure function relations and the origins of their structural stability. Computational and experimental approaches for the design of proteins with increased thermal stability based on sequences or three-dimensional structures. Understanding the molecular basis of how thermostable and hyperthermostable proteins gain and maintain their stability and biological function at high temperatures remains an important scientific challenge. A more detailed knowledge of protein stability not only deepens our understanding of protein structure but also helps in obtaining insights into processes that drive protein activities folding, unfolding, and misfolding essential to biological function--Provided by publisher..
Chapter 1. Delineation of the conformational thermostability of hyperthermophilic proteins based on structural and biophysical analyses / Atsushi Mukaiyama and Kazufumi Takano -- chapter 2. Role of packing, hydration, and fluctuations on thermostability / Fabio Sterpone and Simone Melchionna -- chapter 3. Analyzing protein rigidity for understanding and improving thermal adaptation / Doris L. Klein, Sebastian Radestock, and Holger Gohlke -- chapter 4. Thermostable subtilases (subtilisin-like serine proteinases) / Magnus M. Kristjansson -- chapter 5. Combined computational and experimental approaches to sequence-based design of protein thermal stability / Julie C. Mitchell. [et al.] -- chapter 6. Designing thermophilic proteins : a structure-based computational approach / Sohini Basu and Srikanta Sen.

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