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Boca Raton, Fla. : CRC Press, 2012.
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ISBN 9781439854976 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN !9781439854884 (chyb.) (hardback)
Tištěná verze : ISBN 9781439854884
1. Introduction to biologically inspired robotics / Yunhui Liu and Dong Sun -- 2. CPG-based control of serpentine locomotion of a snake-life robot / Xiaodong Wu and Shugen Ma -- 3. Analysis and design of a bionic fitness cycle / Jun Zhang. [et al.] -- 4. Human-inspired hyper dynamic manipulation / Aiguo Ming and Chunquan Xu -- 5. A school of robotic fish for pollution detection in port / Huosheng Hu, John Oyekan, and Dongbing Gu -- 6. Development of a low-noise bio-inspired humanoid robot neck / Bingtuan Gao. [et al.] -- 7. Automatic single-cell transfer module / Huseyin Uvet. [et al.] -- 8. Biomechanical characterization of human red blood cells with optical tweezers / Youhua Tan, Dong Sun, and Wenhao Huang -- 9. Nanorobotic manipulation for a single biological cell / Toshio Fukuda, Masahiro Nakajima, and Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad -- 10. Measurement of brain activity using optical and electrical methods / Atsushi Saito, Alexsandr Ianov, and Yoshiyuki Sankai -- 11. Bowel polyp detection in capsule endoscopy images with color and shape features / Baopu Li and Max Q.-H. Meng -- 12. Classification of hand motion using surface EMG signals / Xueyan Tang. [et al.] -- 13. Multifunctional actuators utilizing magnetorheological fluids for assistive knee braces / H.T. Guo and W.H. Liao -- 14. Mathematical modeling of brain circuitry during cerebellar movement control / Henrik Jorntell. [et al.] -- 15. Development of hand rehabilitation systems using wire-driven link mechanism for paralysis patients / Hiroshi Yamaura. [et al.] -- 16. A test environment for studying the human-likeness of robotic eye movements / Stefan Kohlbecher. [et al.].
Biologically inspired robotics is an interdisciplinary subject between robotics and biology that involves how to apply biological ideas and phenomena to engineering problems in robotics (biomimetics), and how to apply robotics technology to understanding of biological systems and their behaviors (bio-robotic modeling/analysis). The efforts in biologically inspired robotics are not just restricted to research work in laboratories, their novel applications are also being extensively explored in services, education, rehabilitation, medical care and other sectors. The objective of this book is to introduce the latest efforts in research of biologically inspired robotics, covering both biomimetics (with chapters in biologically inspired robot design and control, bio-sensing, bio-actuation, and micro/nano bio-robotic systems) and bio-robotic modeling/analysis (discussing human hand motion recognition using biological signals, modeling of human brain activities, characterization of cell properties using robotic systems). In order to provide readers a better understanding on organization of this book, the content is classified into four parts: (1) biologically inspired robot design and control, (2) micro/nano bio-robotic systems, (3) biological measurement and actuation, and (4) applications of robotics technology to biological problems-- Provided by publisher..

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