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Oakville, Ont. : Apple Academic Press, 2011.
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ISBN 9780429098178 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN !9781926692593 (chyb.) (hardback)
Research progress in chemistry
Tištěná verze : ISBN 9781926692593
1. Inorganic polyphosphate modulates TRPM8 channels / Eleonora Zakharian. [et al.] -- 2. On the origin of life in the zinc world : 1. Photosynthesizing, porous edifices built of hydrothermally precipitated zinc sulfide as cradles of life on earth / A.Y. Mulkidjanian. [et al.] -- 3. On the origin of life in the zinc world : 2. Validation of the hypothesis on the photosynthesizing zinc sulfide edifices as cradles of life on earth / A.Y. Mulkidjanian and M.Y. Galperin -- 4. Evaluation of new inorganic sorbents for strontium and actinide removal from high-level nuclear waste solutions / D.T. Hobbs. [et al.] -- 5. Origin of selectivity in tunnel type inorganic ion exchangers / Abraham Clearfield. [et al.] -- 6. Development of inorganic membranes for hydrogen separation / Brian L. Bischoff and Roddie R. Judkins ---
7. Nickel (II), copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes of 9-[2- (phosphonomethoxy)ethyl]-8-azaadenine (9,8aPMEA), the 8-aza derivative of the antiviral nucleotide analogue 9-[2-(phosphonomethoxy)ethyl]adenine (PMEA). quantification of four isomeric species in aqueous solution / Raquel B. Gomez-Coca. [et al.] -- 8. Inorganic speciation of dissolved elements in seawater : the influence of Ph on concentration ratios / Robert H. Byrne -- 9. A novel method to detect unlabeled inorganic nanoparticles and submicron particles in tissue by sedimentation field-flow fractionation / Cassandra E. Deering. [et al.] -- 10. Chemical speciation of inorganic compounds under hydrothermal conditions / M.M. Hoffmann. [et al.] -- 11. Measurements of particle masses of inorganic salt particles for calibration of cloud condensation nuclei counters / M. Kuwata and Y. Kondo -- 12. Crystal structure of [bis(L-alaninato)diaqua]nickel(II) dihydrate / Awni Khatib. [et al.] ---
13. Mean amplitudes of vibration of the IF[subscript 8] : Anion / Enrique J. Baran -- 14. Mechanistic aspects of osmium(VIII) catalyzed oxidation of L-tryptophan by diperiodatocuprate(III) in aqueous alkaline medium : a kinetic model / Nagaraj P. Shetti, Ragunatharaddi R. Hosamani and Sharanappa T. Nandibewoor -- 15. Kinetic and mechanistic studies on the reaction of DL-methionine with [(H[subscript 2]O)(tap)[subscript 2]RuORu(tap)[subscript 2](H[subscript 2]O)][superscript 2]+ in aqueous medium at physiological pH / Tandra Das A. K. Datta and A. K. Ghosh -- 16. Molybdenum and tungsten tricarbonyl complexes of isatin with triphenylphosphine / M.M.H. Khalil and F.A. Al-Seif -- 17. Synthesis and characterization of biologically active 10-membered tetraazamacrocyclic complexes of Cr(III), Mn(III), and Fe(III) / Dharam Pal Singh, Vandna Malik and Ramesh Kumar ---
18. Antifungal and spectral studies of Cr(III) and Mn(II) complexes derived from 3,3’-thiodipropionic acid derivative / Sulekh Chandra and Amit Kumar Sharma.

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