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Toronto : Apple Academic Press, [2015]
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ISBN 9780429183362 (e-kniha : PDF)
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part 1. Biological medicine -- part 2. Biological materials -- part 3. Biological science.
List of Contributors ...xi // List of Abbreviations ...xv // List of Symbols ...xvii // Preface ...xix // PART I: BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE // 1. A Step Toward Personalized Medicine ...3 - I. R. Oviya // 2. Treating Fungal Dermatophytic Infections ...13 - M. Sharanya and R. Sathishkumar // 3. A Note on an Integrated Holistic Approach for Cancer Pain ...43 - M. Sharanya and R. Salhishkumar // 4. System for Complex Express Analysis of Microbica! Infection, as Well as Biotesting of Various Media, Products and Preparations ...57 - V. S. Sibirtsev // 5. A Study on the Influence of the Treatment by the Cleaned Soluble Proteins to the Fragmented Sarcoplasmic Reticulum ...61 - O. M. Alekseeva // 6. A Research Note on Features of Water Vapor Sorption of Chitosan Medicinal Films - Angela S. Shurshina, Elena I. Kulish, and Sergei S. Kolesov // 7. A Research Note on Creation of Film Chitosan Coverings with the Included Medicinal Substances - A. S. Shurshina and E. I. Kulish // PART II: BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS // 8. Dimebon Effect on the Fluidity of Mice Synaptosomal Membrane by EPR Spin Labeling Method ...97 - N. Yu. Gerasimov, O. V. Ncvrova. V. V, Kasparov, A. L. Kovarskij. A. N. Goloshchapov, and E. B. Burlakova // 9. Bioconversion of Solid Organic Wastes by Maggots of Black Soldier Flies (Hermetia illucens) ...109 - A. I. Bastrakov. A. A, Zagorinsky. A. A. Kozlova, and N. A. Ushakova // 10. Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Tissue Derived Stromal Cells ...115 - I. P. Savchenkova // 11. Investigation of Properties of Fito-Stimulate Cyano-Bacterial Communities Obtained from Lower Volga F.cosystems ...125 - Bataeva Yulia // 12. A Research Note on Heavy Metals Change Effects of Piracetam on Learning and Memory ...131 - O. V. Karpukhina. K. Z. Gumargalieva, S. B, Bokieva, and A. N. Inozemtsev //
13. Investigation on the Action of Two Types of Biological Active Substances to the Soluble Proteins that Enriched the Animal’s Blood Serum ...139 - O. M. Alekseeva and Yu. A. Kim // 14. Mechanism of Protective Action of Antiozonants ...155 - S. D. Razumovsky. V. V. Podmasteryev, and U. E. Zaikov // 15. Synthesis of ?’-a-fluoronucleosides Using Pyrimidine Nucleoside Phosphorylasc of Thermus thermuphiliis and Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase of Escherichia coli ...171 - A. I. Beresnev. S. V. Kvach. G. G. Sivets, and A. I. Zinchenko // PART III: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE // 16. Application Stable Radicals for Study of Behavior of Biological Systems ...183 - M. D. Goldfein and E. G. Rozantsev // 17. Biopharmaceuticals: An Introduction to Biotechnological Issues and Practices ...199 - Sanjay Kumar Bharti and Debarshi Kar Maliapatra // 18. Application Efficiency of Microbial Preparation Designed to Intensify Disposal of Lipid Compounds in Wastewaters ...219 - M. S. Chirikova. T. P, Shakun, and A. S. Samsonova // 19. Volatile Steroids as Potential Regulators of Reproduction in the House Mouse ...227 - M. A. Klyuchnikova and V. V. Voznessenskaya // 20. Olfactory Function as Marker of Neurodegenerative Disorders: Tests for Olfactory Assessment and Its Applicability for the Russian Population ...239 - V. V. Voznessenskaya. A. E. Voznesenskaya. M. A. Klyuchnikova, and E. I. Rodionova // 21. Modification of Receptor Status in Croups of Proliferative Activity of Breast Carcinomas ...247 - A. A. Brilliant. S. V. Sazonov, and Y. M. Zasadkcvich // 22. A Research Note on Resuscitation of Viable but Nonculturable Probiotic Bacteria ...257 - Yu. D. Pakhomov, L. P. Blinkova. O. V. Dmitrieva, 0. S. Berdyugina, and N. N. Skorlupkina // 23. Immunological Databases and Its Role in Immunological Research ...265 - Anamika Singh and Rajeev Singh //
24. Effect of Alkylresorcinols on the Chitolytic Activity of Lysozyme and Papain ...275 - E. I. Martirosova. N. A. Grebenkina, and I. G. Plashchina // 25. A Research Note on Biotechnological Preparations for Enhancing the Quality of Domestic Fish Mixed Feed ...285 - D. S. Pavlov, N. A. Ushakova, V. G. Pravdin. L. Z. Kravtsova, C. A. Liman, and S. V. Ponomarev // 26. A Case Study on Development of a New Aerobic-Anaerobic Bioremediation Technology ...291 - Sergey Gaydamaka and Valentina P. Murygina Lomonoso // 27. Development of Nontoxic Methods of Rodent Population Control as an Alternative Approach for Big Cities ...305 - V. V. Voznessenskaya and T. V. Melanina // Index ...317

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