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First edition.
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, [2017].
1 online zdroj (\1 s.ges) : 189 illustrations
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ISBN 9781315166056 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN !9781498764872 (chyb.) (hardback)
Tištěná verze : ISBN 9781498764872
From MRAC to Learning-Based MPC: The Emerging Importance of Machine Learning for Control of Robot Manipulators -- K. Soltani Naveh and -- P. R. McAree -- -- Discussion on Model Reference Adaptive Control of Robotic Manipulators -- -- Dan Zhang and -- Bin Wei -- -- Data-Based Learning for Uncertain Robotic Systems -- -- Anup Parikh, Rushikesh Kamalapurkar and -- Warren E. Dixon -- -- -- Reinforcement Learning of Robotic Manipulators -- -- Kei Senda and -- Yurika Tani -- -- -- Adaptive Control for Multi-Fingered Robot Hands -- -- Satoshi Ueki and -- Haruhisa Kawasaki -- -- -- Output Feedback Adaptive Control of Uncertain Dynamical Systems with Event-Triggering -- -- Ali Albattat, Benjamin Gruenwald and -- Tansel Yucelen -- -- -- Event Sampled Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators and Mobile Robot Formations -- -- N. Vignesh, H. M. Guzey and -- S. Jagannathan -- -- ---
Design, Integration and Analysis of a Hybrid Controller for Multi Degrees of Freedom Serial Mechanisms -- -- Dan Zhang and -- Bin Wei -- -- -- Adaptive Control of Modular Ankle Exoskeletons in Neurologically Disabled Populations -- -- Anindo Roy, Larry W. Forrester and -- Richard F. Macko -- -- -- Open Architecture High Value Added Robot Manufacturing Cells -- -- Delbert Tesar -- -- -- The Adaptive Control Algorithm for Manipulators with Joint Flexibility -- -- Krzysztof Kozlowski and -- Piotr Sauer -- -- -- Unifi cation of Bipedal Robotic Walking using Quadratic Program-based Control Lyapunov Function: Applications to Regulation of ZMP and Angular Momentum -- -- Pilwon Hur, Kenneth Chao and -- Victor Christian Paredes Cauna -- -- -- Robust Adaptive Nonlinear Control for Robotic Manipulators with Flexible Joints -- -- P. Krishnamurthy, F. Khorrami and -- Z. Wang -- -- -- Adaptive Switching Iterative Learning Control of Robot Manipulator -- ---
P. R. Ouyang and -- W. J. Zhang -- -- -- Adaptive Robust Control Design for Robot Manipulators Based on Online Estimation of the Lumped Time-Varying Model Uncertainties -- -- Meysar Zeinali and -- Ebrahim Esmailzadeh -- -- -- Evaluation of Microgenetic and Microimmune Algorithms for Solving Inverse Kinematics of Hyper-redundant Robotic Manipulators On-line -- -- D. Duz?anec, S. Glumac, Z. Kovac?ic and -- M. Pavc?evic.
The robotic mechanism and its controller make a complete system. As the robotic mechanism is reconfigured, the control system has to be adapted accordingly. The need for the reconfiguration usually arises from the changing functional requirements. This book will focus on the adaptive control of robotic manipulators to address the changed conditions. The aim of the book is to summarise and introduce the state-of-the-art technologies in the field of adaptive control of robotic manipulators in order to improve the methodologies on the adaptive control of robotic manipulators. Advances made in the past decades are described in the book, including adaptive control theories and design, and application of adaptive control to robotic manipulators..

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