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Boca Raton, Florida : CRC Press, [2016]
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ISBN 9780429082498 (e-book : PDF)
ISBN !9789814613552 (chyb.) (hardback)
Tištěná verze : ISBN 9789814613552
1. Sustainable polymers : a perspective to the future / Vijay Kumar Thakur and Manju Kumari Thukar -- 2. Properties of natural cellulose fibers and methods of their modification for the purpose of paper quality improvement / Konrad Olejnik, Anna Stanislawska, and Agnieszka Wysocka-Robak -- 3. New use for an old polysaccharide : pectin-based composite materials / Rascon-Chu Agustin, Diaz-Baca Jonathan A., Carvajal-Millan Elizabeth, Lopez-Franco Yolanda, and Lizardi-Mendoza Jaime -- 4. Chemically modified lignin and its application in oil and gas drilling industry / Mohamed Rashid Ahmed Haras, Mohammad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim, and Rohana Adnan -- 5. Consolidation of natural polymer powder by sever shear deformation / Xiaoqing Zhang and Kenong Xia -- 6. Crystal structure of wild and domestic silk fibres using linked-atom least-squares method / Thejas Urs G. and Somashekar R. -- 7. Cellulose : structure and property relationships / Michael Ioelovich ---
8. Guar gum and its derivatives : versatile materials for controlled drug delivery / D. Sathya Seeli and M. Prabaharan -- 9. Depolymerization properties of bio-based polymers / Haruo Nishida -- 10. Biofiber-reinforced biopolymer composites / Asim Shahzad -- 11. Novel smart chitosan-grafted alginate microcapsules pH-sensitive hydrogelfor oral protein delivery : release and bio-evaluation studies / Mohamed S. Mohy Eldin, Ahmed M. Omer, Mohamed A. Wassel, Mahmoud S. Abd-Elmonem, and Samy A. Ibrahim -- 12. Kinetic and mechanistic orientation to the nature of electron transfer process in oxidation of biodegradable water-soluble polymers by chromic acid in aqueous perchlorate solutions : a linear free-energy correlation / Refat M. Hassan (El-Moushy) -- 13. Biopolymers directly developed from biomasses from agrowaste sources / Carlo Santulli, Debora Puglia, and Jose M. Kenny ---
14. Preparation of self-assembled chitin nanofibers and nanocomposites using ionic liquid / Kazuya Yamamoto and Jun-Ichi Kadokawa -- 15. Chitosan-starch ecocomposites : sustainable biopolymer matrix reinforced with green fibers / Cynthia Graciela Flores-Hernandez, Ana Laura Martinez-Hernandez, and Carlos Velasco-Santos -- 16. Recent advances in the synthesis of protein-based hydrogels / Umile Gianfranco Spizzirri, Manuela Curcio, Giuseppe Cirillo, Tania Spataro, Nevio Picci, and Francesca Iemma -- 17. Biodegradable polymer-loaded nanoparticles : an overview of synthesis and biomedical applications / Selvaraj Mohana Roopan and G. Madhumitha -- 18. Nanoparticles in biochemical engineering : synthesis and chemistry / Shamsher S. Kanwar, Surabhi Mehra, Ram Baskarn, and Ashok Kumar -- 19. Bagasse sustainable polymers for cellulose hydrogel sheets showing tissue regeneration / Takaomi Kobayashi, Karla Tovar-Carrillo, and Motohiro Tagaya ---
20. Smart polymers in targeted drug delivery / Sushama Talegaonkar, Lalit M. Negi, Harshita Sharma, and Sobija Zafar -- 21. Novel nanocellulose-based biocomposites / Slawomir Borysiak and Aleksandra Grzabka -- 22. Supercritical antisolvent process as green alternative in polymer optimization / Antonio Montes, Maria Dolores Gordillo, Clara Pereyra, and Enrique Jose Martinez de la Ossa.

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