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Chichester, UK ; Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2017
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ISBN 9781118971437 (e-kniha)
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ISBN 9781118971420
ISBN 9781118971406 (vázáno)
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Computational Models of Flow, Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics in Rivers / Cristian Escauriaza, Chris Paola, Vaughan R Voller -- Boulder Effects on Turbulence and Bedload Transport / AN (Thanos) Papanicolaou, Achilleas G Tsakiris -- Granular Flows Applied to Gravel-Bed Rivers / Kimberly M Hill, Danielle Tan -- Particle Motions and Bedload Theory / David Jon Furbish, Siobhan L Fathel, Mark W Schmeeckle -- Revisiting the Morphological Approach / Damià Vericat, Joseph M Wheaton, James Brasington -- Geomorphic Controls on Tracer Particle Dispersion in Gravel-Bed Rivers / Marwan A Hassan, D Nathan Bradley -- Bedload Transport Measurements with Geophones, Hydrophones, and Underwater Microphones (Passive Acoustic Methods) / Dieter Rickenmann -- Calibration of Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Apparent Bedload Velocity to Bedload Transport Rate / Colin D Rennie, Damià Vericat, Richard D Williams, James Brasington, Murray Hicks ---Modeling Surface-Subsurface Exchange of Heat and Nutrients / Daniele Tonina, Alessandra Marzadri, Alberto Bellin -- Ecological Effects of Flow Intermittence in Gravel-Bed Rivers / Thibault Datry -- Catastrophic Deposition of Gravel from Outbreak Floods / Paul A Carling -- Linkage Between Sediment Transport and Supply in Mountain Rivers / Mikaël Attal -- Geomorphic Responses to Dam Removal in the United States - a Two-Decade Perspective / Jon J Major, Amy E East, Jim E O’Connor, Gordon E Grant, Andrew C Wilcox, Christopher S Magirl, Mathias J Collins, Desiree D Tullos -- Reservoir Sediment Flushing and Replenishment Below Dams / Tetsuya Sumi, Sameh Kantoush, Taymaz Esmaeili, Giyoung Ock --
Bedload Transport in Laboratory Rivers / Eric Lajeunesse, Olivier Devauchelle, Florent Lachaussée, Philippe Claudin -- Bedforms, Structures, Patches, and Sediment Supply in Gravel-Bed Rivers / Jeremy G Venditti, Peter A Nelson, Ryan W Bradley, Dan Haught, Alessandro B Gitto ---Linking Debris Flows and Landslides to Large Floods in Gravel-Bed Rivers / Lorenzo Marchi -- Gravel Riverbed Processes Resulting from Large-Scale Landslides / Chjeng-Lun Shieh, Yu-Shiu Chen -- Gravel-Bed River Management Focusing on Finer Sediment Behaviour / Koichi Fujita -- Lahar Flow Disaster, Human Activities, and Risk Mitigation on Volcanic Rivers / Djoko Legono, Adam Pamudji Rahardjo -- A Method for Estimating the Porosity of Sediment Mixtures and Application to a Bed-Porosity Variation Model / Masaharu Fujita, Muhammad Sulaiman, Daizo Tsutsumi -- Gravel Sorting and Variation of Riverbeds Containing Gravel, Sand, Silt and Clay / Masato Sekine, Yuki Hiramatsu -- Modeling Stratigraphy-Based Gravel-Bed River Morphodynamics / Enrica Viparelli, Astrid Blom, Ricardo R Hernandez Moreira -- Sediment Processes in Bedrock-Alluvial Rivers / Rebecca A Hodge ---Modelling Braided Channels Under Unsteady Flow and the Effect of Spatiotemporal Change of Vegetation on Bed and Channel Geometry / Hiroshi Takebayashi -- Modelling of Mixed-Sediment Morphodynamics in Gravel-Bed Rivers Using the Active-Layer Approach / Annunziato Siviglia, Guglielmo Stecca, Astrid Blom -- Physical and Numerical Modelling of Large Wood and Vegetation in Rivers / Walter Bertoldi, Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva -- Fluvial Gravels on Mars / William E Dietrich, Marisa C Palucis, Rebecca M E Williams, Kevin W Lewis, Frances Rivera-Hernandez, Dawn Y Sumner -- Index -- Supplemental Images

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