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First edition
West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons, 2016
1 online zdroj (315 stran) : ilustrace
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ISBN 9781119218937 (elektronická kniha)
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ISBN 9781119218883 (elektronická kniha)
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ISBN !119218888 (chyb.) (elektronická kniha)
ISBN 9781119218906
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ISBN !9781119218876 (chyb.) ((broožováno)
ISBN !111921887X (chyb.)
Tištěné vydání Chishti, Susanne. FINTECH Book : The Financial Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries. New York : Wiley, {copy}2016 ISBN 9781119218906
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The FinTech Book; Contents; Preface; About the Editors; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; Banking and the E-Book Moment; The Shifting Financial Landscape; An Unfinished Revolution; The Challenge to the Banks; The Utilities Risk; The Future for the Banking Sector; Why We’re so Excited About FinTech; How Did it all Begin?; More than a Fuss: What Does FinTech Bring?; FinTech in the Developing World: Starting from Scratch; Banks, Beware!; Disrupted, Reimagined; Current Trends in Financial Technology; Regulation Supporting the FinTech Sector
Wearables, Foreign Exchange (FX), Bitcoin, and Blockchain Trends2. FinTech Themes; Banks Need to Think Collaboration Rather Than Competition; Global Compliance is Key; FinTechs Must Understand Each Local Regulatory Stack!; The United States: A Single Market with Complex, Multi-level Regulations; Europe: Still Complex but with Some Harmonized Regulations; Asia: Remains Very Fragmented; Payment Services are Globally Regulated; Local and Global Compliance -- Make, Buy, or Partner?; Lending (Capital) in the 21st Century; Data and New Technologies are the Key to Unlocking Credit Globally
Lowering Costs, Increasing Transaction FrequencyChange is Coming, Past a Bank Near You; The Next Big Innovation in FinTech -- Identity; If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it, Right?; Social Login; Twitter Digits; Apple Touch ID; Trulio; Tech Giants Becoming Non-Bank Banks; Design is No Longer an Option -- User Experience (UX) in FinTech; UX DESIGN = Big Bucks; A Definition for UX; UX and FinTech; An Example: Password Fatigue; Seven Guidelines; Conclusion; 3. FinTech Hubs; Nurturing New FinTech Communities; Lessons from a Leader; Location, Location, Location; La (French) FinTech Connection
France’s International Centre of Excellence in Science and TechnologyFrance’s Entrepreneurial, Investment, and Tax Environments; France’s Regulatory Environment for Innovative Financial Services; France’s Strategic Business and Geographic Positioning; France’s FinTech Start-ups Association; The Journey Towards an Integrated FinTech Ecosystem -- The Netherlands; Netherlands in 2014; Seizing the Opportunity; The First Step; Early Choices; Business Model; Governmental Relations; Execution Challenge; International Relevance; Luxembourg, a Future FinTech Hub?
Vienna as the No. 1 FinTech Hub in Mobile Payments?Specific Starting Basis for Mobile Payments; What Does this Mean for FinTech Start-ups?; Local FinTech-related Venture Capital Environment; Conclusion: Unlocking the Potential; India’s FinTech Ecosystem; Innovation Areas; A Collective Hub; Singapore, the FinTech Hub for Southeast Asia; Drivers of FinTech in Singapore; Singapore’s FinTech Ecosystem; Success Stories; Conclusion; 4. Emerging Markets and Social Impact; FinTech -- The Not So Little Engine That Can; Why Am I Not Gonna Be Able to Enter a Bank?; Supply-side Factors; Demand Factors
"A front-line industry insider’s look at the financial technology explosion The FINTECH Book is your primary guide to the financial technology revolution, and the disruption, innovation and opportunity therein. Written by prominent thought leaders in the European, UK and Hong Kong fintech investment space, this book aggregates diverse industry expertise into a single informative volume to provide entrepreneurs and investors with the answers they need to capitalize on this lucrative market. Key industry developments are explained in detail, and critical insights from cutting-edge practitioners offer first-hand information and lessons learned. The financial technology sector is booming, and entrepreneurs, consultants, investors and asset managers are scrambling for more information: Who are the key players? What’s driving the explosive growth? What are the risks? This book collates insights, knowledge and guidance from industry experts to provide the answers to these questions and more. Get up to speed on the latest industry developments Grasp the market dynamics of the ’fintech revolution’ Realize the sector’s potential and impact on related industries Gain expert insight on investment and entrepreneurial opportunities The fintech market captured over US$14 billion in 2014, a three-fold increase from the previous year. New startups are popping up at an increasing pace, and large banks and insurance companies are being pushed toward increasing digital operations in order to survive. The financial technology sector is booming and The FINTECH Book is the first crowd-sourced book on the subject globally, making it an invaluable source of information for anybody working in or interested in this space"-- Provided by publisher.
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