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Brno (Czech Republic) : Masarykova univerzita, Filozofická Fakulta, 2018.
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ISBN 9788021090491 ((ebook))
ISBN 8021090499 ((ebook))
ISBN !9788021090484 (chyb.)
Opera Facultatis Philosophicae Universitatis Masarykianae ; 482
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Intro; Table of Contents; Acknowledgements; 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE BEAT GENERATION; 1.1 The Beat Generation: The Artists and the Term; 1.2 The Beat Generation as an Attitude; 1.3 Controversies and Criticism; 1.4 Understanding the Beat Generation; 2 THEORETICAL BACKGROUND; 2.1 Theoretical Concepts -- Basis of Inquiry; 2.2 Definition of Approach; 3 THE UNITED STATES OF THE FIFTIES AND THE SIXTIES: AN INTRODUCTION; 3.1 The Era of Conformity; 3.2 The Other America; 3.3 The Monopoly Crumbles; 4 THE RECEPTION IN THE UNITED STATES: THE FIFTIES AND THE SIXTIES
4.1 The Beat Generation as a Subculture in the Public Image4.2 The Beat Generation as Enabling Social Commentary; 4.3 The Depravity of William S. Burroughs; 4.4 The Criticism of Academia; 4.5 The Changing Landscape of American Poetry; 5 THE RECEPTION IN THE UNITED STATES: CURRENT RECEPTION; 5.1 Popular Culture and the Mythology of the Beats; 5.2 Obituaries; 5.3 The Beat Generation and Contemporary Academia; 5.4 Critiquing the Beats; 6 CZECHOSLOVAKIA OF THE FIFTIES AND SIXTIES: AN INTRODUCTION; 6.1 Art and Socialist Realism; 6.2 Changing the Tide
6.3 The Beat Generation and Communist Czechoslovakia6.4 The Normalized Czechoslovakia; 7 THE RECEPTION IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA; 7.1 Placating the Censors -- The Early Critiques of Jan Zábrana and Igor Hájek; 7.2 Abandoning Socialist Realism; 7.3 Newspaper Treatment of Ginsberg’s Visit; 7.4 The Impact of the Beat Generation; 8 THE RECEPTION IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC; 8.1 General Reception of the Beat Generation; 8.2 Introductions, Afterwords, Book Covers; 8.3 Ferlinghetti in Prague; 8.4 The Beats and the Underground; 8.5 Critical Reception; 9 THE RECEPTION OF THE BEAT GENERATION: A DISCUSSION; CONCLUSION
The book compares the reception of the Beat Generation authors in the United States and the Czech lands in two different time periods: in the 1950s and 1960s of the 20th century and then from 1990s until today. While the works of the Beat Generation authors remained the same, the contexts of the Beat publications could not have been more different: American critics frequently reduced the works of the Beats to a juvenile promotion of sex, drugs, and even violence; for Czechoslovak readers, the works of the Beats sharply contrasted with the official literature which followed the doctrine of socialist realism. Therefore, this study comments on how different contexts shape the readers’ approaches to a literary text and their author, which then in turn help transform said text into a different work of art..
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