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Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2016]
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ISBN 9780128031834 (e-kniha)
ISBN 9780128031582 (print)
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Plant Metal Interaction: Emerging Remediation Techniques covers different heavy metals and their effect on soils and plants, along with the remediation techniques currently available. As cultivable land is declining day-by-day as a result of increased metals in our soil and water, there is an urgent need to remediate these effects. This multi-contributed book is divided into four sections covering the whole of plant metal interactions, including heavy metals, approaches to alleviate heavy metal stress, microbial approaches to remove heavy metals, and phytoremediation..
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Section: 1. Heavy Metals: Effect and Responses in Plants // 1: Heavy metal stress and responses in plants // 2:Aluminum toxicity in plants // 3:Silicon and biotic stress in agricultural crop Plants: capabilities and limitations // 4:Chromium, Environment and Plants: A Dangerous Affair // 5:Copper stress and responses in plants // 6:Changes in crop productivity of bean plants (Vicia faba L.) in response to copper toxicity and salinity: an overview // 7: Behaviour of Copper in Soils. Toxicity, Sorption characteristics and Bioavaibility // 8:The effect of lead on plant and human DNA damages and its impact on human life // 9:Boron toxicity and its remediation from soil // 10:Brassicas and heavy metal stress: An overview // 11:Adaptation of higher plants to the heavy metal stress // 12:Detoxification of heavy metals and tolerance in plants // Section: 2. Approaches to alleviate heavy metal stress // 13:Heavy Metal Stress and Molecular Approaches in Plants // 14:Effects of heavy metal stress on plants: insights from proteomics // 15:Role of phytohormones in alleviating heavy metals stress in crop plants // 16:Role of the gene Osmyb in the resistance to low temperatures as well as to Zn and Cu pollution // 17:Heavy metal stress signaling in plants // Section: 3. Microbial Approaches to remove heavy metals // 18:Microbial strategy for the bioremediation of heavy metal contaminated soils // 19:Potential of Plants and Microbes for // Metal Removal: A Green Clean Approach for remediation of Soil and waste water // 20:Land reformation using Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria with context to heavy metal contamination // 21: Heavy metal stress tolerance in plants through arbuscular mycorrhiza. // Section: 4. Phytoremediation: A Green Clean Technology // 22:Duckweed: Hyperaccumulator of heavy metals // 23:Plants used in phytoremediation" or : "Hyperaccumulator plants //
24:Transgenic plants in phytoremediation: Recent advances and future possibilities // 25:Higher plants suitable for remediation -- samples from Central Europe // 26:Weed plants and uptake of heavy metals: An overview // 27:Phytoremediation of saline soils for sustainable agricultural productivity // 28:Phytoextraction, the use of plants to remove heavy metals from soils // 29:Phytocheletion and metallothioneins: Role in plants // 30:Role of glutathione and phytochelation in heavy metal stress tolerance in plants // 31:Selenium: uptake, toxicity, tolerance in plants and phytoremediation // 32:Plant metallothioneins: An approach toward heavy metal detoxification // 33:Mercury and its bioremediation // 34: Cadmium stress in plants: mode of action

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